In this long but riveting video Altijan ‘Childs’ Juric shows us with great evidence that Freemasonry is the vehicle in which the hidden religion of Satanism is clandestinely spread throughout the globe. Altijan is a former mason who has risked his life by breaking ranks and choosing to educate the masses about the masonic inner workings as well as revealing the arrogant ranks of celebrities and politicians who have sold their souls and turned their backs on humanity.

Altijan talks about his Christed conversion to love and how very much reviled Christians are by the Masons/Satanists. He emphasizes the complete disdain that the Satanists have for Christians and the mockery made against those who are ignorant to the hidden religion and ignorant to the nature of the spiritual realms. They particularly mock athiests who they see as completely inept. There is no room for kindness, compassion, cooperation and unity of any kind in the world of freemasonry and the satanic perversities that hide behind it. Altijan expertly guides us through the narrative behind the “benevolent” facades placed in front of mankind. He does it in a gentle, clever and clear manner, baby stepping the viewer through the plans of the perverse global Luciferian syndicate.

He concludes with an examination of the Satanic plan for the New World Order agenda and uses evidence to show that the Freemasons have been behind the planning of this agenda. He provides evidence going back hundreds of years. From the Georgia Guidestones to the Noahide Laws to the Chanel Guillotines, he weaves a timeline that outlines the depopulation agenda.

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  1. Your friend you have Shari is a reiki healer witch is demonic. Look into it and, if as a believer, you will stay clear of it too. Healing only comes through Jesus. Ask her what and from whom she’s gotten her training.

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony , powerful ! The Lord Almighty God has sealed you and will keep you.

  3. I have known this for some time, but this video educated me and filled in the gaps of knowledge for me concerning Free Masonry. I had an ex-father-in-law who was in the Masons. I could tell a couple of stories, but there is not enough space in the comment section to do so. He would not attend my son's Christening…..hmmm, wonder why? He was intent on going "up the chairs" in the lodge and getting a higher and higher degree each year. He was evil.

  4. Saw this a few days ago, very brave man assuming honest (could have done without the veiled bigotry but oh well).


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