Health Ranger Mike Adams interviews Kristen Meghan who is a senior industrial hygienist. As a senior industrial hygienist she is an expert and specialist in environmental and occupational toxicology with experience in heavy metal exposure, contact poison exposure, respiratory inhalant exposure, microbiological virology expertise as well as radiation and laser safety. Her career spans so many different realms including public health.

Mask Craziness

Kristen’s states, “In my career field, whether I am embedded in a place of employment or a contractor or a consultant, prior to COVID, if I ever put a general populace or average lay person in respiratory protection without following OSHA law I literally could be put in jail. I would definitely be fined and fired. I could not conceive that what has happened could be a thing and happen in the United States.”

Kristen continues, “We are getting information from people who flip flop. If they had any other kind of employment, for instance, Dr. Fauci is the highest paid official in government from what I hear. If he was a contract in a hospital he would be gone. You cannot flip flop like this because you are not only harming human health, it’s a huge financial impact. When you give the wrong recommendations when it comes to PPE it has major adverse reactions. Like Fauci said, it has unintended consequences.”

Kristen: “How in the world are we reciting opinion pieces that have no bases in law and RTC studies. How in the world are we citing opinion pieces instead of laws and standards that have existed on the books since 1979?”

What has happened to good, sound science?

Mike Adams asked: ” How has this affected your belief in the rigorous nature of science or science minded thinking?”

Kristen: “I am almost 39. It has made me kind of wonder what else has happened before my time where the health and governmental organizations have said one thing and then completely negated everything they knew and said another and then went back and forth It scares the living hell out of me. It has the general populace believing everything a doctor says. If you are a doctor or a white coat everything you say is believed even if it is out of the scope of your expertise. And that is really scary.

Mike and Kristen talk about how scientific studies have been manipulated, citing the study on Hydroxychloroquine by the Lancet that had to be retracted.

Kristen: “A huge aspect of my career has been managing OSHA’s respiratory protection program for over 76,000 people.”

Health Impacts

The problem with the masks is not that it will lay you out in thirty minutes but it is the prolonged constant deprivation of oxygen on a regular basis. We have been in these masks for over 8 months. Over time that constant deprivation can impact brain development in children, renal function. I have to know all the hazards associated with prolonged mask wearing.”

Kristen explains that there have been standards in the workplace on who can wear respirators. Everyone must be cleared to wear a respirator. If you have a history of asthma, bronchitis, cancer, stroke, claustrophobia, PTSD, even seasonal allergies. These are flags. A doctor has to approve the use of a respirator and people get denied all the time.

“It is insane to me that so many people, especially physicians will come out and say that there are no reasons why people should not wear a mask unless they have a neurological disorder and can’t put it on themselves. That is not how it works at all.”

“What we are doing now, well, a year ago, it was completely illegal.”

“It is not just about an issue of constitutional rights, there are legit reasons why for 40 years you had to have a medical clearance to wear an N-95 mask in the workplace.”

Watch the video for more information on the Elite depopulation agenda; how gradual oxygen deprivation from mask wearing can be a slow kill method; Kristen’s military experience; people must start to take responsibility for their personal health, and more.

For the full video interview click on the link below:

Searching for Information to Fact Check and Validate

Because of the censorship that is happening on the internet finding information to validate alternative views is not always easy. Kristen has advice.

Kristen: “I implore people to understand that there are professions you have never heard of but that does not mean they do not exist. Just because you may not be able to find something that aligns with what I am telling you on the internet does not mean what I am telling you is not correct. Search for OSHA law 29-CFR1910.134. Medical Questionaire is Appendix C in the OSHA materials. You need to use alternate search engines like Duck Duck Go because information is being suppressed. When you find this information you will be wondering why in the world is this being suppressed.”

On the topic of who is qualified to give correct information on the use of masks: “Again, just because someone is a doctor does not mean they are the Jack of All Trades, just because I am Industrial Hygienist does not mean I speak out of my profession either.”

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  2. This was from the Life Force group. Although I don’t associate with this group currently, I asked them to send me this document. It’s modified for Oregon but can be modified for any state. For those living in the US, this can be sent to your health authority and governor in your state. I sent this as certified mail, which was recommended:

    Dear Patrick Allen, or whomever is the Director of State Public Health,
    It is my understanding that Oregon Health Authority is a health agency responsible for policing the unauthorized and unlicensed practice of medicine, among other duties. ORS 677.080 states “Any person who practices medicine without being licensed under this chapter as prohibited in ORS 677.080 (Prohibited Acts)(4) commits a Class C Felony”. I wanted to bring to your attention that countless businesses in counties across Oregon are currently in violation of this law as they are having their employees dispense medical advice (such as wear a mask) and impersonating a medical professional by taking patrons temperatures. When I bring this violation to their attention, I am told OSHA and OHA are requiring business managers and employees to pose as medical professionals and illegally dispense medical advice. Is this true? Is OHA not supposed to protect the public against the unlicensed practice of medicine? Is OHA issuing guidance that violates established law? Executive orders, states of emergency or mandates/orders/guidelines cannot violate or suspend existing law, hence I am asking that OHA please follow the law and ensure no private business manager or employee practice medicine on the people of Oregon without the proper medical training and licensure.
    Another legal issue pertaining to OHA guidelines for businesses is the violation of Oregon Law 659A.403, which states “It is illegal to discriminate in places of public accommodation on the basis of race, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, or age (18 years or older).” Countless businesses in counties across Oregon are blatantly violating Oregon’s anti-discrimination law by denying me entry despite my informing them of my medical disability and religious exemption that make me unable to wear a mask. Again, the store managers are stating they are violating the law based on guidance from OSHA and OHA. Is this true? Is OHA directing Oregon businesses to violate citizens civil rights and Oregon law? Is OHA telling businesses to disregard Oregon anti-discrimination laws? As previously stated, no state of emergency, executive order or city ordinance can violate or suspend established law. Please correct these illegalities and please give Oregon businesses correct guidance on medical and religious exemptions, they must honor them and cannot prohibit Oregon citizens free and equal access without being subject to legal repercussions and lawsuits.
    Thank you for your attention on both these matters. I look forward to hearing back from you as to how Oregon Health Authority is remedying these violations of Oregon law.


  3. I highly recommend this interview, it is so informative.
    This lady has alot of experience with Osha, masks and approvals.
    Most people should NOT wear a mask all day, 20 min at a time max!
    according to Osha, masks or respirators worn in the workplace must be approved by medical professionals.
    Conditions like anxiety, cardiac and many, many others would get you denied the approval for a mask.
    The mask mandates are illegal according to Osha.


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