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Laurel Aston reveals the C.I.A. mind control Psychiatry mind control trauma based operation .

An article by Laurel Aston Ex C.I.A. Whistle Blower Human Trafficking Victim From The Age Of Two .

Written on July 27 , 2015 by Laurel Aston and co written by Zakaos .

Psychiatry is a Nazi mind control science developed in Germany. Psychiatrists are indoctrinated in school into secret societies and networks brain washed themselves. And paid when entering practice to carry out hideous criminal acts and gross acts of human rights violations. To program re program or silence the voice of a political or human rights activist.

In some cases the hard core psychotropic poisons shorten the life of a victim by 20 – 30 years over time. A person on psychotropic medication for bi polar disorder has a life span of 50 years. The secret and illegal poisons being injected into victims to silence political and human rights activists all over the world. Are far more deadly. And have lasting side effects, extreme induced anger, insomnia, memory loss, neurological damage, violence and induced psychosis. They know what they are doing. Its what they get paid to do. They are often involved in highly illegal dangerous experiments on the poor. Completely without their knowledge under the guise of treatment. The criminal psychopaths calling them selves psychiatrist are paid nice sums of money ( black cash ) under the table for this. They are like wise paid large sums of money to put a hit on a political or human rights activist .

This helmet is used to administer mind control to incapacitated victims of C.I.A. Nazi war criminals . This is standard for a Enforcer witch / warlock to have one of these mind control helmets . It is punishable by death if the witch / warlock ever gets caught or looses his or her helmet . This was the first method of administering Nazi satanic mind control .

This is silent sound . This is how they can put a voice in your head with a radio frequency . They call it the voice of the hypnotist . Voice to skull ( V2K ) technology was patent in 1974 but was in use many many years before the Nazi war criminals gave it to the American military via the satanic C.I.A.

Mothers that are recently divorced with smart beautiful or exceptional children who have been tagged by some occult group are also heavily targeted . Even the wealthy are heavily targeted by the C.I.A. through these criminal psychiatric psychopathic networks . Some of the perpetrators are actually on C.I.A. payroll as active members of these networks . It is usually wealthy people that have no close relatives or none at all other than a husband or wife because these criminal psychiatric networks usually target . They will declare the person incompetent and award their entire estate to the C.I.A. operative who married them .( while administering drugs to put them under mind control ext .. ) Only to set them up to loose everything . In some cases like Anna Nicole Smith or Louisa Benion aka Laurel Aston you can clearly see what the C.I.A. Nazi cult has done to us . We both had the same group of C.I.A. Hollywood handlers .

Young girls and women with wealth already victimized by these networks are drugged heavily and forced into sex slavery and satanic rituals and rape and then ultimately pregnancies . The fake C.I.A. doctors then declare the traumatized victim incompetent and award their entire estates through dirty Free Masonic judges and others in the satanic network to the rape babies . The rape babies are controlled by the C.I.A. and victimized as well . Typically they are killed off or put in a psych ward and declared incompetent .Or they are heavily programmed and controlled with MK ultra mind control programming .
                      Nazi C.I.A. Doctors and a New Born

The C.I.A. who are the relocated Nazis from Operation Paper Clip now have control of the entire wealthy estate . The C.I.A. used handlers and off spring or rape babies to steal wealthy women and men fortunes all over the world . Anna Nicole Smith , Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston , Barbara Hutton , Howard Hughes , Louisa Benion ( a child trafficking victim from age two by the C.I.A. and forced into the C.I.A. and forced wife of German Nazi C.I.A. operative and Billionaire Stephen Benion  . Anna Nicole Smith and  Louisa Benion Aka Laurel Aston are only a few of the many many victims  .  The silenced victims that have suffered unspeakable acts at the hands of the Nazi C.I.A. Masonic cults and their criminal judicial and criminal psychiatric psychopathic networks .

Anna Nicole Smith was raped by homosexual Larry Birkhead to produce a rape baby they could use to steal her estate . They first spoke of declaring her incompetent but then decided to go with murdering her and her grown rape baby age 21 . So they would control the entire 500 million dollar estate .

Anna Nicole with the satanic Osborne family . Notice how Ozzy Osborne has his hand on his daughters breast and she has her hand on his crotch . This is openly admitting incest publicly to the Nazi C.I.A occult that run Hollywood .

MK Ultra ( MK is short for Mind Control in German ) Monarch Butterfly Occult Satanic Nazi Symbolism .

Michael was raped by Joe Jackson ( who is still in the Masonic cult ) as a child and was taken into the cult as a child . He fought the satanic order for many many years openly and he to was silenced .

Beyounce is a mind control sex slave . Her handler and arranged husband Jay Z is her controller for her demonic alter named Sasha Fierce . Aaliyah was Damon Dash’s and Jay Z’s blood ritual sacrifice . Once they gave her to the occult Dash and Jay Z were taken into the higher ranks of the occult music industry along with Kanye West who is one of Jay Z’s main producers . Kanye’s Daughter is name North West . This means Northern Free Masonic Star and West represents the west gate . The gate to the Abyss .This is what the satanic order call the gate to hell .

Miley Cyrus dressed like Marilyn Monroe practicing the blood sacrifice ritual right of passage into the occult media music inner circle to become a Masonic Northern Star  . Anna Nicole went through the same ritual and was silenced ( killed ) just like Marilyn Monroe .

Britney Spears

Break Spears is heavily involved with the satanic Nazi Walt Disney occult who made Britney a star . Britney Spear’s handler Kevin Federline is a bi sexual C.I.A. handler . He was put on her to procure rape babies used to steal more of her fortune than anyone knows . Federline was an associate of DR. Denne Montague King and Randy Lawrence . These were also two of my C.I.A. homosexual handlers . Fuck this god damn shit Federline attended homosexual pool parties with my C.I.A. mind control programmers and handlers . Dr. Denne Montague King is a fake a fraud with barely a high school education . Him and his ex husband Randy Lawrence were my C.I.A. handlers . I was being held prisoner in their home and while undergoing heavy mind control by two C.I.A. operatives . These parties always broke down into drug fueled homosexual orgies . Britney’s programming started as a child in the pedophile Walt Disney club . This is a huge C.I.A. intake for children and all ways has been . Is it no surprise when you look at the three she grew up with in the Disney pedophile organization  . Justin Timberlake is also a homosexual and his relationships are all arranged by his C.I.A. handlers . Carmen Diaz is another mind controlled sex slave and property of U.S. Navel Intelligence of the C.I.A.

                     Justin Timberlake

Do you remember when Justin and Britney had a falling out ? Britney was silenced and Justin Timberfake made Cry me a River ( The crying game ) and she was made out to be the whore in the public eye and ousted to be the bad girl or the good girl gone bad . Or as the video theme and song go . She was the one breaking her childhood sweet hearts heart . ( Can any one say records sales and C.I.A. Hollywood P.R. ) . Homosexual C.I.A. P.R. teams protecting the closet homosexuals image are really sick and ruthless . The fact is women would not purchase his records if they knew the truth about Justin being a huge closet homosexual .

Biel’s ( Justin’s fake Hollywood actress wife ) pregnancy is not the only thing taking the headlines these days . Her husband and former N’Sync star has been rumored to be in a gay relationship with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon during an interview with Jiminy Glick… aka Martin Short .
The links are on line but we can not share them due to a virus on the links .

Click me for more details on Timberfake .

Also Timberlake and Beil hire two gay nannies for there child .

Britney Spears going through the satanic Monroe ritual for the occult .

Britney was also heavily mind controlled by the same U.S Naval intelligence and C.I.A. operatives that were in charge of me . I was also , tortured , raped and mind controlled by Barry Gordon , Eddie Gay aka Blaire Underwood , Howard Shector ,Tina Arning Brazel , Peter Becket , Stephanie Pritchard Wild , Frank Harris Denne Montague King , Randy Lawrence , John Hrachovec , Martin Landau , Norby Walters , Maurice Stein etc .

Howard Shector was a fat gross smelly old man .Shector as a C.I.A. head operative raped and abused Britney while stealing her money . Shector did this through outrageous rental fees on his Malibu beach house . Which was nothing compared to the Malibu home Britney supposedly owned . Why would she need to rent or want to stay in his humble little beach house .Why would she pay $45.000 a month to do so , while being raped and abused by an ugly filthy old man . I was also being held prisoner in Howard Shectors Malibu Beach house next door to Moon Shadows .  I was tortured and heavily mind controlled by Howars Shektor and C.I.A. operatives Jasmine Flower Bouschand . The wife of C.I.A. operative Blaze Bouschand Bellvue Washington . The owner of the C.I.A. front La Maison de France .

At this time they were planning out and executed a Black operation on Mel Gibson  , which included drugging him . I was used as a robotic operative on this operation . I had no memory of the C.I.A. black operation run on Mel Gibson at Moon Shadow . Although I myself had been drugged and heavily mind controlled by Howard Shector and Jasmine Bouschand and forced to participate in the operation . I directly had contact with Mel Gibson during the operation at Moon Shadows , yet I returned to Howard Shectors house next door to Moon Shadows . I laid down and went to sleep . This was my mind control programming . I was programmed to remember nothing when I woke up .

I was questioned about Mel Gidson in the Supreme court . I told the truth and testified that I had been put under heavy mind control and used in a operation with no memory of it after being used until years latter . Mel Gibson had an Army of C.I.A. operatives sent at him by Howard Shector .It was a huge operation involving many C.I.A. operatives . Mel Gibson got involved with the Simon Wiesenthal center after this and was cleared of any being anti Semitic . They even said he was targeted by the C.I.A. and was a targeted individual . I am so glad my testimony in the Supreme court cleared his name . Howard Shector and Jasmine Flower Bouschand were involved in the set up on Mel and literally an army of C.I.A. operatives and dirty cops on the dirty cash payroll were all involved in the Operation against Mel  .

Britney’s parents were also heavily involved in mind control and the occult and setting her up to have homosexual rape babies to steal more of her fortune and to humiliate and silence her . Her parents exposed her sister to the same horrific things just like they did to Britney’s sister when she tried to help her poor sister Britney .The occult forced a rape baby on 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears to steal her money and to silence her .

I’m Going to state for the record that most psychosis is caused secretly by being put in psych wards and secretly drugged with incapacitating agents and systemically infecting victims with fungus , mold , candida , gu poison and parasites . These things are all the base for demonic possession and C.I.A. mind and trigger control to remotely control victims and C.I.A. assets .

This is how satanic brain mapping works . They do this to everyone via cell phones and TV .

This is the system used to administer a R.F.I.D chip to the brain through the nasal passage .

This is the R.F.I.D. chip they put in the brain of assets and gang stalking victims ext .

This is a R.F.I.D. Vera chip implanted in someone’s skull and a Vera chip key chain Vera chip gives away to promote this evil technology .

Darpa wants to make application to fully control all soldiers minds and also they want full neurological control of the military .

This picture is of the nano particle communication system in the brain . N.A.S.A. , C.I.A. , N.S.A. use with this Darpa  in coordination with Brain Gate , Echelon and Tempest for satellite terrorism and remote neuro monitoring for assets and victims .

This is how the neurological nano technology that enters the brain works and how signals are passed from the brain and were they attack the brain and how .  This is all about piggy backing on your personal magnetic frequency and altering it to communicate , trigger control ( turning parts of the brain on and off ) , soft kill , or drive a victim insane remotely .

This is Nazi N.A.S.A.’s Satan ( Satellite Automatic Tracking Antennas )

This is how chem trails effect the body . N.A.S.A are geo engineering psychopaths and till this day will never admit to using weather weapons on Earth and the genral public . They will not admit to any of what they have done to us and our home Earth . They fly over specific people and there homes ( assets , T.I. and raped mind control victims ext ) and drop nano particles made to find specific magnetic fields of a specific persons body . They also spray cities with chem trails to poison millions if not billions of people .  This is called soft kill in C.I.A. military terms .

This is a look into what the Darpa C.I.A. Nazi targeting technology looks like from there cell phone or computer .  This is what they use on targeted individuals and assets and Ex assets like Laurel Aston to soft kill and remotely torture the victim at a push of a button  .

The psychiatrists know exactly what they have secretly done to the unwilling subjects in creating schizophrenics . This is another reason they forcibly drug them against there will . The whole entire thing is a huge satanic psyop , while they ( psychiatrists ) state they care and do it to help , duty of care .

Darpa is at the head of the satanic mind control occult computer systems that are the base for remote mind control and mental cognitive torture , theft and satellite terrorism  .

When watching Tv your brain is put into a submissive passive mind control state within four seconds . C.I.A. assets are forbidden to ever watch Tv and mainly during programming as a child . The Nazi psychopaths used large screens and projectors and early Tv to administer mind control to huge crowds of Hitler youth and Nazi soldiers .

Zakaos + Pushers Dollhouse + The Olmec Kashite Jungle Mix ( From the Film Pushers and The Tv Series Dollhouse)

Randy Quaid Speaks Out About Being “Targeted”

The other thing is no one and I mean absolutely no one tells you to treat your very skin , flesh with antifungal essential oils , as in infecting the victims flesh itself and it is corrupted , secretly and skin infections also are the direct cause of mental illness symptoms . As a side note the nostrils infection which is only present as oilyness totally turns any victim into a tortured schizophrenic . Many many psych wards are full of them and they are never being properly treated for the real cause of their ailment .

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 This is the link to the petition to free me from political enslavement by the C.I.A. -US STATE DEPT – U.S. MILITARY and Mexican drug cartels holding me hostage in Mexico . Please take a moment to sign the petition.

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Whistle Blower Laurel Aston Ex CIA Oprative Child Trafficking Victim Exposes Human Slavery Networks

Whistle Blower Laurel Aston Ex CIA Operative CHILD Traffiking Victim Exposes The CIA Sex Trap Ritual

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Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons

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