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It’s always “Darkest before dawn” before a Golden Age exposed:

It’s true that there are examples of great suffering preceding breakthroughs in consciousness. However, “Darkest before dawn” needs to be held to its true meaning. “Darkest” means matters get as negative as possible. In the current situation on Earth, this means that the unvaccinated need to be holocausted and those who got the covid vaccine need to die from having their immune systems severely compromised. Thus, “Darkest before dawn” means that the cabal’s NWO plans and depopulation agenda would need to be successful before there can be a Golden Age. So, whenever I hear “Darkest before dawn,” I will know better. I will know that this a catch phrase to justify a global dictatorship and genocide, because a global dictatorship and genocide fits the real definition of “darkest.” Actually, it could be taken even further than this, with even worse scenarios. “Darkest before dawn” is possibly a mental trap designed by the cabal, because this catch phrase definitely works in their favor!

“Things will get worse before they get better” exposed:

“Things will get worse before they get better” is one that’s been floating around awakened communities for several years. For several years, awakened communities have believed this, and lo and behold, matters indeed kept getting worse! People believed this and it came true lol! Things kept getting worse, and people believed that things were supposed to do this (before getting better), and this kept happening over and over in a viscous cycle. Just exactly how much worse does it need to get before it gets better? Does it have to be the scenario of “Darkest before dawn”with a global dictatorship and genocide? Sometimes it is true that things do get worse before they get better, but many times it is unnecessary, and the cabal probably smile when people believe that it is necessary. Regarding the planetary situation, what if things don’t have to keep getting worse, and things can actually… get better? There’s a thought! Therefore, the catch phrase can be changed to this: “Things don’t have to get worse before they get better.”

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  1. "It’s true that there are examples of great suffering preceding breakthroughs in consciousness" yet like you said "many times it is unnecessary" as a child it was a deep desire to know and the innocent surrender to the idea that i would be shown…. and voila i was shown…. odd really that we would continue to ignore how we are causing damage to the spirit and to the biology of the body in the actions we choose to participate in over a paycheck….

  2. Devon Seamoor, I did state this in the post:

    "It’s true that there are examples of great suffering preceding breakthroughs in consciousness."

    In other contexts, I do get your drift. I was exposing "darkest before dawn" in the context of the current planetary situation. The planetary situation has gone very far down a seriously dark path, and yet there are still people saying "darkest before dawn." In the past this phrase would have been appropriate, but now it's being used as it would be used for someone in the final stages of cancer, with vital organs shutting down, in the final moments before death. There is a dawn after death perhaps, but need this be the case for the surface population? Currently, "darkest before dawn" is being used to justify the annihilation of the surface population, because if things get any darker there may be no coming back.

    Perhaps I'm being melodramatic though, and the planetary situation isn't as negative as I perceive. I am actually currently hopeful, but the planetary situation needs to improve because regarding darkness, there is a point of no return.

    • I see what you mean, Starlight, thank you for making it more clear. I'm an optimist myself, believing that the tide will turn when humanity realizes that it's sitting in a theatre of its own making, looking at a screen that shows all the ingredients of what it means to use free will, and abuse life force energy, or make use of it in order to serve consciousness' evolution, alive and alove dancing the tango.

      Each living being's wellbeing affects the whole, it's what I believe. Therefore, how my reality shows up externally will be determined by my inner reality, served under good guardianship and compassionate care. Besides, that choice is a great support in navigating my life's ocean safely.

      • I've decided to clean up in this regard. I reached my own 'point of no return' perhaps, because I will no longer support fear. I'm completely avoiding any kind of doom and gloom alternative media now, in addition to no more 'keeping tabs' on the mainstream media's latest tactics, and I'm already feeling better. The tango sounds fun 🙂

  3. I'm honestly a bit surprised, Starlight. "It’s always darkest before dawn"… a catch phrase in need of exposure? As far as I've experienced, people use this phrase for positive reasons, knowing that a solution is near at hand. Isn't this a matter of "making more of it than it is?" if I may use a catch phrase. 😉

    Since I take it that it's a poetic phrase, it's usually perceived in a personal manner, rather than as if it's fit for a generalisation. See what I mean? Do you get my drift, Starlight, if you read this comment?

    Many Irish peasants would frequently quote this proverb when they were faced with adverse circumstances in which they needed a bit of hope.

    There's a reason why it's legitimate to use this phrase, for in old medical reports about the way an illness affects a patient, there's reference to severe illnesses with high fevers, often in a case of pneumonia, where there's a phase with some form of crisis, in the patient's condition, which doctors are familiar with, knowing that once this phase is passed, relief will follow, with the security that the patient will recover.

    Why is the sky darker just before dawn? There's some truth in this phrase during each half of a month: after the middle of the lunar month, the moon will be seen in the sky before sunrise, so that the hours just after sunset will be the darkest. At such time, it is darker before dawn simply because the moon cannot be seen.


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