Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the Iraqi war, has been removed from the planet: 

The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in the meditation to escort him into the Galactic Central Sun.

We will be doing this meditation every 4 hours, starting from 9 pm UTC on June 30th, for the next five days. Instructions are here:

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Results of the meditation
    "Donald Rumsfeld has been captured by the Light forces on the etheric plane and taken to the Galactic Central Sun for reprocessing. He is no more."

  2. Removed from the planet at the age of 89?
    If some incarnate humans have negative actions on the planet that affect millions of people and stay here for 90 or 100 years, they condemn generations and make change impossible, certain people are born and die and the tyrants remain.
    May Donald go in peace, but the evil is done and with it the vast majority of humans suffer, I would say, unnecessarily.
    Greetings from Portugal

    • É assim que funciona num mundo de provas e expiações como a Terra 3D. Também acho desnecessário todo esse sofrimento, mas a grande maioria dos humanos escolheu aprender pela dor em vez do amor, e Donald foi um catalisador desta dor. Que siga em paz no fim dessa jornada e retorne à sua pureza original.

    • Hello Angela Flint, please, don't sit on the judge's throne in hell or heaven? "Those who are without sin throw the first stone…." Remember? To my own way of looking at life on planet Earth, we've all agreed upon living in 3D conditions of free will. Even when Donald Rumsfeld is the architect of the Iraq war, and you and I are the architects of our own personal wars, there's no chance for evolution, for the unfolding of cause and effect, a fertiliser for wisdom when understanding is its companion, without free will conditions. Would you rather live in a world of 100% control, as automatons, living eternally, serving AI in a cold heartless world? For that's the alternative we're offered, when we take the bait, by the Grand Wizards of Oz. Keep in mind, that human souls, yours included, may have taken part in horrific events since the first dawn of life on planet Earth, and who knows other planets
      We're able to choose which path we take, while evidence of good and bad outcomes is showing up.
      As I perceive it, this process of cleansing is present in the external world as much as in my internal world. As without… so within. Hmm, my minister's daughter side steps forward today, ha!


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