This video is an outstanding example of what the media is feeding to the masses and how they should all be treated.

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  1. This solidifies brilliantly the mainstream media is owned and operated by the deepstate, N.W.O. new world order that only reports that of which works for the N.W.O. agenda, the disclosures have begun thanks so much M.V.D.V. you will go down in history that of a man of great integrity

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  3. That was the living definition of “MIC DROP”, I love it! 🙂 Great job pointing out her slanted implications. I don’t watch the news but I loved watching her try to backpedal with, “oh I did not say that” and while she may not have said it, she certainly implied it with the tone of her voice and facial expressions. Reading between the lines is something we all need to foster. Plus did you see her constantly looking down at whatever it was, probably a tablet/teleprompter, for the next question or direction from, “someone else”.

  4. i would contend that MVDV has shown us his “Homey” side……He “don’t play dat” – put the MSM on its’ narrative spinning ass. Bravo.

  5. Watched this one last night and found myself clapping and cheering. Pardon my french, but yeah, fuck them. They’ve had this coming for soooooooo long…

  6. This video is absolutely wonderful. It made me feel so good to hear truth coming out of this man’s mouth. Honestly, it feels like a turning point to me. I am so sorry he and his family are being harassed.

  7. Attorney Michael van der Veen, GREAT JOB! It felt so good to see someone call the press out on their unprofessional ways. Fine job, very fine job! Victory of the Light!


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