Guest Article by HealthResearcher:

Often, I make predictions for the future and these predictions become reality. For example, I made a post on July the 10th stating that covid tyranny would reassert itself because covid cases were beginning to go back up. Low and behold, mask mandates are now being reinstated across the U.S.

Another prediction that came true was a post I made on January the 7th, stating that big tech would use the capitol riots to go on a censorship spree like never before, even closing down alternative sites like Prepareforchange. This prediction fortunately wasn’t completely accurate, as many alternative sites are fortunately still up and running, including Prepareforchange. However, big tech did indeed use the capitol riots to censor like never before.

On December 22, 2020, I made a post titled “How to Reduce the World’s Population by 90%.” In this post, I predicted how the vaccine would kill 90% of the world’s population. This one hasn’t come true so far, and hopefully won’t. I also stated that a ‘new strain’ (from vaccine deaths) would cause the rest of the population to be force-vaccinated. This part of the post is partly true. Covid deaths remain low and it is the casedemic that is being used to try to force-vaccinate people. Some countries are trying to make vaccine mandates and/or are trying to implement the vaccine passport.

All in all, although my predictions are not always ‘spot-on,’ many events that I foresaw came to pass before anyone else said anything. I used my intuition to make the predictions; I have no access to any kind of covert intel. Because my predictions seem to want to come true, I will now make more predictions. My current predictions for the very near future are the following:

People in the U.S will rebel against the reinstated mask mandates to a level where the mask mandates have to be completely abandoned. Businesses will initially reinstate employee mask mandates, but so many employees will walk out on their jobs that businesses will be forced to disobey the mask mandates and will once again allow employees to go to work without masks.

Even many of the people who are the most brainwashed by the mainstream media and big tech will wake up to the inconsistencies of the CDC, and will join the rest of the public who distrust the government and the mainstream media.

The unvaccinated will not be blamed for the delta variant by most of the public, despite the media’s relentless attempts to get the public to blame them. The few in the public who do cast blame on the unvaccinated will have no one to directly blame because the public doesn’t specifically know who is and who is not vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates and/or vaccine passports will not go into effect in the U.S, and the media will be completely helpless to control the minds of most of the public. In other countries, vaccine mandates and/or vaccine passports will be completely abandoned due to the uprising of the populations.

Drastic action will be taken to remove the cabal form power in the U.S, and other countries will follow. Fauci, Gates, Schwab, and all the other big cabal players will be arrested and/or executed for their crimes against humanity. Deep state politicians will also be arrested and/or executed. There will be nowhere for the cabal to run and hide. Then, the mainstream media and big tech will be forced to tell the public the truth about covid. Big tech and the mainstream media will be forced to reveal the harmful nature of covid vaccines and how covid vaccines were unnecessary in the first place because suppressed effective treatments for covid were the real cause of the vast majority of covid deaths in hospitals. Also, the mainstream media and big tech will be forced to reveal the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and masks, and the inaccuracy of PCR testing that caused several millions of false positives. Then, the mainstream media and big tech will be fully run by the light forces, and there will be full disclosure.

After full disclosure, first contact with Ets will occur. Earth will join the rest of the cosmos as a fully liberated planet.

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Excellent encouraging comments! Doing the Flower of Life meditation really helps. Also, last night I focused on the violet flame for 30 minutes. It felt amazing to imagine the mainstream media being incinerated by the flame!

    Something's gotta give, and it will. We all know that the cabal want history to repeat itself, with another holocaust (the unvaccinated being the scapegoats this time around), but this time I strongly feel that things will go in an infinitely better direction. There will be no holocaust this time!

  2. What I enjoyed most about this author is the honesty of admitting inaccuracies. We all have intuition and foresee things in one instance but that can change quickly (esp. now) and the foresight has also changed. Thank you for the “heads up”.

  3. please let it happen ASAP and let the mass arrest in Europa started , to clean from all globalist slaves puppet parasites of soros in power, they are destroying one entire European generation by creating one invasion directed and ordered by soros. They all deserve one way ticket to Gitmo or one appointment with Doctor Guillotin

  4. Thank you, guest author! That pink rosequartz ball is amazing, at least, I imagine it to be of that crystal. Usually I make no predictions myself, but there's one recurring hunch I'm finding within me, since March 2020, that there will be an element of surprise, very much for the better. A kind of maverick sense of humour in planet Earth's affairs with her inhabitants, be it above, on or below her surface.


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