By Matt Wash,

One of my dad’s most common refrains, if ever he caught one of his children trying to deceive him, was “Don’t insult my intelligence.” It’s bad enough, he would say, for us to do whatever wrong thing we were trying to cover up, and it’s even worse that we chose to lie about it. But the final and perhaps worst indignity is that we would lie in such a blatant and obvious manner, insulting his intelligence by assuming that he would fall for the ruse.

As a parent myself now, I can relate to how he felt. My four-year-old son recently looked me straight in the eye, while holding a blue crayon and standing next to a blue scribble on the wall, and insisted that he did not cause the scribble and has no idea how it might have ended up there. But I can also relate as a citizen of this country. In this capacity, we are lied to all of the time, especially in recent months, and what makes the lies all the worse is how obvious, and thus insulting, they are.

For example, as we approach Joe Biden’s inauguration, suddenly we are beginning to see Democrat mayors and governors across the country — some of the biggest, most ardent proponents of lockdowns — now insist that we must begin to open up the economy as quickly as possible. They have switched course like this, with timing as convenient as this, and they apparently expect us not to notice.

Outkick has the story out of Chicago: 

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, on Thursday called for bars and restaurants to be open at limited capacity “as soon as possible,” and said she would speak to Illinois governor JB Pritzker about the matter. The second round of shutdowns began in October as COVID-19 spread in the city and state.

Per Block Club Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot said she is “very, very focused” on getting bars and restaurants open, and pointed out that they can be operated more safely for patrons than the underground parties that have proliferated in shutdown. “If we have people and give them an outlet for entertainment … we have much more of an opportunity, in my view, to be able to regulate and control that environment,” Lightfoot said. “Let’s bring it out of the shadows. Let’s allow them to have some recreation in restaurants, in bars, where we can actually work with responsible owners and managers to regulate and protect people from COVID-19.

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  1. How Trump May Have Hijacked the Truther Movement

    January 20, 2021

    There were times in the past when I would expose corruption, and then later Trump would repeat something similar to what I said. Currently and in the recent past, anything Trump says to expose the corporate media will be regarded as white supremacy. Therefore, any truther who exposes corruption, but also has Trump saying something similar, will be labeled as a white supremacist. This is why it’s entirely possible that Trump was working for the cabal the entire time.

    Because Trump has basically become the ultimate scapegoat, anyone who is trying to expose corruption will be talked about this way: “Oh, that’s just something a Trump cultist would say.” Because Trump is the ultimate scapegoat, anyone who opposes the corporate media will now be scapegoated as well.

    Again, I would be exposing corruption, such as mask wearing being ineffective and potentially unhealthy, and then Trump gets Covid, compares Covid to the flu, and then refuses to wear a mask. So now anyone who is against wearing masks will be stigmatized as ‘Trump cultists’ and ‘white supremacists’ and so forth. Trump was therefore controlled opposition the entire time. That’s why Trump put up a fight towards the end but is now complacent with leaving his position.

  2. Right on – very clear thinking. It’s very, very, very important to know what we are dealing with at all times and not be taken in by the lies the sleep walking citizen looks for to avoid responsibilities for him/herself and those they influence.

    People are making choices they will have to pay the price for. Many will be sent to another planet similar to the Earth, where they will be forced to start all over again to learn to accept responsibility and master themselves; without the comforts and technological advances we have here that are being used to serve the cabals agenda, not Humanity. And they will be heard to ask: “Who did this to me.” The answer is when we add our energies to the dark forces agendas, we are equally responsible for the outcome.

    Betrayal is a hard experience to go through. The cabal is very good at manipulating individuals to feed their egos and serve the dark forces’ agendas of absolute control – slavery in a living hell of insanity.


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