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In our solar system:

Earth is Mother/Matter.

Sol is Father.

Sentient beings/species are prodigal children destined for ascension.

Planets that sustain life provide a childhood for beings/species destined for ascension. Earth is called “Mother Earth” as an actual mother who raises these beings/species. When these beings/species are ‘old enough,’ they ‘leave the nest’ by colonizing space. All beings/species destined for ascension are supposed to go out and explore the vastness of space. Eventually, when the physical universe is mastered/perfected by beings/species destined for ascension, they ‘ascend to higher realms.’

Sol develops the ‘light of the soul.’ Sol develops soul. Sol is the light that sustains all life on Earth, and thus also the ‘light within.’

Both Mother/Matter and Father are of course necessary for life.

Ascension is the birthright of humanity. This birthright has been violated by other beings who are on paths of devolution. The primary task of beings on the path of devolution is to block the ascension of others, bringing as many others as possible into the path of devolution.

A vast amount of humanity has gone down the path of devolution on Earth, but this path is not yet irreversible. There is still time. Mother Earth and Father Sol can heal and nurture most of humanity.

Within humanity, there are three main categories:

– Humans who are on a path of evolution.

– Humans who are on a path of reversible devolution.

– Humans who are on a path of irreversible devolution.

The word “human” first starts with “hue.” Humans on the path of evolution can embody all the hues of the spectrum. Humans on the path of reversible devolution are missing certain hues, so they vampire off the hues of others. These humans can still return to the path of evolution. Humans on the path of irreversible devolution are so mutated and distorted that their only fate is to be returned to the Galactic Central Sun to restart evolution from the very beginning. Absolutely nothing of what they are and ever were will remain.

“Man” is from “Manu.” Perhaps Manu can mean “Body.” “Hue” is the spectrum of light. Thus, Hue Manu could be called “Light Body.” “Light Body” may be a familiar term to some. The entire universe is Light interacting with Matter. Matter and Light are perhaps supposed to become as one to ascend.

It may also be possible to only need to master the ‘world within’ to ascend. Regarding the world within, various religious texts have useful knowledge. However, there are many missing pieces and distortions from these texts. These missing pieces and distortions were of course the result of those on the path of devolution.

Full knowledge of ascension has not yet been revealed to modern day humanity. Humanity needs full knowledge of ascension, as this is humanity’s birthright.

(This post was my attempt to describe ascension, and is by no means complete, nor may it be completely accurate.)

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