Chinese Communist Party members have infiltrated Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, who are pioneering the COVID-19 vaccine effort.

By Health Ranger,

We now have confirmation from multiple sources that the newly-leaked database of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) loyalists includes the names and details of 123 individuals who have successfully infiltrated the vaccine industry, attaining employment at vaccine giants Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline — corporations that are manufacturing coronavirus vaccines for U.S. civilian and military use. The Epoch Times, which has strong ties to Chinese dissidents who are able to confirm such information, now reports: The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), a global coalition of lawmakers, obtained the database from an unidentified Chinese dissident, then shared the material with four media organizations, according to a Dec. 12 report by British newspaper The Mail on Dec. 13, which obtained the list and reviewed it. The Mail found that major aerospace companies Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing have employed hundreds of CCP members. Additionally, Pfizer and British drugmaker AstraZeneca employed a total of 123 Party members. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover also employed CCP members. Members of the CCP, “swear oath to ‘guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life…and never betray the Party'” reports the UK Daily Mail.

CCP loyalists routinely steal corporate secrets and compromise the security and integrity of corporations that might compete against Chinese interests. Also according to the UK Daily Mail, “there were more than 600 party members across 19 branches working at the British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered in 2016.” The CCP created the coronavirus bioweapon, and we believe that the CCP used its spies to infiltrate and compromise vaccine manufacturers in order to turn coronavirus vaccines into “second wave” bioweapons that will injure or kill very large numbers of people who take the vaccines. This also means that individuals who are pushing vaccine mandates are playing right into the hands of communist China — which has sworn to destroy the United States of America through “unrestricted warfare” — and are themselves engaged in acts of criminal treason against the United States.

How many CCP loyalists work in Big Tech?

So far, only 8,192 names have been publicly released of the nearly 2 million CCP loyalists whose names are on the full list. We have not yet seen how many CCP loyalists are working with the tech giants such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. However, we already know that Facebook deliberately hired communist Chinese software experts to design its “hate speech engineering” algorithm that censors U.S. citizens who defend the Constitution or President Trump. In other words, Big Tech deliberately recruits communist Chinese to build more advanced censorship algorithms to censor Americans, and then Big Tech deploys these algorithms to bury all evidence of election theft that was also carried out via China-owned Dominion Voting Systems. What we are describing here is a massive, international criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America. This is why all the CEOs of Big Tech must face arrest, prosecution and public executions if found guilty of treason. From the UK Daily Mail: Writing in The Mail on Sunday today, former Tory Party leader Iain Duncan Smith says: ‘This investigation proves that members of the Chinese Communist Party are now spread around the globe, with members working for some of the world’s most important multinational corporations, academic institutions and our own diplomatic services. Communist China, in other words, has infiltrated Western nations, corporations and governments. The hour is already late. Communist China also owns Dominion Voting Systems and used the rigged systems to recently try to steal the U.S. election and install their puppet candidate (Joe Biden) as the U.S. President. The entire Biden crime family is deeply compromised by communist China, and CCP loyalists have also successfully infiltrated Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce. Now the software “glitch” about the Boeing 737-Max makes more sense, doesn’t it? Don’t forget, either, that Joe Biden held priority meetings with the very same vaccine makers who have been infiltrated by the CCP. What do you suppose they discussed?

US Army General Perna announces “Vaccine D-Day,” using CCP-influenced vaccines to declare, “the beginning of the end” for America

Suddenly Operation Warp Speed makes even more sense. US Army Gen. Perna and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper chose China-connected vaccine companies to supply millions of vaccine doses that would be administered to harm U.S. military personnel. As we have previously covered in daily Situation Update podcasts, one of the groups being targeted for these priority vaccines is cyber warfare soldiersGen. Perna has publicly declared that vaccines will be rolled out across the military as a “Vaccine D-Day,” further claiming the vaccines will be “the beginning of the end” for America. This makes perfect sense when you consider how these black hat operators in the DoD are already aligned with China and have been exploited to distribute a dangerous, even deadly vaccines manufactured by corporations with ties to communist China. (The DoD is split. There are anti-America, pro-China “black hat” forces inside the DoD, but also pro-America, pro-Trump “white hat” forces. A civil war is under way in the Pentagon…) See the full announcement here:

China has long had a goal of the complete destruction of the United States of America, and the CCP can’t accomplish that goal unless they can first cause widespread casualties and deaths among military personnel, after which a land invasion via Canada will be much easier to accomplish. As bombshell documents released in the last two days have stunningly revealed, Canada’s treasonous prime minister Justin Trudeau allowed Canada’s military to help train communist Chinese soldiers in winter warfare tactics, all in preparation for a land invasion of the United States. This places Trudeau in the “enemy combatant” category, and as I will be covering in tomorrow’s Situation Update, President Trump is preparing to drop huge economic and trade sanctions on Canada in response to Canada’s betrayal. See this important interview with JR Nyquist to understand China’s grand plan to destroy the United States, invade North America and conquer the continent through the mass extermination of all who oppose them:

Thus, China’s infiltration of the vaccine manufacturers was necessary to cause mass casualties across US troops, while Canada’s prime minister would allow China to use Canada as an invasion staging area to threaten the United States from the North. With Big Tech and Big Media also completely controlled by communist China, no American would be allowed to speak about the invasion taking place, and those who posted videos or photos of the wartime invasions would, of course, be blacklisted and deplatformed.

China’s “total war” on America is now fully revealed

The truth is now obvious: China planned a multi-faceted assault on America using rigged voting machines, toxic vaccines, land invasion plans and corporate infiltration, all while controlling tech and media in order to completely overthrow the United States of America and claim North America for the CCP. As I have stated in today’s Situation Updatewe are now living in an active war zone, while China-controlled Democrat governors have taken millions of Americans prisoner, turning them into POWs in their own homes, via weaponized covid-19 lockdowns that make no scientific or medical sense whatsoever. These are acts of war against the American people, and the Democrats are almost universally corrupted and compromised by communist China. This is why I repeat my call to arrest, prosecute and execute all treasonous Americans who are proven to be working for communist China to undermine the United States of America. President Trump appears to be on the verge of invoking the Insurrection Act and deploying Special Operations Forces (SOF) to carry out mass arrests of treasonous operatives across America. Military tribunals are probably not far behind, and here’s what Gen. Michael Flynn said just today (via Maria Bartiromo / Fox Business): Sidney Powell right now has four lawsuits pending at the Supreme Court… we have conclusive evidence of foreign interference in our election… , I think that the President of the United States has to trigger his executive order of 2018, and probably appoint a special counsel to look into all this… because we have serious, serious foreign influence problems with this Dominion voting machine. And Sidney Powell added to the intrigue in a recent interview with Lou Dobbs, saying: We know that 400 million dollars of money came into Smartmatic from China only a few weeks before the election, that there are George Soros connections to the entire endeavor… Frankly, our national security agency and defense intelligence agency need to be all over this immediately. The evidence is overwhelming and extremely troubling that this has been going on and didn’t just start this year.

Listen to my Dec. 13th Situation Update for the latest bombshell news, and check the Health Ranger Report channel on mid-day each day for a new update:

US Senator for Iowa Chuck Grassley: ‘Hunter and James Biden Essentially Served as Agents of the Communist Government


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  1. As I have said so many times controlled life forms Deep state controlled China/Russia pick an enemy between the Communists and the former Communists, no matter who you start WW3 with you will still have the same Alien overlords telling you that you still have suffer, take a good look at who just is enforcing you to take those toxic vaccines, always looking for a foreign enemy, you true enemies are yourselves as you are too stupefied to acknowledge the truth with the belief that your government would not use genocide to keep you all under control forget about the 10’000 black G.I’s deliberately infected with syphilis the Swine flu hoax, the people who have profited from this all live in the US and dual passport holders they all are, by deceit they wage war and you live in interesting times of your own making, always need an enemy of a different colour/religion and foreign, still after many thousands of years you have the same alien rulers and will continue to do so as long as you refuse to fight for humanity, roll your sleeves up for your military to kill you, starting with the elderly and ethnic minorities, have a nice Holocaust.

    • “ethnic minorities” ?? You must be talking about the Ethnic Europeans. They are in fact the ones that have been targeted for thousands of years. History is in fact upside down. & Its easily provable in the last century that 100 Million Ethnic Europeans have been Genocide. But the question is by Who?? Please don’t anyone answer by “The Jew” without a Clear explanation on What is a Jew.

  2. Heavens if America & Britain ever takes responsibility anywhere in the last 133 years. Always moving on to blame another Nation, or in their words “Dictator”


    FROM THE GLobal Intelligence Agency /DCI



    Please share everywhere !!!





    Please share Everywhere !!!

  5. The China Threat has been defused few days ago and their Military Equipment has been Turned to Dust

    Please share Everywhere

  6. Some 60 years ago when I was in Communist army they were teaching us that Capitalist system is rotten system and it will collapse one day without fight.How true it is to this day,Capitalists were digging their own grave without seeing it blinded by their greed and power.Rio declaration decades ago agreed that Capitalism is not sustainable in 300 years they did more destruction on this Planet then Homo Erectus did in 36.000 years.First they will destroy Capitalism then they will go after their customers us consumers. I,m not for any system as this so called Human will destroy it anyway.This is very reason our evil creator wants to get rid of us as he finally sees his mistake.He should never mix Animal and Alien gene.Just because you could do it it does not men you should do it.Get over it we are faulty design from day one.And it is not first time Aliens done it.Planet Earth is Alien experimental Animal farm.

    • Must have been the Russian army. Too many queer thoughts here. (Not that I can save it) You guys don’t differentiate Jews when you criticize the West. Capitalism is the Jewish way of monopolizing economies. That does not apply to English Americans, who are good at “private enterprise”. If you guys think that all needs and services can be provided by government bureaucrats, you will regress human society to the stone age.

      • Max, I Agree with your thoughts of “Private Enterprise,” Henry Ford, Walt Disney & Mr. Schultz from the “Peanuts” Charlie Brown are all good examples of that. But if you could Please define ‘Jew.’ What is their race? to start with.

        • I know “Jew” is complicated now. I think you know all the answers.
          It’s sure not all the descendants of Abraham including Arabs, like the retards who do genealogies keep saying.

    • I agree with your thoughts on ‘Capitalism.’ Adolf Hitler spoke against this trap of greed & power of ‘Wall Street’ because of it being just for ‘the few.’ However I do not believe our creator is evil just because the ‘free will’ of his creation acted against His Will. The mixing of animal seems to be an act of (not so bright) mans doing.

  7. It’s time to start contacting armies across the planet who are not owned by the CCP to help the US. If the US is taken over by the CCP, the entire world will follow. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN!!!

  8. The only way the United States will stand a chance is if the US asks for military assistance from other developed nations that are not owned by China. We waited too long to fix the problem, and now it may be too late. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  9. In addition to having to contend with Chinese armies, UN armies, and mass arrests of the Khazarian Mafia, now the US military is being mass murdered through enforced vaccinations? How in the hell is the United States going to survive all this? We are outnumbered already, stretched way too thin! I’m sorry but I don’t see a victory for the good guys here. I guess just enjoy the rest of the time we have left before we are massacred. When the time of doom arrives, maybe take a few out on our way out. I want to have some kind of hope for the future. It would be nice for someone to point out why I’m incorrect here.

    • You truly think the ccp is about to take over when we know what they are attempting.
      We know and Trump has strengthened the military exponentially.
      Many Americans choose to remain in a state of delusion about what is occurring because they cant pull themselves away from MSM and their lies .
      The MSM has them, Covid and their TDS is all they can think about right now.
      Past administrations allowed china to infiltrate our nation at every level, and weaken us.
      Past administrations allowed China to come in and purchase large swaths our land, OUR LAND.
      Land in Iowa to grow food for the Chinese!
      Talk to people in Canada, in the cities there are all Chinese!
      A guy told me his child is the only white kid in class of all Chinese.
      China has positioned itself north of us and its been allowed to occur by Trudeau who is a globalist!
      The entire Biden Family is compromised by the CCP and if Biden is placed in the WH, china will own us!!!!!
      Its too bad the media has been part of this entire scheme screaming Russia.
      So Americans when you see guns blazing you might know why .
      This is why!!!!!
      Joe will Not take the WH because Trump has a constitutional duty to protect this nation from communist traitors and infiltrators and so do patriotic Americans.
      BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorists and enemies of the state and will be eliminated.
      There is no other choice, arm yourselves Americans; we are at war.

      • What did the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ever to do you?

        Are you related to a Montana rancher?

        (*Southerners meet uncomfortable topics with a joke – then check their ammo.)

      • Bonnie Spiker, thank you for replying.

        There’s probably well over 100 million Chinese troops. It’s the shear numbers that causes me the greatest concern. If the Chinese army breaks through into the United States, it will be US citizens armed with guns going up against several millions of Chinese with automatic machine guns. Every genocide that’s ever been carried out has one commonality, and that is this: No one ever thinks it will happen in their country, and no one can believe it’s happening when it happens. That’s what I learned from reading the entire six-part post from Metallicman about genocide, gory photos and all. I’ll never see the world the same way again.

        • Starlight, Perhaps you should watch ‘HELLSTORM’ Documentary, you will see United States Air Force & British Royal Air Force (the only way they could) take down Germany. What makes that Historical event sickening is taking out your own Blood from witch you came. Shame on America!

      • That’s funny Bonnie, I see a whole lot of Arabs here in Suburb of Chicago in the past 10 years & a hand full of Chinese. I would suggest perhaps we found our Jew. They speak like one with their strong spit accent.


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