EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a popular treatment when it comes to emotional stress and physical pain.

It is an alternative to the traditional ideas of treating these conditions. It is known widely as ‘tapping.’ Due to its positions, it is also referred to as psychological acupressure.

The technique is used by several practitioners. And all of them have a belief that utilizing the tapping method can help the body in many ways. Like treating physical pain. Or even balancing out the energy system. Gary Craig founded this tapping technique.

As per the developer, an energy disruption leads to every pain or even emotions that are negative. The topic is widely researched yet. But Emotional Freedom Technique has also been under use for treating patients with mental illnesses. Like PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Or even Anxiety Disorder.

Emotional Freedom Technique: How Does It Happen?

Emotional Freedom Technique is pretty close to what acupuncture does. All of its focus remains on the body’s meridian points. Or the hot spots for energy.

This helps to bring about a balance in the body’s energy. And it is carried out with a belief system of this balancing of energies relieves one from negative emotions or symptoms.

As per Chinese medicines, the areas of a body where energy flows are called meridian points.

All of these areas help in maintaining a balanced flow of energy throughout the body. And it helps in maintaining health as well. And any sort of imbalance leads to diseases or even sicknesses.

Unlike acupuncture, the Emotional Freedom Technique does not require needles to find the points. It can be done with finger-tips. People say when the meridian points are stimulated, it helps in accessing The body’s energy.

5 Steps To Tap Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique has been divided into 5 different steps. The entire sequence can be repeated for addressing different kinds of issues:

1. Establish The Issue

It is important to identify or understand the problem or fear you are having. Otherwise, the tapping will not be as effective. The area of the issue will be where you tap. Focusing on one point will enhance the solution.

2. Test The Scale Of Intensity

Following the identification, it is time to measure the issue. How big is it? How intense and deep is your pain? This is needed to understand how you will eradicate it from your body. Start rating the intensity from 0-10. 10, of course, being the worst. When you have a benchmark, it helps you keep track of your progress.

3. You Need A Setup

The setup is a phrase or statement you make before you begin with the tapping. It must have two primary goals. One of them is to acknowledge the problem. And the other is to accept yourself with the situation. But make sure when you say the phrase, it must speak about only your problems— not any others’.

4. Tapping Sequence

Emotional Freedom Technique sequence is about tapping the 9 meridian points in a method. Out of the 12, the 9 focuses are:

  • • Small Intestine – Karate Chop
  • • The Top Of The Head
  • • Bladder – Eyebrow
  • • Gallbladder – The Eyes’ Sides
  • • Stomach – Under Eyes
  • • Under Nose
  • • Chin
  • • Kidney – Collarbone Beginning
  • • Spleen – Under Arm

After you simultaneously tap the spot for Karate Chop with repeating your phrase, follow the above sequence of tapping the body parts.

5. Final Intensity Test

After all these steps, reassess the depth of the intensity. Did the intensity reduce gradually? Keep doing the same routine until you reach 0 from the previous rate.

Does Tapping In Emotional Freedom Therapy Work?

The method is used on military personnel who have dealt with PTSD. As per a 2013 survey, veterans were responding to the tapping therapy within one month! There are several such success stories when it comes to EFT tapping.

But there are still researches to compare cognitive methods with EFT tapping. Hence, it is an alternative approach.

Consult a good doctor before you begin with this therapy.

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