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Many people who rebel against the government don’t realize they are on a chessboard. I will use Michigan in the US as an example:

In Michigan, the governor was being a tyrant and imposing too many restrictions on the people.  The people then rebelled in mass against this.  Then, the cases per day went from around 1,500 to as high as over 9,000 on the 7th of April. Then, the media went all over this.  The media’s message was basically:  “You see?  This is what happens when people are allowed to make their own decisions.  People need the government to tell them what to do in order to stay safe.  People obviously can’t handle matters themselves.”  (Whether the case numbers are made up is of course another story, but the numbers are being used by a very substantial number of people, which is enough for the cabal to do their damage.)

What I’m seeing from Michigan is maybe in certain instances the cabal want people to fight for their freedoms so that further justification can be used to take away their freedoms.  In certain instances the cabal want people to rebel in order to make the rebels and their cause look bad because of negative net results, which ends up making the ultra-conformists look good.

But what’s the answer?  Be an ultra-conformist and wear double masks, gouge your hands in hand sanitizer 50 or more times a day, and stay at home as much as possible?  No thank you lol! When playing chess, the solution isn’t always so obvious.  It’s not always a good idea to make bold moves and go after the big pieces on the chessboard.  Example: Player 1: “Look, I got your rook!” Player 2: “Yeah but now I take your queen and your king is now in check, sucker!”

My own way of dealing with the ‘covid package’ is to not take a strong stance so I can’t be put in a box.  Regarding masks, I’m both a conformist and a nonconformist at the same time.  How?  I wear a face shield.  With a face shield, I’m not not being a ‘sheeple’ because I’m not wearing a mask, but I’m also not being an ‘anti-sheeple’ because I’m wearing a ‘face covering.’  Being on neither side perhaps allows me to ‘slip between the cabal’s fingers.’  This is also probably true of right vs. left.  It’s possible to be on neither side, unable to be categorized.  Without being able to be categorized, I can’t be used as a pawn in the game of ‘divide and conquer.’

It really just depends on the situation though.  There are situations where outright rebellion could be the answer.  Sometimes a bold move can be the best move, and sometimes not.  Chess is extremely circumstantial, depending on where the pieces are in relation to one another.

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  1. This is bollocks you wear a face shield are you a 33 degree masonic Satanist by any chance – in other words the enemy of humanity with their mean little plans for us all because they hate God and Jesus Christ and want to kill everyone who does believe in Jesus Christ with a guillotine made by Chanel because they see us as vile and profane and weak sickos for wanting to help the weak simply because Lucifer is not a God he is a demon leading them straight to hell where they all belong the wretches. if you were playing Chess first thing to know is the Free Masons are a secret society hiding within it at the higher levels a secret cult religion and it's purpose is to sift out 33 degree candidates from their initiates to be satanic movers shakers and rulers sportsmen actors singers etc who are willing to destroy humanity and enslave them and in a very cowardly arrogant way become Gods themselves over the survivors who you will make you over track and spy on you with technology. The first rule of Chess is to know the system is theirs all the different secret societies and a lot of the religions except for the true believers of Christ are part of that system why do you think they mass emigrated Islam into Europe it is one of their religions on their satanic pyramid amongst others. This is a well organised powerful group of people who have got the jump on us by creating the system owning everything in it having all the power within it because it is their system with their people running it. I will not wear a mask or take a vax or have the evil insane and the warped tell me how to live my life. I would advise mass resistance. mass education about the enemy know the enemy and mass action that hurts them in the wallet and usurps their courts with common law. The least you must do is know they are the enemy and everyone that is in that structure which is overwhelming us with tyranny and oppression is your enemy even the morons who join this evil society not knowing that they are making an oath to the devil not to God the creator and that oath is changing you and as you go on up the levels you are actually falling down in to evil. That does not mean we sit and let it all happen but the white Pope and the black pope is theirs and so will be the white hats and the black hats be theirs because this is the recipe these creatures use for order out of chaos. As it is they have vaccinated enough people to kill off humanity because those who are vaccinated are now giving off something that affects woman's fertility and menstrual cycles leading to aborted babies poisoned breast milk and future children with cognitive problems this is a official on the Pfizer document everyone who has contact man woman or child is causing an event to occur . We are effed and will now need to choose to shun all vaccinated people. They had planned to leave the unvaccinated out of society but it looks like society may be forced to isolate the vaccinated. I do not give a tinkers toss what these evil bastards think. But we need to stop 5G rolling out in our cities it is a military weapon that is 10 times more damaging to health than 4G. Couples with their smart DNA modifications it is going to kill millions. We have more to think about such as them buying up agricultural land to stop us growing crops and farming animals leading to starvation and so much more – we need to stop playing chess round them up and stop them for good. Obvious who they all are from their position in life because no one gets to reach the heights unless they are one of them. That is the real world we live in.

  2. You’re delusional. Now is not the time to take the middle road or to sit on the fence. Now is the time to make a choice for either good or for evil. This is it. This is the battle of all battles between light and dark here on 3D earth. You are on 3D earth. That makes this your fight to. It is the fight of fights to save humanity. There is no more middle ground. I dare say the middle ground is siding with evil at this point because it puts you just under the radar from the cabal which inadvertently adds fuel to THEIR fire. It helps them. Anything less then a FULL decision for the light means you lend energy to the dark. Wearing a face shield is the same as wearing a mask. It makes you a sheep, it makes you part of the problem not the solution. Stand up all the way! Take off the shield/mask. Show your radiant smile. Shed your light not the vaccine! Be what you are…pure divinity itself. Take back your power which takes the power right out of the hands of the cabal! God is here! Don’t cower from the cabal…they have NO authority over us unless we give it to them! God is Us! We hold the power and we must take it back. We will take it back for ALL the forces of good stand ready at our side. We cannot lose! Be on the side of light. ✨♥️✨

    • Kim,

      Kim, if someone were to really to stand up, they would not pay taxes, not have car insurance, and not be a part of society at all. They wouldn't be making comments on a computer, as the internet uses 5G, and would basically have to eat tree bark, as most technologies we are using are made from contracts with the dark forces. So no, this isn't delusional. In fact, the writer of this article (myself) works at a job as an essential worker. I'm one of the few people who got a doctor's not to wear a shield instead of a mask in order to maintain my job while all these other people 'stand up' by mooching off my hard labor. It's such hypocrisy from those who think they are 'standing up' while they are just manipulating the system.

      If my job required me to get vaccinated, that would be the final straw and I would quit. I will say that my favorite customers at my job are the ones who rebel who don't wear shields or masks. I do like it when people rebel like this, but it's important to understand that strategy needs to be implemented in specific situations. I suppose I could very easily just quit my job and find ways to mooch like everyone else, refusing to wear a mask or a shield. I wouldn't dare say that I was 'standing up all the way' though.

  3. Our Michigan Governor is a DS puppet and fully controlled. I would never wear a mask as I have a god given fully functional immune system. I also have seasonal asthma from allergies and would not want to further compromise my O2 intake. The problem with this whole charade is no one is doing any research on their own. 1 hour on line using the CDC the W.H.O and World economic forum web sites will give you all the information you need to prove this who thing was planned years in advance and an attempted totalitarian world take over. Daddy Bush warned us with his thousand points of light speech what was coming. They are crashing our currency! Killing our economy! Destroying the Construction! Yet all you hear about on the propaganda arm of the CIA….I mean media is Covid Covid Covid. A blind man can see what I’d coming and yet everyone is too beaten down to do a damn thing about it. The way to beat Frau Whitmeir is by ignoring every unconstitutional mandate she has forced on the public. They gave the seasonal flu a name and used statistics to enslave you. Christ sake wake up and throw off your shakers.

  4. I did the same, I never once wore a mask properly, always completely half-assed it, so I could breathe. Wouldn't expect it to work on a plane

    There was a point to wearing a mask which was to compromise with the intelligent population in order to lessen the social pressure on vaccines, which was always the end game. But very few people did that, and in another perspective another half of people are so fearfully reactive they respond only to animal-like aggression because it gives the impression of power and majority, so for another half of people standing your ground works in the long run, if you prefer war. But that's what most people did who were super pissed off at masks and we're no better off yet, I'd guess it made the war harder but we'll never know.

    Professional psychologists from Britain and elsewhere wrote all the pandemic plans and they knew exactly how masks would split freedom fighters from authoritarians. Good comments


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