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The shadowstate has done its job well. Most are distracted, or misinformed, as to the true scope and magnitude of the collosal earth shifts that have only just begun to gear up. Especially in spiritual circles it’s high time we address the pressing subject of the herd of elephants in the room that no one is talking about: Gaia’s energy field is shifting strongly, clearly witnessed in the ramping up of earthquakes, volcanoes and violent storms around the globe. I know the subject is not spiritually sexy, but it’s high time we get past that, and engage this crucially pressing issue of our time.

The Galactic Perfect Storm

We’re sailing into the perfect storm of galactic, solar and earth-pole-shift cycles, which when complete, will leave no stone unturned on 3D earth. The evidence from the past is clearly available although the science has been purposefully censored. The current climate turmoil, when talked about, is put down to man made fossil fuel emissions. It’s like blaming the huge pile of elephants’ dung in your living room on a tiny mouse. As the shift now gears up, in the years ahead, this herd of elephants is going to make covid look like a minor inconvenience.

What concerns me most, is that we’re horrendously under prepared for it. Especially in spiritual circles there needs to be a coming together and working through the internal energetic impact of what is clearly  building; processing through the karma of similar past life situations; and a preparedness to courageously support one another through tumultuous transition.

We can do it. There are enough souls here with the past life experience. Souls around the planet are beginning to reveal their marvelous light. We must help plenty more to stop focussing merely on the blinding show of the shadowstate drama. Let’s see past the charade.

Galactic Superwave and the Merkabah

The writing on the wall is clear, that cycles of convergence are upon us. I’ve shared many times previously that the clear evidence points to it. Personally I don’t need the science because I’ve witnessed prophetic visions of what is to come: a knowing of future-landing-now resonating through the core of my being. I know that’s what I incarnated here to share, and the many past life regressions I’ve been party to, confirm what souls have previously gone through – the experience of the great flood of Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. We are nearing that cycle of completion once again.

Why then does this still seem to fall on so many deaf ears?
Why are so few either listening or beginning to prepare?

I know plenty are triggered into fear by the contemplation. That’s okay, it’s to be expected, BUT, what we know is that all fear is where we identify with the physicality of life – and that we are spiritual beings. Therefore ALL circumstances of fear are spiritual doorways through which to pass.

There are powerful processes of spiritual transcendence which take us through this inner triggering density and into the light. This is how we purify the lower self of all contracting karma. It’s how we open into the higher chakras and form the Merkabah – a body of light, readying us for 5D Ascension, which becomes ecstatic to reside within.

Galactic Superwave, The Event and 11:11 Synchronicity

Gaia’s Stargates Unlock

The messages are abound. In the UK this summer, the crop circles spoke clearly about Gaia’s Stargates unlocking. I know that may seem esoteric and “out there” to plenty, but surely it’s pretty straightforwards to correlate that Gaia’s energy is shifting and this is converging with a huge increase in storm, earthquake and volcanic action around the planet (visit earthwatchers). This is what happens when the earth’s magnetic shield lowers as we converge to the completion of the Pole Shift – which is due in the immediate years ahead.

It’s clear from the energy work plenty of sentients have been doing tirelessly around the planet over the last decades, that Gaia’s field has been purposefully thwarted, blocked and retarded. This has been done in a multitude of ways: purposefully misplaced megalyths, modern day EMF technology, Chemtrails and GMO, but also, ET technology inserted at the 4D level.

Due to the aforementioned work, the field is opening up in key locations, and this is now being greatly amplified by the lowering of Gaia’s magnetic shield – it unleashes stronger flows of energy especially through those opening gateways. It’s why plenty are waking up despite the purposeful distraction. It’s exhilerating to behold, especially as you witness this reflected through the sheer magnificence of the crop circles.

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  1. Could this be connected to the 'G' note tone that many people have reported hearing in their right ear since the beginning of the year? A kind of cosmic awakening signal for spiritual beings? I live with tinnitus so I'm used to having a strange tone in my ears, but just a few nights ago, as I was about to drift off to sleep, my tinnitus suddenly stopped and I definitely heard this reported 'G' tone in my right ear. Sadly this tinnitus has since returned (but only now in my left ear) although I can still detect this 'G' tone in quieter moments, still in my right ear. Has anyone here experienced anything similar?

    • In my opinion, Tinnitus is related to food allergies. The Sinus tract in general is all connected to ears, eyes & throat. That's why anyone of the 4 can get watery from allergies. When I have citrus my ears start to pop. When I have soy or barley or yeast my eyes start watering. If I am naughty for too long & allow these things to accumulate in my system, such as eggs, wine, Italian seasons, cheeses, the room starts spinning. That's because the equilibrium is off balance due to the complex cochlea system (fluid fill chambers) of the ear. & Yes, I have ringing as well but I find it worse when I am naughty.


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