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Many people want abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, but they don’t realize that having these abilities requires a great amount of responsibility, because it’s very easy to use these abilities to harm others. For example, a person with telekinesis could very easily cause someone else to have a brain aneurysm. A person may not want to harm someone else, but by trying to not think about the ‘pink elephant’ of harming someone else, the pink elephant can easily become the primary focus, resulting in harm.

Telepathy seems less dangerous than telekinesis, but many people don’t understand that having the power to receive messages is only telepathy’s first aspect. The second, less known aspect of telepathy is that a telepath’s ability to receive messages is proportional to a telepath’s ability to transmit messages. Therefore, if a telepath has harmful thoughtforms, these harmful thought-forms will transmit into others, causing others to have these same harmful thought-forms, believing them to be their own. These thought-forms are often intertwined with emotion. Thus, a telepath who has issues transmits these issues into others. The worse the issues, the worse the harm.

The spiritual community wants the power of instant manifestation, yet when I ask myself if I am ready for the power of being able to instantly manifest anything I think, the answer is “No way!” There are negative thoughts that I often have that I would absolutely never want to instantly manifest. The physical world has boundaries where it takes continued time and focus to manifest through patterns of thinking. This gives a way for people to more effectively make a choice as to what is really desired, and filter out what is undesired.

Perhaps higher realms are simpler and do not have the potential for as many problems compared with the physical world. Someone with special abilities needs to have a connection with their higher self, which exists in these higher realms, being guided by the power of love, and not the love of power, and/or be in an undefined state that transcends the duality of the power of love vs. the love of power.

The reason for the need to have a certain level of ‘purity’ to have special abilities is to help ensure that these special abilities will not be used to cause harm. This is probably why, for example, David Wilcock states that being more oriented as “service to others” is a prerequisite for having special abilities.

The spiritual community may want it all right now, but perhaps haven’t thought it through enough. People need to seriously self-reflect, and ask themselves what powers they are really ready for. These abilities are a very serious matter. This is not to say that having special abilities cannot be super fun, but this is not some fantasy movie flick. There can be many unexpected surprises, some of which are pleasant, and some of which are more than one bargained for.

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  1. I am a Telepath (only with certain people), I have the power throw 'balls' of energy from the size of a pea to complete waves. I can even float. I've been increasing in these abelites as I get older and often they manifest when I least expect them. However, I have been on a path of spiritual ascension for over fifty years. I know that I am only a baby with what I can do with these powers and rarely if ever use them. If you want the wrong kind of serious attention use these in front of people and you will very quickly end up being targeted. Telepathy is useful if the other person is a total liar and you want to know the truth. …usefull on Jen Psaki, for instance!

  2. would it be umhuman, unmoral, unethical if we people try to meditate in a group to protect human race by sending bad energy towards politicians who wants to harm us? or would it be okay to do it. any means to protect ourselves and the rest of people who are hurt and suffer from vacines and lockdowns or any other restrictions?

  3. Thank you, Starlight, I believe you've given us a great education on the nature, and cosequences,
    of psychic abilities, also based on experience. That's what I favour most, real life experience accompanied by wisdom 😉.
    Self-knowledge, clearing limitations, letting go of old programs and thoughtforms, plus exersizes for the practice of self-healing.

    It's a vast subject, due to the fact that most of this wisdom is covered up by the veil of unconsciousness and ignorance. Not to forget…. by taboos. Fortunately, teachings, and initiation processes, in daily life experiences (unknowingly) as well as within esoteric circles (knowingly) have never come to an end. These practices moved "under the radar" so to speak.

    Women who knew of herbal remedies, and about practices that were kept secret, but beneficial in certain circumstances, lived near the hedge that was the natural boundary of a settlement. Hence the name "Hadewich" which means "wench or witch, living near the hedge".

    This is an example of a taboo, keeping such practices on the outside, unnoticed, except by those "in-the-know". To this day, people who are sensitive to energies, often choose some form of solitude, in or near the wilderness, or near pristine natural landscapes, more or less off grid, with a preference for self-reliance, and grounding (much needed, at times).

    Hierarchy of position and role wasn't always for the "good of all" within esoteric circles, be it in Egyptian temples, Roman catacombes, secret chambers in Medieval times, gatherings under oak trees, in stone circles, and in present day conference halls, and – virtual calls, clubhouses, former monasteries, etc.

    We, I mean "psychic" or perceptive, sensitive people, know how to NOT speak about, or NOT show openly, what we've got in our knapsack.

    It's my deep wish that this will be taught in classroom and college, in Universities, one day. Especially when Medicine – practice is concerned. Healing, practiced in ancient Egypt, was free.

    Rudolf Steiner said, and this was over 100 years ago, that, although he admired the science of surgery, its technical solutions, that when the practice of healing dis-eases included payment of money, by the patient, that this meant corruption and failure in the future. Are we close at the finish line of that practice now?

    I'm grateful for these teachings of the School for Intuitive and Creative development, in The Netherlands, arriving in 1978. To this day it's an ongoing learning curve, in my own experience, but also within the many schools that branched off from the 1st one in Utrecht.

    Those that move with the flow of awakening insight, plus discernment,
    know more than ever, since Medieval times, that when it's about mastership of, or embodying one's psychic abilities, that it's never about "one size fits all".

    That brings me to the realization that all the teachings and methods, perceived as "necessary" for intuitive development, are only examples of what, and how "others" have done it.

    I believe that in our present time, this collective Awakening, it's easier, at least when this is our intention, to have a direct connection, a "hot-line" with our spiritual aspects, our "higher" selfie 😁

    Count your blessings, row your boat on the ocean of your life, and be the compass, sail and rudder all at the same time. It's not always meant to be a solo-trip, a lonesome cowboy existence, not at all. Aren't we all exactly where and how we manifest our reality? (that's a whole different subject with many opinions isn't it?)

    And by using a metaphor again, I know that there are safe harbours to enjoy a good rest, and share our stories. Aren't we all in this, together?🙂 Safe journey!

  4. wow what a powerful message, I never thought of that part, we all do start to think negative its always been that way for us, or what we remember in this life time, but yes, you could manifest something negative. or hurt someone, I am not ready after reading this article, I need to start working on my negative thoughts,

    • Hello Renee Beaulieu, how is it that you believe that "we all do start to think negative its always been that way for us…." I myself can't see this in babies and small children's behaviour, from the start at least. Not negative at all, but full of lust for life, ready to have fun, play, be creative, conquer the world….

      Please, ask yourself what it is, or should be, that you need to be ready for. Since we can go in two directions, isn't the choice yours? The choice to want to work on certain aspects within you? Or to make them work for you? Isn't it fun to be ready for the making of a choice? The choice is free, for one reason only, and that's the human condition of free will: entering and nourishing a thought, idea, or action. By choice.

      It's my view, that only in that condition we're able to experience in full, what the result is of that choice. Pain or pleasure, winning or losing, for better or for worse. In the Netherlands we've got an expression that goes "A donkey will never bump into the same stone" Instinctual wisdom.

      When instincts are the driving force, they'll lead to experiences that show if they're healthy drives or damaging drives, for the one who exists on an instinctual level, beginning to awaken to a sense of discernment, and self-reflection. Awakening to the realisation that one can make everything a choice. So that in the moment of that choice, conditions are made conscious, in order to be able to make that choice anyway, and this state of being continues from that moment on.

      I guess that's one way "responsibility" can be defined. How can we answer to any given condition and circumstance? By taking note of the present moment, the condition we find ourselves in, and the possible solutions we're able to think through, based on that initial choice, where it all began.
      I guess that's one way "being true to oneself" can be defined. To hold what is chosen as most worthy, serving the conditions one finds oneself in.

      Imagine, that when this free will, this conscious choosing is also present in the entire collective human consciousness, how a direct and straight forward manifestation of what serves humanity's living conditions in all sorts of beneficial ways, will show up.
      Not "Our father in Heaven.." but our Heaven on Earth, HOME-made with the help of our newly awakened, rejuvenated spiritual nature 🙂


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