Joe Biden’s Special Climate Envoy John Kerry said that the record cold temperatures we are seeing are because of global warming.

Kerry, who flies on private jets, owns a mega yacht and several mansions, said that we only have 9 years left to save the planet from a catastrophe.

Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord on Friday and John Kerry said it is still not aggressive enough to prevent catastrophe.

According to Kerry, “global warming” is now “global weirding” since he is unable to explain why frigid temperatures took Texas hostage this week.

Kerry said the ice age is actually coming from global warming.

John Kerry is so concerned about “man-made global warming” that he took a gas-guzzling private jet to accept a climate award in Iceland.

When confronted about flying in a private jet, pompous Kerry said, it’s “the only choice for someone like me.”


Source: thegatewaypundit

Watch his statements here:  Kerry

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  1. “WE must stop using so much…….???” Who is the WE?? There is no such thing as global warming in the first place and 2nd “We” didn’t cause anything. China and India are far worst polluters than the USA. And, “10 years” to what??? Only God knows when the earth will end. There will be increased storms and volcanic activity. Read the bible. It already told you those things before the end which God only knows.

  2. I completely agree with what you are saying about Kerry. We all need to own up to our part in global warming. But the fact of the matter is, we really do only have about 10 years left to save the planet. This is very real and incredibly sad. People need to do the research. We must stop using so much petroleum, burning coal etc. Or face major catastrophic planet disasters. It’s everything from increased forest fires to snow storms that will get worse every year.

  3. To validate this nonsensical propaganda, aimed at furthering the false narrative of a Global Warming crisis by Globalist scoundrels, is folly, What true merit does This Kerry guy have? For me as an American, absolute zero!

  4. I wonder when Kerry made his last visit to Antarctica to get his marching orders. When is everyone going to wake up to what is really happening, when the NWO is fully phased in ? Kerry gets his marching orders from the same source Greta “How Dare You(!)” Thunderpants gets hers.

  5. This black eyed buffoon is nothing more than a walking talking sock puppet for the creatures that run this reality. Compromised and controlled is the name of the game in DC on both sides of the isle or any issue for that matter. Funny how they scream save the world, when in fact it was their backers that clear cut whole forests. Spilled oil in every ocean and put nuclear reactors near every source of fresh and saltwater world wide. Think about this. No one could be that dumb! So this is planned. Like every event they jam down your throat. Always blame the people with zero power for their own doings. Technocratic Nazis.
    Oh and for the record the sun and every other star in our galaxy is undergoing major changes right now. As far as volcanic activity and earthquakes has been the worst in several hundred years.
    Have you looked at the sun itself? Of course you haven’t. Instead of our yellow star we have a blue white plasma ball of death. Way before bill hicks was kicked off of YouTube the people reporting the ultraviolet indexes from the sun were kicked off for showing the truth about our local star. UV-C isn’t suppose to hit the surface of the earth yet here it is and has been for years now.
    Imagine the effect on the oceans world wide. Solar irradiance off the charts. Why are they using nano particles to block out the sun? Seems the chem trail cowboys are always in line with the path of the sun whenever I look up. This is nothing Morgan the people I creatures that have advanced information using it against us as they have always do to put more power and half shekels in their pockets.

  6. Yo Kerry, You didn’t seem to have a problem with dropping bombs around the world or stop Chem-Trailing. & even get rid of chemical plants in of itself, we humans do not need chemicals to survive, really, we don’t! If we stop all these items we would be living in Paradise.


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