At the on-set of the Wuhan virus, bureaucrats mandated lockdowns – except for “essential” businesses. That typically meant the big box stores: Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.

The businesses that are “essential” for many trying to make a living were shutdown: The mom-and-pops, small businesses, restaurants and many locally-owned service provider companies.

As we enter month nine of the Wuhan virus, more lockdowns are expected. Again, big box retail that is deemed “essential” will not face any lockdowns.

The results are devastating for the lives of so many small business owners.

According to the NY Postnearly one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey remain closed since January amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From the NY Post story: In the Empire State, 27.8 percent of small businesses have not reopened their doors, while Jersey has lost 31.2 percent as of Nov. 16, according to, a Harvard-run database that keeps tabs on the economic impact of the virus.

More than half of small businesses in both states were forced to shut their doors in the spring at the height of the pandemic, with both hitting highs in mid-April — 52.5 percent of New York businesses and 53.9 percent in the Garden States, the stats show.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday that a new lockdown is “on the table” again, which could spell more bad news for business owners.

And New Jersey isn’t the only state suffering — the national average is 29.8 percent, The Hill reported.”

You have to wonder why the bureaucrats were/are so quick to shutdown American small businesses for a virus that has a 99%+ survivability rate (vulnerable demographics excluded). Especially when many of the bureaucrats violated their OWN Wuhan virus mandates and allowed the BLM/Antifa protests to continue throughout this pandemic.


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  1.’s editor called what’s happening “a business genocide, a killing field of jobs and dreams.”

    18/11/2020 · The Covid 19 scam was, is, a beard for the Satanic Globalist Cabal to usher in an Orwellian New World Order, One World Government. The Entire British CABINET Were Put On HOUSE ARREST For Criminal Fraud – Genocide And Treason Against the People. Yesterday’s event is just the tip of the
    This is an agenda an attack on the people- the government are your enemy the main stream media are your enemy telling you lies and making you believe this hoax. They are deliberately destroying our businesses out life everything whilst they do what they always do make money and kill people for their God . You will not get the truth for the mainstream news got it!


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