Guest Article by Shamus Howard:

I wrote the below article this Spring, 2021 originally with my daughter in mind, who is 14 and a Freshman in High School. Just as importantly, I wrote this for all young people around the world. Their generation
has been assaulted by what is the climax of a blatant and brazen engineered delusion—a relentless and vile propaganda. Every facet of their existence has been assaulted, including the latest brand of global insanity, the Covid-19 debacle with its insidious Hegelian dialectic—the global vaccination program, now targeting our greatest resource, our children.
Individual and Societal Influences from Media,
Music and the Entertainment Industries in 2021:
A Message for the Youth of America.
Recognize with clear certainty the following false messaging and negative social/societal programming listed below (in red), targeting the American Youth, and the whole of the American people; which continues now to be widely programmed—a near total immersion, in much if not most main stream Media and Entertainment platforms in 2021.
Then, in your great knowing and higher awareness, acknowledge and recognize the Truth—the moral and appropriate, natural and high qualitative potentials and possibilities—of your true Life; turning away from and tuning out, the Media’s false programming.
The Main Stream Media, Social Media,
and the Music and Entertainment industries in 2021:
~Present a grotesque distortion of a positive experience of Youth.
  • Follow your natural devotion to healthy habits that empower wise choices, positive attitudes, and relationships—Know your natural state is fully Creative and powerfully Exuberant.
~Focus on powerlessness and incompetence.
  • Just simply practice Self Love, Self validation, and have a great sense of your Inner Strength and Power.
~Focus on dark, shadow existence—no place for Joy.
  • Know that the World is your Pearl. Your Freedom, and Sovereignty are your birthright. You have Dominion over the false illusions perpetuated by the Media.
~Focus on dark emotion.
  • Love, honor, and respect Life; respect yourself and your Life. Love the Christ within you. Love your own Humanity.
~Focus on feeling bad/defeated before you even get started.
  • Exercise your inborn Courageous Creativity and Inner Strength.
~Focus on a dark malevolent world that rejects.
  • Recognize and know this is a positive World that supports. Adopt that attitude and ask for support from your inner Spiritual source, and a river of assistance from positive mentors and guides will come your way. Your true existence is fully Benevolent.
~Promote a forlorn apathy toward the future, contempt for the true God and for Mother Earth
  • Know and acknowledge a true and glorious future as a Sovereign American, a New Earth Citizen. You have a natural Love of God, your Country, and the Earth.
~Represent Anti-Life, Anti-Christ, Anti-Human.
  • Know who you are: You are Divine-God spark; Your are Love; You are a beautiful Human creation with possibilities and potentials that are endless. You are the voice of this Great Earth; your resonance, vibration, and essence is of this Great Earth, and beyond.
~Focus on a downtrodden, victim, slave mentality.
  • Honor the ones who honor, know, and practice Good; Freedom; Heart; Love; and respect for Life. Know your True Nature and God given Sovereignty.
~Focus on an existential, fear-based defeatism.
  • Own and know your own Creativity, and acknowledge your daily Achievements.
    Know that your very existence here, Now, is magnificent, miraculous, and you Bless everyone, and this Earth, with your presence.
~Supports a dysfunction and failure existence.
  • Remember you can choose to be guided by what is Beautiful and True; Sincerity and Authenticity are proper guides in relationships; and know that “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”
~Promotes depression, anxiety, and anger.
  • Honor your Life; be True to yourself. Feel the existence of God energy and essence coursing through you. Know the solid and secure ground of your Being. You are surely Loved and Appreciated more than you can imagine.
~Focus on being wounded.
  • Healing, change, determination, your Love of self, and your Warrior Spirit—are all as available to you as your next breath.
~Focus on emotional pain.
  • “You have the ability to place your attention on whatever you decide, and produce the experience you want (or don’t want). You have the option of observing things as they are, or imaging them as you want them to be.”
~Focus on self loathing.
  • Your strength and your Honor of Self—your Love of Self, can be perceived as a threat to those who covet, or to those who are have a Dark nature. Remember, never make yourself small to appease ones whose goal is to manipulate your mind and direct you into their underworld of chaos and self destruction.
~Promotes and represents a confused/false identity, stuck in a negativity matrix.
  • Remember the Truth: This is God’s World; it is your World; your are the Earth’s great Stewart for Good, for Health and Well Being. All other representations are erroneous and falsely fabricated to manipulate you.
~Promotes a self-saboteur Archetype.
  • You have and embody a Warrior Archetype—a fearless, powerful, Youth consciousness. Acknowledgment of your Power to direct your own decisions in Strength, Certainty, and Clarity, allows you to continue climbing this awesome mountain of Life, toward continual and expansive heights of Bliss, fulfillment, and Service. These are Gifts for You, and from You to this World.
~Promotes Artificial Intelligence technology/social engineering trapping in fear-based consciousness—
limiting, restricted, lower awareness.
  • Your Humanity and Divinity are what define you, and appropriately with a healthy, developed Heart-Mind, you define yourself. Know that thoughts are things—you create your own experiences with your thoughts, words, and deeds.
~Focus on all forms of abuse, violence, war, murder, death-culture, poverty, and destruction.
  • Know this: What the false media represents is anti-Life, anti-Sovereignty, anti-Society, Chaos, and Enslavement. They trick, they are dishonest, and they do not support Americans, or America’s Youth.
~Promotes criminality, chaos, pain, sexual perversion, and trauma. They use mind control techniques,
they will never acknowledge your natural beauty and power, and they lie incessantly.
  • Your Life, your Spirit, and your Humanity are what you embody. All things the Dark ones show you, have nothing to do with you, and do not represent your inherent, real, Divinity.
~Make a false representation that power and esteem are externally determined.
  • Your power as a Divine God-Spark, is inherent, and is your natural birthright. You say what you value, You form a positive, powerful allegiance to what nourishes your Growth and Strength. You choose and do these Great things.
~Promote contempt and loathing for your Love of Country, your independence as a Sovereign and Free
American, and you as a properly acknowledged Divine Creation.
  • It is fully proper to exercise Love of Country, your Freedom as an American, your Love for God, your Love of this Earth, and your Love for all Brothers and Sisters around the Planet.
~Attempt in every way possible to desensitize you to the horrors, crimes, and lies they represent and
  • Pause, Be Aware, Think, Question, and trust not what you know to be evil. These Powers are yours Eternally. You are a Powerful Human Being. Your great Power is like a thunderous storm of Clarity to Create a Sane and Beautiful World…right Now. That’s why they fear you so! The Dark ones attempt to direct your emotions and your exuberance for Life, distort your perceptions, steal your mind and your energy for their vile purposes.
  • Know Now, at this specific time in History, You are the missing Peace and Power that this Good Earth, and all of Humanity, embrace and welcome.
Shamus Howard

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  1. Children are close to my heart, as I've worked with children as a Daytime Nanny in their homes, growing up as the oldest daughter in a family of 11 members. Children, to me, are our teachers and wayshowers, our source for lightheartedness and joy, of trust and "I can do it".
    I'm keeping my inner child happy as much as possible, with an occasional tear for past sadness, and a knowing that is beyond words. This quote speaks of deep wisdom and experience, to me:

    "Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children"

    Khalil Gibran

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    – Elfriede Lentner,


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