by Brian Shilhavy

Our first article of 2021 featured a video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, titled: Catherine Austin Fitts Explains how the Globalist Billionaires and Technocrats are Planning on Taking Over the Planet, and How We can Stop It.

In this interview, Catherine compared the new mRNA COVID vaccines to a computer operating system, stating that just like computer operating systems such as Windows, that there would be a “back door” where the technocrats will be able to control our bodies through regular “updates.”

I thought it was a brilliant analogy of what the technocrats seek to accomplish with this new class of vaccines.

Well, it turns out this was NOT an “analogy” at all! Moderna, the manufacturer of one of the COVID mRNA vaccines that has currently been issued emergency use authorization, has actually published on their website that this is true: the mRNA vaccine injects an “operating system” into your body that they call “The Software of Life.”

The Globalists have become so bold, and the human masses have become so compliant, that they are no longer doing these things in secret, but right out in the open for all to see.

mRNA Platform: Enabling Drug Discovery & Development

Enabling Drug Discovery & Development

We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured.

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna’s platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering.

Our mRNA Medicines – The ‘Software of Life’

When we have a concept for a new mRNA medicine and begin research, fundamental components are already in place.

Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region – the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality. We also have the ability to combine different mRNA sequences encoding for different proteins in a single mRNA investigational medicine.

We are leveraging the flexibility afforded by our platform and the fundamental role mRNA plays in protein synthesis to pursue mRNA medicines for a broad spectrum of diseases.

Overcoming Key Challenges

Using mRNA to create medicines is a complex undertaking and requires overcoming novel scientific and technical challenges. We need to get the mRNA into the targeted tissue and cells while evading the immune system.

If the immune system is triggered, the resultant response may limit protein production and, thus, limit the therapeutic benefit of mRNA medicines.

We also need ribosomes to think the mRNA was produced naturally, so they can accurately read the instructions to produce the right protein. And we need to ensure the cells express enough of the protein to have the desired therapeutic effect.

Our multidisciplinary platform teams work together closely to address these scientific and technical challenges.

This intensive cross-functional collaboration has enabled us to advance key aspects of our platform and make significant strides to deliver mRNA medicines for patients.


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  1. Hello Sister 🧡 👋
    I say this in Love and Light; not trying to disparage your beliefs.
    I just wanted to make sure all the information was being understood, so as to not lead others astray:

    I am not one to jump to conclusions, so I went to the website and read over the text carefully…

    Moderna is not stating that they are "injecting a software program" into us, they are using it as an analogy to describe the complicated actions of the mRNA for us laymen, who may not understand how cells interact with each other on the near-mollecular level.

    So, take that how you will, but remember, each of us is responsible for our own words and actions, as well as how those words or actions affect others.
    Personally, *I* would not want to be guilty of sentencing thousands of people to "death by COVID" for fear of vaccinations (unless, of course, I had _DEFINITIVE_ proof [ie. Witnessed myself] that such things were being done.)

    Yes, there is evil in the world, and those who want to remain in power at any cost. But you will find that the majority of people are just going about their work, trying to help humanity, loving their family, trying to recycle and do what they can- however minimal- for the planet and their respective countries.

    I don't want to put a label on it, but this sounds *very* much like a Qanon talking point;
    I for one would not want to follow a faceless leader who makes audacious claims with no actual proof, and predictions that keep turning out to be untrue…. (thats why I left the church!) 😅
    You have, of course, every right to believe what you want.

    (…just don't drink the Kool-aid 😉)

  2. Cure For Covid ? SHUT DOWN ALL FRAUD media pushing DEATH VACCINES 24/7

    Causing Phsycological Trauma to People ?’s-media

    Cure For Covid ? Stop Wearing Dangerous Face Masks ?

    Dangerous Oxygen Levels Wearing Masks

  3. I have encountered rhis before with Miss Kizlet and the Great Intelligence. They used remote WiFi nodes to hack people, make them more intelligent and also make them compliant. They uploaded them to the data cloud, killing them in the process so they could amass their consciousness and utilize their combined minds for a nefarrious purpose. Luckily i was there to stop them. I fear i will not be able to do it again since being turned into a woman. My TARDIS has been broken and my existance supressed. You have to save yourselves now.

    I have faith in you all!


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