Join Leigh Dundas again as she plainly and firmly outlines the crimes against humanity currently being perpetrated upon California residents in the USA.

“I am about to be deplatformed by facist YouTube – I will be at Rumble and” Leigh Dundas speech – (Health and Freedom 2021)

In case it gets censored from Youtube, please view on Bitchute:



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  1. On May 18th, my Texas governor issued executive order #36 prohibiting gov. entities mandating masks. I work for MHMR of Tarrant County (gov. funded, therefore included I under the mandate). The clinic where I work offers substance Abuse therapy and education; there are no doctors or nurses in our premises and has always stated we are not a medical clinic. On 5/26 they refused to abide by governor Abbott mandate, and declared our office as medical. Is there a place where we can report this? Also, they have encouraged employees to get the vaccine and in their emails often request that they encourage other employees to get it , insinuating that those who refuse it are not looking after the well-being of our coworkers, creating at times a hostile environment. They frequently mention that “at the time a vaccine is not required but advise us to be a step ahead” our governor has not banned vaccine passports and or given us freedom of choice. Please advise.

  2. Powerful, inspiring speech. God bless Leigh Dundas.

    “Life without war is impossible either in nature or in grace. The basis of physical, mental, moral, and spiritual life is antagonism. This is the open fact of life.”

    –Oswald Chambers

    “It is impossible to be a true soldier of Jesus Christ and not fight.”

    – J. Gresham Machen

    “Spiritual Christians look upon the world not as a playground, but as a battleground.”

    – A.W. Tozer


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