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What makes the corporate media so appealing is that it gives the appearance of being very civilized and advanced. The corporate media makes itself appear as being well-educated and on the cutting edge of societal development. All who oppose the corporate media are portrayed as being unevolved and/or psychologically unsound.

The most skilled liars are unmatched in their ability to control how reality appears. Thus, the corporate media is unmatched in the ability to make reality appear as needed to fit the agendas of the negative elites. Without extensive manipulation of appearances, people would not buy into the corporate media’s propaganda. The corporate media has perfected imagery and word combinations to push various agendas, identical to advertising. The corporate media doesn’t advertise products though. The corporate media advertises the agendas of the negative elites.

One of the corporate media’s main advertisements is that humanity has moved out of the dark ages because of all the current technology. Because of all the ‘fancy’ technology of modern times, such as smartphones, anyone who questions various narratives will be regarded as lacking respect for all of society’s ‘great advancements.’ Because of covid, those who question the medical industry are seen as the most disrespectful of all.

Unfortunately,. the dark ages never ended. It’s overlooked that although technology has taken advances, the same ill-will for humanity and widespread ignorance still exists now, just as it did in the dark ages. It’s assumed that if there were better treatments for covid patients, they would have been used. The only difference from modern times and the dark ages is that the playing field is different. It’s still the same rotten game though.

In the dark ages, The Church was never to be questioned. Now, we have The Church of Science. The same religious zeal exists. It’s just that the religious zeal has now shifted to the corporate media. Questioning the corporate media is now akin to questioning The Church in the dark ages. With its portrayed sophistication and advancedness, the same barbaric insanity of the dark ages rages behind the corporate media’s mask of progress. True progress doesn’t need to lie. True progress stands on its own. Reality takes no prisoners. No amount of lying can stop the corporate media’s downfall.

Just as there was a revolution against The Church, there is now a revolution against the corporate media. Defeat of the corporate media is imminent.


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  1. I am in continuing shock of what we are living with! Our elected officials are absent in all branches of government and we are looking at watching the possible death of our families, yet we are supposed to remain sane! We are watching our loved ones loading a train to the gas chambers. Yet, we have no real concrete directions from anyone! It is get your guns and Katybar the doors! This is the worst two years of my life! What are we to do! I shut off the news 2 years ago! No trust at all ! They are lying every day! Total trickery by not sharing the vaccine injuries we hear on public from real people who are in so much pain! Where is our humanity? Did everyone. Ail or drink the cool aid?


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