Mercury has been in Retrograde since 13th October, and we can surely feel the energy. On the 3rd, it finally turned Direct, bringing us some relief from all the delays and miscommunications.

With Mercury staying Direct for the rest of the year, this is our time to take the lessons we learned during the Retrograde and move ahead with bold decisions.

Here’s how the zodiacs will be utilizing the Mercury energy:


Your ruler Mars is still in Retrograde for some days, but Mercury turning Direct is surely going to help. Think of the emotions that have surfaced recently. If you don’t want to act on them immediately, you can at least share what you learned. If you have things that need a second glance, don’t be shy.


You have received some unexpected news while Mercury was in Retrograde. You’re trying hard to get a good grasp of it, but if it is still not crystal clear, don’t stress over it. You need to start a new journey that will help you fully understand that surprise. And stop waiting for inspiration to hit you. Start working, and things will be better in no time.


This Retrograde period has been your time for introspection. You don’t like looking at your darker self, but it is you nonetheless. You can try sharing your feelings with someone who can help you deal with the situation better. Have faith in yourself first.


You cannot just build walls around you and stop yourself from living your life. Sure, you value your peace, but you’re giving up too much for it. The past weeks have shown you your true strength. You have survived things you were most scared of. As long as you can hold on to your anchor, you can get a lot done!


The Mercury Retrograde has taught you much about yourself. Now you realize that the path you were undertaking wasn’t the right one. And you’re ready to shake things up. Let your emotions pour out and be true to yourself.


With Mercury turning Direct, now is the best time for you to deal with your emotions. Yes, you tend to avoid this topic, but you have to face your reality. Not everything will go according to your plan always. If you can stick to your authentic self and work with the current energies honestly, you will start to heal.


Mercury is turning Direct in your sign, and it is going to bring balance to your life. If you feel the energies are too potent, remember to deal with one thing at a time. You have been seeking this balance for a long time, and it is finally here. Ask yourself how you feel and what your highest truth is. Then make adjustments accordingly.


You have some hidden secrets that you want to avoid, but Mercury is going to bring them to the front now. If you want to be happy, deal with the pending work first. You have gained clarity on some topics, so make the most of this time.


While the Mercury Retrograde took your deep into your feelings, the next few weeks will take you deeper. Forget what the world thinks, and just let it all out. Only the truth matters. And that might require a complete renewal of all your believes and plans. Don’t be afraid now.


The last few weeks showed you your inner truth and also the truth about the world. Now you need to embrace your authentic self and forget those mistakes. The more you try to ignore the truth, the more you will suffer in the coming months. Everyone makes mistakes, and so did you. Now move on.


Despite your constant naggings about being independent, you too crave the warm embrace of a loved one. Mercury has highlighted this side of yours, and you can accept it now. You can let the guard down at times to show your true skin. Accept both sides of yourself and create a happy life out of it.


The last Mercury Retrograde of the year had you facing your worst fears. The fact that you faced them instead of running away shows your growth. You have overcome one hill, many more are still waiting. With Mercury turning Direct, you need to be patient with others. Speak your mind when the situation demands it, but also know when to keep quiet. Mercury has some plans for you!

The ruler of communication and technology is now Direct, sending positive vibes our way. Are you ready to make the most of this energy?

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