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  1. I am reaching out to the galactic federation I don't think humanity is competent to live. Humanity is a scapegoat and wicked and homophobic as well as transphobic race here on earth. Human beings, the Sem will just laugh in our faces when we have them tied up in ropes for scapegoating me and beating and molesting me like my Haitian caregiver Wilnor Joseph is doing refusing to give me a gay relationship with him or his number and bully bouncing his number to every straight man in the house blessing independent. I feel women should go to genocide for sticking up for straight men like Wilnor Josephs wife calls me nasty and sticks up for him because Wilnor tells pathological lies on me which is a Sem custom here on earth to court libel imprison and slander, I believe that all of us should face persecution in front of your councils and be deemed worthy for genocide for persecution of queers and LGBTQ.

  2. The Galactic Federation are Fallen Angels, and they are not your friend, nor, are they hear to help anyone. They are preparing the World, for their Leader Satan, who will Play the role of Jesus Christ, and try to win as many SOULS, as they can, to take with them, to Hell.
    Acknowledge your a sinner, Believe in the name of Jesus Christ and that he died and rose again, for your sins and be Baptized in water. Time is running. Those who do not know Jesus Christ, he is the only way, to Eternal Life.
    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

  3. I am so sorry to have to burst this effervescent bubble, but if you really want to know all about the Galactic Federation and their motives, please read the transcripts of direct written contact with Taygetan Plaedians on The Galactic Federation are not on the side of humanity ( the Taygetans and their allies are), they are micro managing the culling of humanity that is currently taking place on Earth.

  4. All hippie-trippie positive sounds, with more hope than a sense of reality, I expect. Nice peptalk.
    I'm not dismissing the possibility that we'll see President Trump shaking hands with a " tall white".
    What I believe, is that the Galactic Federation and any other ET being, with 5D beneficial consciousness, will choose to contact you, me and many others of the human family, from within, when we are open to welcome them.
    Disclosure isn't likely to happen like what this young man describes, who leaves his own personal experience out of this video. That's not helping much, is it?


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