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Our Feature Author for this month is Sade Lyn.

The Benefits of Meditation for Children

Several studies have been conducted that suggest children who practice mindfulness develop positive traits such as increased self control and better attention in class. They also tend to have more empathy for others.

Many children have a natural feel for meditation. Here are some more benefits:

• Enhanced focus
• Fostering compassion/self esteem
• Boosting confidence Building happiness.

Some schools are actually replacing detention time with meditation in the USA. Suspensions decreased by 70% over a 4 year period.


Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. Teaching children to focus on their breath can benefit them in order to come back to a calm state. Outdoors is a good way to help children experience the calming beauty of nature. A few minutes of meditation a day can have excellent benefits. Doing this on a regular basis can change the brain. Brain centers for emotions and executive functioning can be changed and help children in a variety of ways.



Find a quiet location.

Be in a comfortable position such as sitting or lying down.

Focus of attention and open attitude.

Allow the child to take deep breaths and focus on something that brings the child happiness.

Encourage them to imagine good things such as being with family and friends or enjoying themselves in the sunshine. They can think about their favorite holiday destination with the beautiful sea and sand or maybe a tree house where they can create magical things in the tree house. Guide the child to create anything they want with their imagination and put feeling into their thoughts. Guide the child and ask them how they feel when they are imagining all these wonderful things. Use words such as happiness, peace, and joy.

Visualize light all around the body and hum the mantra UMMM which is the sound of light and resonance which will restore harmony. You can do this for 1 minute.

Take deep breaths and end with the code word Namaste.

Recommended time frames for meditation:
Pre school children: A few minutes per day.
Grade school children: 3-10 minutes twice a day.

The Magic of Waldorf and a Steiner Education

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, esotericist and clairvoyant.

Waldorf education provides education that allows children to become free human beings and help to incarnate their spiritual identity as beings of body, soul and spirit.

The first Steiner school opened in 1919 for children of workers at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory. The schools benefactor was Emil Mott, a managing director who asked Dr Rudolf Steiner to found and lead the school in its early stages.

Steiner schools take children from 3 years to eighteen years of age.

Steiner education works for all children of any class, ethnicity, religion and academic ability.

The core subjects of the curriculum are taught in thematic blocks and all lessons include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content.


Waldorf schools by continent:

• North America- 202
• Africa- 21
• Central America- 17
• South America- 62
• Asia- 65
• Europe- 803
• Oceania- 69


• North America- 180
• Africa- 18
• Central America- 17
• South America- 90
• Asia- 146
• Europe- 1355
• Oceania- 51

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