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I’m always hearing about problems in the world reported by the alternative media. This often causes me to get a feeling of ‘gloom and doom.’ Problems are everywhere. Yes, we all know. I’m not interested in problems. I’m interested in solutions. When encountering problems, instead of getting upset and depressed, why not pursue solutions?

For example, the surface population still hasn’t been liberated from the cabal. Instead of complaining about things taking too long, one can do a meditation for the surface population being liberated from the cabal. When something desired is not manifesting, one can focus on the manifestation of what is desired. Doing this creates a feeling of liberation instead of frustration, because it puts a person in the driver’s seat instead of playing the ‘waiting game.’

Another example is the vaccines. “People who are vaxxed are all going to die, and they will spread their spike protein to the rest of us!” Yes, I’ve heard this a million times before. Now, in addition to the vaccines containing the harmful spike protein, it’s being stated that the vaccines contain graphene oxide. Ok, yeah that’s terrible. Yeah bro, that just sucks! But um… is there a solution to the threat posed by covid vaccines? Why is this question not asked? It’s obvious to anyone doing independent research that the covid vaccines are harmful, and that no one should take them. Yet, besides choosing not get a covid vaccine, what can be done for others who have been vaccinated, and what can be done for those who are exposed to those who have been vaccinated? (Both of these categories include just about everyone on the planet now unless someone lives in a cave or something.) One solution is pine needle tea, which can help those who have been exposed to others who have been vaccinated, and could also help those who have been vaccinated. It’s stated by some that the harmful (ultimately deadly) effects of the covid vaccines are irreversible, but this is not necessarily the case.

Hearing about problems without knowing about solutions just creates more of a nightmarish reality. The nightmare is obvious. Ways to end the nightmare though? Ways to end the nightmare are grossly under-reported by the alternative media. Doom and gloom needs to become “Here are the problems, and here are the solutions.” Solutions can be found for both internal and external problems. Both internal and external problems need solutions instead of hopeless despair. Even though many problems may seem unsolvable, one would be amazed at the hidden potential within that can be awakened to solve them.

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