By Vanessa López De la O

March 31, 2021

It is time…

Humanity is at its most critical crossroad in known history.  In global terms, it basically has two scenarios to choose from.

One consists of deepening differences and divisions by focusing on:

  • The material and the technological,
  • Hierarchies and competition,
  • Being in service to self -or a single group or nation.

The second one is to imagine a reality that equals us in dignity and rights by focusing on:

  • The intangible and the spiritual,
  • Human relations and collaboration,
  • Working in service to others and universal justice.

Granted, technology indicates progress.  But spirituality is also a measure of civilizational growth.

Technology without humanism and wisdom is void of meaning.

We should ask ourselves, what motivates us to develop in every area of our lives?

Is it profit-making and the accumulation of material things for the few, or is it the thrill of creating and contributing to satisfy unmet needs for the many?

What goes first, ethics or profits?

Why not imagine a future where profits are practically irrelevant; where only ethics, rights and universal satisfaction of human -and the rest of life- needs matter?

A truly evolved society like the one depicted in Star Trek. Where we can aspire to peacefully explore the Universe and Consciousness, once we have solved the essential problems in our home: planet Earth and the Solar System. Namely, the differences in dignity and rights.

Where food, clothing, housing, energy, transportation, communication, knowledge, and healthcare are basically free and accessible to all… And where we all contribute with our work to the general well-being, and at the same time, to the satisfaction of our individual self-realization.

It is time to decide.

Either we head for the maelstrom of the technological singularity / transhumanist agenda, or we ascend to a universal fraternity where values govern as the compass of progress in all areas of our lives.

The creation of a New Era is your choice, as well as our collective choice.

It is born out of our God-given free will and consciousness.

The time to co-create the future is here and now…

Choose wisely,

Vanessa López De la O



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  1. If you – in 2021 – still be+LIE+ve that EARTH (anagram HEART) is a spinning BAAL in nearly perfect vaccum (four movements an the same time: own axis with 1000 mph, around the sun with 66.600 mph, around the outer arm of the s.c. "Milky Way" galax with 500.000 mph and around the "known centre of the universe" with 670.000.000 mph -> all official claims), then: "GOOD NIGHT" and "Good luck for your change".

    It is fundamentally important to comprehend that RE+ALITY is not as it seems because it was sold to you a certain way (by NASAtanic entities… NASA was found by ex-NAZIs and occultists with the sole purpose to manipulate the consciousness of ALL human beings). You have to know that EARTH is a REALM (Tesla) and not an absurd BAAL (two A!) in order to be able to be part of a NEW PARADIGM (TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS).


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