Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The war between Light and dark forces for Chimera underground bases is at its peak, and the decisive battles ending in Light forces liberating the bases are expected to occur soon.

The Chimera underground complex which extends below the central part of eastern Congo and below most of Rwanda and Burundi has not been liberated yet, and hostages captured there and in other bases still need our assistance with meditation:

This underground war precipitates to the surface as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:

Galactic Confederation feet, especially Ashtar Command, Pleiadian and Sirian fleet, are moving closer to the surface of planet and Mjolnir (quantum cannon) weapons are now deployed in Near Earth Orbit in icosahedral formation to continue clearing quantum anomaly and all dark force exotic weapons in all surface and subsurface layers of the planet, physical and non-physical.

Mjolnir is particularly targeting etheric scalar weapons grid which was created by the Orion dark forces during the invasion of 1996.

Scalar waves are produced when two opposing waves of the same frequency exactly cancel out each other:

They can be misused to create strong etheric fields that can capture souls after they leave their physical body through the death process, and this capture is exactly what happens to most humans on the surface and most hostages in underground bases.

Also, scalar fields can be misused to attack Lightworkers and to induce emotional pain, energetic discomfort and also physical pain by triggering central nervous system.

As Light Forces progress toward the surface, the dark are attacking key Lightworkers with those scalar weapons, falsely hoping that this will slow the progress of the Galactic Confederation fleet.

The main thing slowing the progress of the Confederation fleet is the so called subquantum anomaly. Subquantum anomaly is the part of quantum anomaly which extends throughout the whole universe on scales smaller than Planck length (10 e-35 meters) and can not be detected by any means, according to the so-called trans-Planckian censorship conjecture:

This practically means that the Light forces can not detect it, even in their Ascended state, they can only guess its effects after it begins to influence objects larger than Planck length, so basically all particles and waveforms in our universe. The Orion dark force scientists have learned through experiments spanning many millennia and sometimes even millions of years how to trigger subquantum anomaly to produce anomalous effects in our universe. Throughout the universe, this can only produce a very thin quantum fog, whereas close to the surface of this planet it triggers serious quantum anomaly which significantly hinders the progress of the Confederation fleet and also significantly decreases the efficiency of the Light forces in general. They are now fully addressing this problem and there are already signs of progress.

The most dangerous phase of the planetary liberation war lasted from December 2017 to May 2021 and things are finally beginning to look a bit better now, although the danger is far from over.

As a positive sign on the surface of the planet, the Syrian goddess vortex shows signs of healing:

Drastic military escalation in Israel and Gaza was prevented, with the help of Egyptian positive factions, with the help of our meditation, and other factors:

There are some signs of escalation again, and if they persist, you may continue with the above meditation if you feel so guided.

Mainstream media are finally beginning to talk about the laboratory origins of covid:

Which was created in cooperation between China and USA:

It was created as a trigger defense mechanism against the progress of the Light forces in planetary liberation, and dark forces are threatening to release more viruses if Light forces continue to progress:

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are being exposed for their role in the creation of the pandemic, and will answer for their crimes against humanity:

Fauci threatening people wishing to expose him will not stop the exposure:

Connections between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are being explored:

Here it is interesting to note that Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, was involved in the PROMIS scandal which included putting backdoors in all Windows based computers on the planet, feeding data to Israeli intelligence agencies:

PROMIS software is now outdated and has been evolved further, livestreaming data about the surface population:

This data is being processed by the Israeli Intelligence agency, called Unit 8200, at Urim base:

And by NSA here:

Both Urim base and Utah data center have been hacked by the Resistance on June 8th and that led to internet outages worldwide and to some speculations:

Chimera-controlled DARPA and other agencies still keep developing nanotechnology biochips:

And protein based bioweapons for mind control:

And micro biochips:

The spread of many rumors and disinfo on various internet sites has reached such proportions that some of those items need to be addressed.

First, Ashtar is a being of Light, there is NO negative Ashtar Command and they are NOT involved in any kind of betrayal whatsoever.

Second, Med beds will NOT be introduced to the surface population before the Event, and they are NOT related to Tachyon chambers whatsoever.

Third, the only true Tachyon chambers are listed on website, and many other people claiming to build tachyon chambers or even handing out plans for those chambers are not telling the truth. On the surface of this planet, a functional tachyon chamber needs a quantum uplink to an orbiting satellite or a space station.

There is a certain project involving tachyon chambers, and those owners of the tachyon chambers who wish to participate, can contact [email protected]. They need to be aware that in order to participate in the project, their chamber will not be available for regular healing sessions for at least a few months. Participation in this project is completely voluntary.

Fourth, a brief disclaimer. I am not involved in any activities whatsoever of a person named Manuela Tayara, nor is she receiving any instructions from me.

Fifth, Sisterhood of the Rose groups still need to be formed worldwide, to anchor as much Goddess energy as possible.

And most importantly, the Light Forces have communicated that energies of wars that were fought on the surface of the planet through millennia finally need to be healed, and souls still trapped in the war trauma released.

For this reason, cintamani stones need to be planted in the positions of all main past battlefields:

Light Forces have also communicated that the timeline of Thirty Years War (1618-1648) needs to be healed, and cintamani stones need to be placed into the key areas and battlefields of this war, as this was one of the most brutal conflicts in human history:

With this timeline node resolved, a lot of healing energy will be released on the surface of the planet.

Victory of the light!

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  1. By the way anyone talking about dates is doing you a huge disservice. You have to plan, and make plans for contingencies, bugout plans, right now, because things will happen any time like weather. They play on our procrastination and actually environmental and pharmaceutical pollutants leads to increases in this behavior (through serotonin). Long term predictions don't give you a date precise enough in your lifetime, you might wait 2 days or your whole life. Without targeting anyone in particular these blogs seem largely about deferring your survival to others, and then you have the scams like united news/lifeforce that want to harness your details and the efforts of resistance movements. I don't know about this Cobra blog. It's fascinating and gave me lots of great sci-fi ideas, but my ability to believe in toplet bombs and super sub quantum particles nobody can measure is impaired by the efforts of the CIA, I'm sorry. The story would be more convincing if you'd focused on the term "confederation" to build your propaganda from the start because the "federation" as described in the older parts of the blog clearly had imperialist tendencies. Too many of these sources including major religions read like someone trying to erode your ethics. I'm convinced there's a resistance to the aristocratic technocracy but in what form exactly.

  2. Reading the comments on that thing is tons of fun, I swear. It's the creativity, the world is a void of it so it's become a precious commodity. Maybe the aliens feed off it. My favorite character's Sherman.

  3. BTW, I was wondering if in the illustration above, why are there no beings of color or brown skin? Are they excluded from Ascension? What happens to them?

  4. BTW, I was wondering if in the illustration above, the spider will have any connection with the invasion in 1996 in Congo and interpreted by the artiste Louise Bourgeois as a giant sculpture of a spider called Maman (mother) in 1999 in London

  5. A slightly different tone on this subject, mentioned in this update "…. the Light Forces have communicated that energies of wars that were fought on the surface of the planet through millennia finally need to be healed…" Amen to that, yes.

    I've studied the calendars of the ancient Maya priests, the planetary changes, and those of the sun, plus the possibility of ET life, for over 20 years. Initially, I came in touch with more or less secret knowledge, as a transcript-writer of interviews, recordings of whistleblowers' testimonies, in a connection with a translation team. Due to the existence of the internet of things.

    Here's a vimeo of April 2020 with the participation of Dr Steven Greer in it:
    A powerful statement in this video is the following:
    "Colonel Corso had an encounter with an ET craft with a being in it, that asked him to stop using radar warfare devices, for they interfered with the frequency of that being's craft. Colonel Corso leaned forward and asked "What's in it for me?" and the being answered
    "A whole new world, when you can take it".

    And that implies our conscious choice, to willingly open our minds and hearts, while using common sense. Nothing will be forced upon us, unless we call it forth, individually or collectively. Be vigilant, beware of what you wish for, when you/we are building the bridge to the great unknown, connecting our physical existence with our spiritual nature, our authentic state of being.

    That state of non-division, non-separation, was part of our existence, our way of life, also on planet Earth, once upon a long long time ago. As I perceive it. I hope you'll feel pleasantly surprised and confident, while building that bridge. We are all building blocks and from the other side "they" may show up in the same role. Bless the architects among us, who are skilled in such construction work. 😊🍀🙋‍♀️⚓

  6. This was amazing! Thank you for posting it. I loved the Proto intermediary sub atomic female sub rosa intra between legs sub reactionnary trancecendentorotational vibrating dark large phallogalactic object, equipped wt black tip amd other great things.

    Please post more

  7. Sorry, but I have heard the Ashtar Command are traitors from sources I believe and trust. You just claiming they are not without any proof doesn't really prove your position. This website has also censored my comments in the past and any site that does that, even if the comment is negative, is not a site I tend to trust. I read these articles to see what you are saying, although it seems to be all the same stuff. Nothing changes. Some of these articles here are definitely controlled opposition.

    • what is your source, could you show it to confirm your accusation, because accused someone without any evidence is for me empty words, thanks in advance and have a great day filled with Universal light from the source as we all are One with all that Is.

  8. First and only problem is that God says in His commandments says worship no other God for He is the only God and a jealous one

    • Hello Lisa, are you willing to be scrutinized by a jealous God? While the Grand Wizards of Oz are joining in that same trick of the trade, preventing humanity from living and expressing in freedom?
      For you there may be a "first and only problem" for me, that problem is solved since my childhood years, as a minister's daughter of a strict Calvinistic Church Institute, turned into a DIY Institute with hot heads and cold hearts.

      These people tried to live up to what they proclaimed as God's expectations and denied newborn babies who died, the right to enter their heaven, due to not being baptized. While wives were forced to obey their husbands in everything….. giving birth to an army of God's souls, but only allowed to join with a sign on their foreheads.

      All because of God claiming worship, like a yogi on his pillar, hauling up his daily bowl of rice, and bottle of water, expecting to earn his heaven by sitting closer to it. Women-yogis too? Maybe you?

    • God let his supposed only son die an unimaginably painful death at the hands of the Roman Empire. But of course, Judas was betrayer. I interpret the story of Jesus as: beware of voices that claim to be your father or God.

      It's served me well. I think mine was an archon, metaphorically, I hope not literally. He wanted to have sex with me all the time. I was asking, "Is this incest if you claim to be my father?" Then he changed his story. More or less. Sort of like the monotheistic god 3 major religions that demands slaughter on command. It doesn't sound like aliens or gods to me anymore, but I've been wrong before, just hedging my bets, feel free to disagree, but I see a burning bush I run. If that's not the intended effect, sorry I don't care anymore.


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