Reverend Kathleen Carroll

The Quantum Connection of Heart, Mind and the Universe

Earth has an electromagnetic or torus field around it. This field acts as a shield to protect all life on the planet from dangerous radiation and particles emitted by the sun. If you could see Earth’s torus field it would look like the image below.

As the name implies, this field works like a magnet having a North and South Pole (positive and negative). The magnetic field is created by the molten outer core of iron that spins around a solid inner core of Earth. Like magnets, particles that are ejected from our sun through coronal mass ejection (CME) circle around Earth’s torus field and enter through the poles like a funnel. In a new study from ESA, the European Space Agency, it was discovered that particles do not enter equally between the north and south poles preferring to hit the north pole of the planet when they finally impact Earth. The majority enter through the positively charged or top of the planet.

The Heart of the Matter

Have you heard the term “opposites attract?” It may have come from studies with magnets. When two magnets are brought together, those with the same polarity will repel or push each other apart, whereas when the negative and positive ends of two magnets are introduced, they are strongly attracted to each other. If you have played with magnets, you know how strong that pull is and how difficult it can be to separate them once they have touched. This is the same force that governs the movement of particles (and couples in love).

This amazing balance of attraction and repulsion is seen in the way protons and neutrons orbit around the nucleus (or heart) of an atom in perpetual motion. The planets orbit the sun which is the heart of our solar system and galaxy. Cosmic energy enters the toroidal field around our galaxy from the top and bottom.

At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy sits a black hole or black/white hole, which is a quantum portal or Stargate connected to every torus field in the universe. This unified Source Field links quantum light from atoms and cells on Earth to atoms in galaxies beyond our own. We have a quantum connection to all things in the universe.

The human body also has an electromagnetic Field (EMF). If you were to imagine a metal rod running from the top of your head to just below your tailbone, that would represent your own positive and negative poles and a flow of energy that is created by not one, but two organs in your body: The brain and heart.

The HeartMath Institute has recorded the heart to be approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

When a child is conceived, the first organ to form is…
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