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Since I have my laptop back I will be able to compile the several possible references to the Chimera Group who we have just learned are Arachnid beings incarnated into humanoid bodies. After Cobra revealed this just recently my mind went back to several shows and movies where a spider or something similar to a spider was depicted as being the very top of the control structure, which is the case for this planet.


“…Now it can already be revealed that the Chimera are actually insectoid (arachnid) beings incarnated into humanoid bodies…”

Let us also recall QAnon sharing an update guiding people to ‘Follow the Spiders’:



One Of Several Spider Sculptures Called ‘Maman’ (French For Mommy) Found Around The World

The first thing I remembered was the movie Monsters Inc. This is a Pixar film which follows a couple of ‘lovable’ multi-dimensional (they open portals to children’s bedrooms) monsters who work in a factory whose purpose is to scare children and generate as much fear as possible (the more fear the better) and use this as power for their city. The more fear they generate, the more they are rewarded.

Based on the title of the movie (Monsters Inc.) and the fact that this is a large operation within the movie, this indicates that this is a business and this is perfectly reflected with the information given to us by various whistle-blowers and researchers. These Archon/parasite beings require low-vibrationary energy (fear, anxiety, anger, rage, etc.) in order to live. For example, the more pain and fear generated in an SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) ritual, the happier and more ‘fed’ the negative beings are.

The CEO of this fear-generating factory within the movie is Mr. Waternoose, a spider/crab-looking being:

Image result for mr waternoose

CEO of Fear-Generating Factory in Monsters Inc, Henry J. Waternoose.

The next example that flashed in my head was an episode of an animated adult show called South Park. In this episode the Catholic church is debating on whether or not to change a holy document saying it’s okay for priests to marry so they wouldn’t molest children. But after consulting the ‘Queen Spider’ (the highest authority) in the Vatican, she dictated that the law would not be changed and thus molesting children would continue.

The Queen Spider from South Park.

It’s important to point out here that the Chimera Group work with the non-physical Archons/parasite beings who give orders to fellow incarnated Archon Italian Black Nobility Families which were strongly tied to the Vatican and even featured family members as Popes. You can watch a short clip from the show of the encounter with the Queen Spider at the link below (I tried to upload my own clip but YouTube blocked it):

The next strong possible instance of this disclosure was in the 1990s sci-fi series Babylon 5, which I have written about extensively in the past as being a show which disclosed several important pieces of information including the ongoing efforts to liberate the planet and more.

In this show the Earth government (there is only one world government, and in the President’s office there is Freemasonic/Illuminati symbolism peppered everywhere) is attacked and infiltrated by ancient beings called The Shadows. They are extremely malevolent and have a very arachnid-like appearance. They are the top of the pyramid in the show:

Image result for the shadows babylon 5

Ancient Malevolent Being Called The Shadow.

A side note, they use beings called the Drakh (reference to Dracos Reptilians?) to do work for them, which is what actually happened in reality, based on whistle-blower testimony and intel:


“This [Chimera] group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity.

Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there…”

Image result for the drakh babylon 5

Slightly Out-Of-Phase Beings Called The Drakh Who Did The Bidding Of The Evil Spider-Like Shadow Beings.

The next very disturbing comparison to these spider beings is from the epic disclosure download The Matrix. In The Matrix Universe (which is basically ours) powerful spider/octopus-like machines with several eyes take control of humanity and use them as a power source:

Image result for the matrix machines

Advanced Intelligent Machine From The Matrix Which Has A Spider/Octopus Appearance. We Would Also Note The Several Eyes Which Is What We See On Spiders.

One more disturbing comparison within this movie is when Morpheus is explaining the situation to Neo and the movie shows footage of human babies being incubated in an egg-like container:

Image result for the matrix babies

Movie Poster Depicting A Baby Incubating Within An Egg Created By The Machines.

This is also similar both in appearance and to the spider’s reproductive process as we know they lay eggs:

Image result for spider and eggs

Various Species Of Spiders And Their Eggs.

Then they pan to a shot of all of the Machines/Spiders tending to their fields of ‘eggs’:

Related image

Scene From The Matrix Where The Machines Are Tending To The Endless Fields Of Containers Filled With Humans Of Various Ages.

I would like to point out here that it’s possible that these various TV shows and movies were simply using one type of creature, archetype or appearance which most people are afraid of (spider or octopus, etc), in order to convey the emotion or energy of the antagonist (the bad guys) to help establish the plot of the movie.

However, thanks to various whistle-blowers and researchers we also know that part of the way their black magic works is that they have to tell us what they are doing or going to do in order to comply with the Universe’s primary foundational principle of Free Will. If we say or do nothing, then this is considered consent and we agree to be collectively enslaved or whatever the intention of the being happens to be.

In any case, these comparisons are disturbing to say the least, and I can only imagine people’s reactions when they find out evil spider people have been controlling them and their family and friends for thousands of years. It’s gonna be a real epic Full Disclosure.

Someone in the comments section on Cobra’s blog pointed out the spider-like web designs on various currencies. I happened to have an old British pound from some years ago and I looked at it totally differently after reading that. It also gave more credit to that little creature on the American dollar bill being a spider instead of an owl:

Image result for dollar bill spider

Is This A Spider Or Owl On The American Dollar Bill?

We could logically see it as a spider, since the surrounding designs seem to be web-like. Definitely a creepy change of perspective for me personally.

Do you know of any other spider-like references in TV and movies? Please leave a comment below so others can be aware of them. I might even update this article with your information. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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  1. There is an update from Corey Goode on that addresses this. And so does the end of the movie Monsters Inc. Laughter.

  2. Jabulon or Yabulon, King of the FREEMASON jews:
    in the hebrew talisman for working spells:

  3. I suggest taking a look at the 2009 BBC TV series, Torchwood. In particular: Season Three, which was titled 'Children of Earth.' Essentially, the British Government had covered up contact made in 1965 with an alien species that had an octopus/squid-like appearance (basically a large head and tentacles. Contact with this species was made on the 456 MHz frequency and since the species had no official name, they were termed the '456' by the British Government. Coincidentally, the 456 just happened to have a cure for a 'new strain' of 'Indonesian Flu,' which it was willing to give to the govt in return for children. Yes, the 456 wanted children as payment! As the story progresses and the Torchwood team become involved in exposing the cover up, we learn that the 456 wanted children in order to harvest glandular secretions from them (adrenochrome?). So, we have a 'new strain of flu' that just happens to come from the far east and a secret deal with an inhuman 'elite' who harvest children for its own nefarious purposes. In light of what's happening in the world at present, this sounds eerily familiar. Predictive programming, per chance?

    As a small addendum to the above. How curious then that the latest Netflix phenomenon, Squid Game – essentially children's games perverted by a ruling elite and turned into death games – also includes a reference to 456: in the player number of the central character, Gi- hun, the 4,560,000 Won his wins on a horse race and the 45,600,000,000 Won he wins in the Squid Game. So why 456? Consider the following:

    4+5+6=15. Now reduce 15 to a single digit, i.e. 1+5 and you're left with 6.

    So, Gi-hun's player number, his horse race winnings and Squid Game prize all reduce to a 6, hence we're left with 666. No need to explain that number!

    It's also worth noting that 456 MHz just happens to fall within the range allotted to UHF TV Broadcasts, microwave ovens, mobile/cell phones, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS etc. (Ref: I.O.T. anyone?

  4. Thanks;

    For Deciding to use the large scale spider within your header in which since the
    1990's &/or I can't really remember when. I Did not realize any real importance
    towards it. And I did not realize that there were large scale other spiders of the
    same size displayed within other cities worldwide as well.

    The One used within the header is located within my own birth city of
    Ottawa Ontario Canada in front of Canada's National Art Gallery Museum.
    And very close to Ottawa's downtown market as well, and a short walking
    distance to Ottawa's Parliament Buildings as Well.

    So Thanks to for educating & informing us here.


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