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Creating space for ourselves is a powerful yet sometimes overlooked practice, that i want to highlight today. Creating space for ourselves is such a vital component to finding true balance in our lives that can manifest in many ways. Creating environments that we can dive deep into our practice. Without it, we ignore the parts of ourselves that need to be seen, acknowledged, hugged & loved.


First of all we are going to explore the importance of creating space Internally. With this inward practice, a natural space of mindfullness can be cultivated by becoming present to ourselves, to our breath, our train of thought, heartbeat etc.. When we create this space inwardly, we can begin to notice the subtle plays of energies in the body as well as the running dialoge of the mind. When we create this space for ourselves we honour the deepest aspects of our being, for creating space intrnally is a gateway to the I Am presence, that is not only reading the page, but is writing the page, listening to the voice and the very container of the experience.

We can create this space internally by focusing on the pauses between inhalations & exhalations. This meditative practice,  that many of you will already know, in its very essence, is providing those perfect moments of stillness internally. The breath is the supreme anchor in your life and taking moments in your day to reconnect to yourself, through it, is a matter of presence. We can find little moments to cultivate a continued awareness of our inner dimension. Some moments after first opening our eyes for example or inbetween moments in our day where we can, for some use the breath to connect to our inner experience. This practice can help to cultivate non attachment. When we can go within and unplug from the external World, we can use these techniques to master our habitual vices. Any practice that helps bring awareness and centerness is something to be embraced.

Close your eyes and slowly breathe with an awareness on the breath. Become aware of the pauses between your inhalations & exhalations. Allowing yourself to enter this space of stillness. Let everything go with each exhalation, thoughts, plans, desires.. Let them all go with the breath. Detach from any outcome or external goal. Just be.


All of these concepts and practices can be harnest to create a inner space, to come into a healthy relationship with the different dimensions of our being.


Lets have a look now at creating space for ourselves externally. This is a practice many of us may need more practice in. I have found, speaking from my own expereince, that creating space for myself has been one of the most rewarding practices i do. Particularly in the fast paced World we live in, the ability to create space for ourselves, can be the difference between exceeling at something or failing misrably. Those who know how & when to take time for themselves will often have more patience, have more energy and sharper focus. Often we as people, friends, family etc, can be drained by the constant pressure to be the best version of ourselves, for others. This is a beautiful outlook to aspire to yet if we do not create space and set boundaries for ourselves we can easily get burnt out in the process of giving. If we are depleated because we havn’t given ourselves that space to be, we will find our cup empty and when we try to give from an empty cup, there is nothing left to give and we burn out. I use this analogy as it prefectly describes the state of imbalace so many suffer from when we do not find space for ourselves. When we do and we recharge the batteries, our cups are full and create a optimal environment for our well being..

There is a need to put ourselves first. It may go against the philosophy of Karma yoga for example, yet i feel very passionate about the importance of creating space externally. When we do this, we are communicating to the universe that we honour ourselves. The cultivation of Self love is ultimately what we are talking about today. Giving ourselves moments to be with ourselves, internally & externally with gratitude for who we are and the expereinces we are having. When we fill our own cups up we have something to offer. This is self love. It is very healthy to set boundaries in our lives. We begin to align with true integrity when we honour ourselves and our loved ones with setting healthy boundaries.  We must check in with ourselves to make sure we own our practices and boundaries whilst checking in to see and feel they are coming from a place of balance or resentment or the belief in a lack of something. Ask yourself.. Have i given all i can? Have i done by best today? If this is a yes, Give yourself some space, either internally or externally or even both.

Remember, it is only us who can change our habits and cultivate new ones. We must be brutally honest with ourselves when we need raise our game, whilst at the same time, creating soft, loving, benefitial environments for ourselves to go deeper into who we truly are.. From this place we can taste the potentiality of our greatness.


I invite you to honour & embrace your inner & outer experiences, as a daily practice. Cultivate space so that you can know yourself & function fluidly through your life.


This inquiry into Creating Space, has been written to be part of a tutorial series, that is part of an amazing meditation app called Souse Guru. Created with Martin Bone’s vision and guidance of meditation. I am honoured to be asked to contribute to this beautiful project, to spread this sacred art form we know as meditation.

You can download the app for free via this link which gives you access to the basic content. With monthly donations you gain access to a library of wisdom, including guided meditations, breath work, techniques, practices & podcasts.


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