It’s all about the part of the iceberg we don’t see….

By Katharina Bless

The sun just entered Pisces and the Moon is catching up for the Dark Moon. There are also Venus and Neptune in the conjunction, still in Aquarius. This gives us a unique energy of inspiration and intuition at the same time. Things might blur into a overload – at least that is what I experience! In all the 20+ years I write moon reading I never have skipped one like today that I wrote the reading for the 28th and not tomorrow.

It is the feeling that is going forth and back, somehow I completely lost the feeling of time and through some outer circumstances I am sleep deprived and have a hard time to function in a normal way.

Looking at this chart now, I think this maybe is important because it makes me loose my rational mind and feeling for a “manipulated” calendar. To be confused is the topic of Pisces and probably did catch up with me totally and I wanted to race ahead of time??

Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn are stripping us to pure necessities and there is hardly any time for extra things because the pull to expand from Jupiter is counteracted from not only the sign of Capricorn, but also it’s ruler Saturn in the same sign.

Every thing that is happening is very concentrated and the waking up process that the world is in creates an energy of massive confusion. Each and every one is part of this and all those who are looking the first time a bit deeper than main stream media send shock waves like the eruption of a volcano into the whole. The hologram feels like under a dark cloud of ashes!

An extreme feeling of lost-ness and for many like being torn apart is overwhelming and here it is so clearly visible the pull from two directions, the old and the new, that is like rope pulling with two teams that are about the same strength for those just waking up to the truth.

Obstacle in the way

Those who are more aware, it’s like old stuff is popping up and throwing itself into the way forward. There are hurdles to take and obstacles to overcome. Old habits and beliefs are screaming for acknowledgment and are not left behind so easily.

The building up to the full moon will bring up a lot until the full moon sun will be in conjunction with Chiron, the final sacrifice and healing.

New information is flooding the mainstream and the alternative media, not all clear and the confusion whom to believe is growing. Definitely not mainstream, they are deception, but also not all of the alternative information is coming from a source of pure heart. The controllers also have captured much of the alternative media and many channels are either unclear or even deceptive.

Now with so much Capricorn energy there is a chance to feel beyond the veil, but clarity will not be easy to reach because of an overflow of information that is controversial.

Please stay away from the big turmoil, the whole thing that is going on in the outer world is foremost for those who have to wake up, get rid of their anger and frustration of being abused for so long time. It is easier if you silently listen to what is coming to the surface within and look at it one step at a time.

Depending in which part of the world you live, things are more or less loud. We are on the journey through the underworld to emerge in a new paradigm, in a new way of life and the next couple weeks are still all about the part of the iceberg we don’t see….

With Mars in Taurus it’s good to use nature as a power source. If you ground yourself standing bare fool on the grass, sand or what ever nature you have around for a few minutes, will be extremely relaxing, healing and recharging at the same time.

To go through this time of ascension imagine also the whole cycle that we are in, things are not just happening right now, but are the end of a very long 25920 year cycle and there is much reason to celebrate! If you imagine that you take of old and ugly cloth that is totally worn out, you are right. That’s what we are doing and we’ll get new outfit that will be much more suitable for a higher consciousness!

We can compare the process with dying without loosing the body and instead transform it! You will see, the Med-Bed will come soon and then this will be true!

Many Blessings,

In our Tuesday FB live video I will talk about ascension. This will not be a talk that is only “think pink” but about the reality which is different. Since this video will most likely been removed from FB we will will remove it before that and post it afterward in my Brighteon channel.
There you can also find the videos “The healing journey of illness” that are connected to the book from Dethlefsen that I mentioned above.

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  1. Are the Med Beds Free or do we have to give up control over our reincarnation choices? Is this like the Trade In Twilight Zone?

    • Hello M. Harrison, when I read your comment, I thought about that subject of reincarnation, the choices you mention and your question about the control over it, given up by us. Is it likely that once we’ve put an end to the clearing of our karma, preferably collectively, while on planet Earth, in a physical body, that the choice of reincarnation might be in a different space? With much of our true nature restored, due to the removal of that program? Which, to me, resembles the running in the threadmill without end. At the same time, I still see the choice for unconscious living and walking on the shady side of the street as a free will choice. I’m not sure how the separation of the two choices will look like in the near future. Maybe, metaphorically speaking, the street will be so wide that the sunny and the shady side hardly are visible to each other? Just a thought.

      As I perceive it, as far as I’ve understood this and still learning, I’m sure, when we’re done with unconscious and instinctive living, I see the cycle of reincarnation, as occurring in the past, broken. And that it’s possible that we make a conscious choice to return in a physical body on planet Earth, likely without the need for a med-bed, standing next to it, for assistance 😉

      About the free treatment in healing and medicine, I sure hope that it’ll be a free treatment. As far as healing and treatment goes with medicines, be it in a temple, church, or hospital, I believe that no money should be moving around between pockets. Personally, I’m on the same page with Rudolf Steiner, who expressed his view on healing and treatment of dis-eases. He felt that money shouldn’t be involved in matters of healing. The healing temples in ancient Egypt were sacred spaces where doing business in the trade of dis-ease was absent. As far as I know.

      When you’re not familiar with Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner, he was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, esotericist, and claimed clairvoyant, living from 1861-1925. He’s the founder of Anthroposophy, which he described as “a scientific exploration of the spiritual world”
      The present day Waldorf Schools and Camphill Communities are the fruits of his work, where a principle is honoured that the physical body, the emotional body, and the spirit-being of a human being are all meant to be met and treated. Creativity, sport, theatre, dance, seasonal festivities, and learning in a classroom are all equally practiced.

      It’s my fondness of such schools that triggers my describing of them. I’ve taken care of children going to such a school as a Daytime-Nanny. I believe there’s much need of improvement in our educational system, at school or at home.

      Here’s a huge archive with Rudolf Steiner’s work translated in English (an ongoing project)
      Here’s 1 of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, as an audio-recording about Disease, Karma and Healing:

      And now I laugh about my tuppence-response to your comment, just take what’s valuable for you, okay?


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