This post regards what I will term as Evil Intelligence (EI). EI has many other names as well, including “Demiurge” and “AntiChrist.” These are probably all terms that describe the same Evil. I use the word “Evil” because when abuse reaches a certain extreme, I could not find any other word to use.

Within the mainstream and alternative media, EI is very clever. There were instances in the past when I researched intel from the alternative media, and then the mainstream media debunked this intel. The alternative media intel was engineered to be false by EI in order to make the mainstream media look more credible. There have also been cases when the alternative media intel was true but didn’t give enough specific information, and I was left unable to counter the mainstream media’s debunking. I’ve been made a fool of in this way, making me look like a whack job who didn’t know what I was talking about due to this lack of specific information. EI often sets up situations where there is enough information to make a claim, but not enough information to make a case. If there is enough information to make a case, EI does everything it can to keep the case from reaching the majority of the population.

Furthermore regarding the media, when EI is countered by positive forces in the arena of world events, and matters are improving, the mainstream media omits this positive information. Then, EI gets the mainstream and alternative media to focus too much on negative events that are occurring, encouraging a ‘doom and gloom’ perspective. Both in the mainstream and alternative media, many journalists probably have good intentions, not even realizing they are being manipulated by EI. There are also, however, many journalists in the mainstream and alternative media who know exactly what they are doing, as agents of EI (cabal).

EI is very good at orchestrating negative synchronicities for desired negative outcomes. It’s not always evil people behind the scenes orchestrating negative synchronicities though. Many times, well-meaning people become unknowing assistants to EI. EI makes it as difficult as possible to obtain a ‘mountain eye view,’ resulting in unforeseen manipulation. And, there are many cases when it seems like oneself has a ‘mountain-eye view’ when in fact there are many EI engineered blind spots. The cleverness of EI is often underestimated.

When people are in a state of emotional distress, this makes it much easier for EI to manipulate them. EI knows the power of emotion well, and steers emotion to benefit itself. This can easily be seen in the engineered political conflicts in the US. In the US, people get emotionally engaged in opposing political belief systems, and then passionately fight one another. ‘Divide and conquer’ is definitely a MO of EI. People fight one another instead of uniting against their common enemy, allowing the active agents of EI – the cabal – to remain in power. Countless wars have been fought throughout time, and the majority of them were of course engineered by EI.

In the past, I noticed that when I would be in a peaceful, carefree state of mind, something negative would happen to me. EI was threatened by my peaceful state, as this created a shortage of loosh, and thus EI needed to cause something negative to happen. This is probably also why lightworkers are not allowed to reunite with their twin souls, to prevent as much access as possible to any feelings of peace and well-being.

An interpretation of the movie The Matrix is to see everyone as a battery for EI. EI orchestrates traumas from an early age, and these traumas are used to create conflicts and loosh throughout the rest of one’s life. The frequency, severity, and particular type of programming from traumas experienced in childhood determine the amount of loosh generation throughout adulthood. Traumas can be healed though. Being aware of how childhood traumas cause present conflicts is crucial to removing EI’s influence over one’s own life.

Goddess presence is probably the #1 threat to EI, because Goddess presence cuts off the loosh that maintains EI’s existence. Without enough loosh, EI would starve and be dissolved. Goddess presence heals and makes peace, only allowing war when war is absolutely necessary, but stops all unnecessary wars from happening before they begin. EI, however, starts all wars that are unnecessary, and stops all necessary wars before they begin. For example, there have been countless times when EI stopped the very necessary elimination of top cabal key players.

EI was an experiment in creation that got out of hand. The experiment was perhaps as follows: All-possibility includes anti-possibility. EI is anti-possibility, as its true nature is to ultimately destroy everything, including itself. It’s impossible to be outside of God/Source though. EI will be returned to God/Source. EI’s defeat is guaranteed, and being aware of how it operates is a useful tool to hasten this process.

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  1. I am writing a book on this very subject….if you would like to exchange notes I would be happy to engage in some very illuminating dialog…. Yes, what you say is all true, but it has another level, that many people can't quite grasp because it deals with the matter of reality itself…all of our realities are being manipulated….right down to your thoughts….EI is just another component of the matrix like 3 D reality we think we are in complete control of. We may be able to manifest some aspects of reality from our own quantum abilities….but there are many factors that can come into play…and that is where things like magic, luck and synchronicity are playing out as well….

  2. Yes, Starlight, I agree with your post that the manipulations and machinations of those geared by evil intelligence, are enormously clever. This line in your post "EI often sets up situations where there is enough information to make a claim, but not enough information to make a case" is spot on

    I'm pondering and chewing on what the state of being must be in people using this level of sinister intelligence, and I wonder if the trauma in their soul, their esential "being" is so severe and suppressed, that it finds its way towards expression almost by means of an external entity, or should I say, with the support of…. an eternal entity. I do know of the influence of reptilian consciousness in a race that found an entrance into planet Earth once upon a long time ago.
    I'm just presenting what I've come to know and understand, not factual truth per se.

    Names of those entities, given by the common people and church leaders, presented in myths and folktales, are for example, the snake, the dragon (reptiles), Sauron, Satan, the Wizard of Oz, Grand Wizard (a title within black magical societies), Ahriman, AI, and in a less terrestrial context, some names of ET-beings like the often mentioned White Draco being, and certain "greys" who are experienced as performing surgical procedures on abductees.

    I'm sure that there are remnants of collective memories, passed on through many ancestors and generations, often vaguely resembling the physical characteristics of those beings. Those collective memories could play a part as basic "seed fear" in us humans, combined with those memories of reverance to a higher power or deity, presenting itself as such.

    That mix of contracitive emotions, which is called "double bind" in modern psychological wizardry, might be the crux of a "double bind" attitude toward the introduction of "smart" technology, artificial intelligence, smartphone use almost 24/7 and blind acceptance of Alexa and other digital devices that are supposed to make our lives easier. The fact that those geared with EI are served with our personal data, our lifestyle, and consumer-type, plus monitoring our views, critical notes, and communication network, is denied or ignored by 95% of the people. Some do know, but act in complacency, not wanting to be bothered with matters of such concern.

    And now I believe this comment should be a post in itself, maybe I'll present it as such later.
    Here's the Institute of Art and Ideas, with Shoshana Zuboff addressing Surveillance Capitalism.
    "Human nature in the 21st century is under threat. Scholar and author, Shoshana Zuboff examines the unprecedented form of power called "surveillance capitalism," and the quest by powerful corporations to predict and control our behavior".
    To me, this lady with as much brains as hairs, speaks eloquently and clearly, about the effects and impact of what those geared with EI are orchestrating. So far, enough said about EI.

    By means of an antidote to evil intelligence:
    "Based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing, this animated video is part of Caritas’ “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign. The “allegory of the long spoons” teaches us that when we struggle to feed only ourselves, everyone goes hungry. But when we focus on our neighbour’s hunger, we discover there are ways to feed everyone".

    • Yeah, a digital economy is a cabal economy, which is why I found bitcoin to not be a solution. There's religion where people worship, then there's 'the state.' 'The state' run by AI was to become the new 'God,' just like with the social credit score in China. These plans will fail though. People can unite against their common enemy – the enemy of humanity and life itself is AI/EI.

    • Correction: an amusing slip of the pen: "with the support of…. an eternal entity" I mean …"an external entity" of course. Just in case someone noticed the sudden jump to an omnipresence of some sort. Not that I expect much reading of comments these days, let alone leaving a response.
      Just saying.


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