Situation Update from Mike Adams

Mike gives us an update on recent disclosures from the Pentagon from a FOIA request that had been submitted to the Defense Intelligence Agency by a UFO Blogger at They admit that there has been recovery of unique metal alloys from UFO crash sites. Advanced technologies. They are admitting now that there were 40 witnesses to the Roswell Crash. Congress has now demanded that the Government turn over everything they know about UFO.

NASA is lying and covering up the cosmic war to end human civilization

NASA now claims they’ve landed a helicopter on Mars. They are lying, of course, since helicopters can’t function in a near-vacuum, as they need atmosphere to generate lift from the spinning rotors. Mars has virtually no atmosphere, according to NASA.

What Mike is revealing in this Situation Update podcast is shocking and stunning: NASA is engaged in a massive cover-up about life on other planets, and the Pentagon now admits to studying UFO wreckage taken from crash sites. There is a cosmic war to exterminate humanity and transform Earth into a post-human future, and depopulation globalists are working in alignment with those anti-human forces to achieve this outcome.

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  1. Hi,
    Judith explains that our planet is moving ( accelerating ) towards the 7th dimension.
    Our planet is already in the 5th.
    Also Alex Collier did a Q& A on his monthly webinars.

  2. I have great respect for Mike Adams efforts to keep us informed, but what he doesn’t understand is that the colonies on Mars are INSIDE THE PLANET. Centuries earlier, there was a nuclear war between Mars and I believe Earth, but not certain. The surface of Mars was destroyed. So, life moved into the center of the planet. This is not so hard to believe. There is life in the center of the Earth too. Life of higher consciousness helping us Ascend to the 5th Dimension.

    in a male body at that time, I remember being part of the war, so I know it happened. Nuclear explosions shatter the body’s energies. For this reason, those who are protecting the Earth and helping us ‘grow up fast’ have been given permission by Source (Father-Mother God/dess) to INTERFER BY DESTROYING NUCLEAR BOMBS BEFORE THEY ARE USED.

    Like I said, nuclear wars shatters the individual’s energy bodies – emotional, soul, mental, physical, psychic – forcing their I AM Selves to SCOUP UP THE SHATTERED ENERGIES in hopes of restoring the original design. Nuclear wars are evil above all else and perhaps the reason so many males become explosive in their reactions to the world around them. Fear triggers their instinctive reactions to protect themselves. Not unlike how rape shatters the individual’s energy bodies, but even worse, if you can believe that! If only males understood the damage created by war and rape, they would think twice before committing the crime.

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