There is so much false information out there from which to stress over so this seemed like a no-nonsense, short statement that you may want to print out and keep in your purse or wallet, or make a lanyard from.  Even if you are adamant about not wearing a mask, it is always better to have something to show people if they ask, and to help minimize the shaming and leers that you might get otherwise.  Submitted by a loyal PFC subscriber.


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  1. I have been wearing this exact message around my neck on a lanyard since this Covid thing started. I have been called out twice. As soon as I read the card to one person they backed off. The other person knew I printed it off the internet and I left the facility. I have been going about doing everything I needed to do with no problems. Wearing a mask will give you bacterial pneumonia and decrease your oxygen. Hello, we are humans and we need oxygen.

  2. Just from experience, many people do not care about your rights.
    Try using this to not wear a mask, many will attack you, harass you and claim “You have no disability that excludes you from mask mandates”. As if they know.
    Many require you to wear masks just so they can stay safe and not be afraid.
    Imagine that, I am required to make a complete stranger feel safe because apparently they cant do that on their own.
    I am required to give up my rights to basically leave my home.
    Many businesses wont honor your right to not mask up even if you have a medical condition, they will instead usher you outside like a dog. That’s right.
    The extent many go to push their fear on others is staggering at best, but if I am not fearful they think I am the crazy one.

    • Fauci published a paper a couple decades ago on the Spanish flu epidemic. He found that most deaths were caused by pneumonia from wearing masks, not from the virus. But now he recommends masks. These people want to kill you. And the vaccine is a death sentence. (Doctor with 59 years experience).

    • Yes, you really explain that well with great clarity, Thank You.
      It is very much as if people have been given a carte blanche, officially sanctioned, to release their animus/anima (their unconscious dark side) at will, at whim, to censure their fellow Americans. It is astonishing the power and influence of social/societal engineering, and how readily many of our American brethren adopts the programming and propaganda with little to no questioning of its veracity.

      It has all been truly Orwellian—we are witnessing it now! However, that timeline has been stamped out, altered, changed. It has been allowed to unfold in part so we can see it and the miscreants who propagate it. We have a glorious timeline of events also unfolding, the true timeline, and the one I believe this site supports.


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