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We are close to the end of the tunnel

By Katharina Bless

The Sun/Moon conjunction in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries. This shows the trigger of some emotional explosion and even old conflicts might surface that have been dormant for years, but never resolved. One of the major issues is indicated by the half square to Venus: the suppression and perverting of the true female aspect in all ways.

The quintile aspect (Venus Aspect) to Pluto also indicates that this is the topic now triggered and it feels like that we need to do some balancing work that is far beyond our personal lives. This is part of the new energy that is lifting the consciousness of human kind from the photon belt and here we can see what it triggers.

Mars tries still to hang on with old ideals in Virgo with Mercury. And he is of course not able to make a decision, so the Venus sextile might have to use some tricks to shatter the old frames and programs.

I got interrupted here and when I got back to the computer, in that moment a message came in from “prepare for change” and I was curious… just browsing through the Cobra Update and wow…. It’s the answer of my “stuck moment”. I am so amazed once again, once you start to trust that you are always aligned with what you need and it is there for you it does. I feel a deep gratitude because this is true help, even if the “helpers” might be not visible for the human eye.

The message from my Dakini Oracle –

Quote: Increased Galactic Central Sun activity has also resulted in a new inflow of Goddess energies towards the planet. Isis got her crown back.

A very important Goddess vortex in Europe, location of which must remain veiled for now, is being reactivated as a result of this new inflow, after more than 200 years of dormancy.

Also, double Paris / Versailles Goddess vortex is being restructured and prepared for a new level of activity in December. As part of this restructuring, Rose Goddess energy is being anchored in Versailles.

Since Venus is in Sagittarius, it is even more clear that the true goddess energies are coming out now and some Karma that was connected to trauma is being cleared.

Once again we have to leave the MSM narrative and understand that every thing that they did support, promote and propagate was not in our best interests at all. How can people rise if they are fed with false information? And in the propaganda you also can clearly see the role the feminine is playing in the world. Just look at commercials, movies etc. where they distort every healthy sense to reality beside their narrative.

Nurturing Nature Goddess

The Goddess Energies are also the energies of love, nurturing, compassion and empathy. The message that is coming through this energy constellation is the breaking of all the old paradigms and want every body (yes, men too) to rediscover the feminine aspect within. The gender is limited to the physical body and you might have lived a very long time in a certain gender, but still, your soul has none.

To come here and incarnate in the past was challenging and many came in the same gender often because they knew the “role to play” better. Many have changed the gender and came first time as a man, resp. woman. For old souls, who have already experience in both genders, this might be more easy, still you can see many that are not really completely at ease with the body they are incarnated in. Unfortunately a gender change operation does not do the trick!

In the past we were following the path of Karma, came into a new life with unfinished business and had to live up to it. It was nearly impossible to come clean. If you imagine that to “earn” the rainbow body a monk has to live 13 years without a negative thought.

This has changed and the increased light energy that is flowing now to the planet is bringing also to light all the shadows that we need to look at and we need to balance it. Every body has to do that, this is not something that is being done by others for us!

I recommend you to watch that short video with Lorie Ladd about integration of the shadow: Working through the shadow.

Balance the aspects within and without ourselves. Even though we might not have been personally involved (in this life time) in certain aspects of the shadow that is becoming visible, we still are part of all that is! This might seem unfair to the mind that is very much based in what is right and wrong. But this is also a perception that we have been brainwashed into seeing things that way.

The logical mind will try to hold on to the old as long as possible and stubbornly so right now in Virgo, analyzing the past to predict the future. But this time it will not work because the future in a different band-with of the “show” is not the same like in the old paradigm. If you turn the dial from one radio station to the other, there is disturbing noise in between that indicate that the receiver is not properly attuned to the right frequency yet to receive the information clearly. Same here, we are not completely attuned to the new frequencies yet, we always “dial back” to the old station with our mind program and that disturbs the reception of the new info.

This first will give mixed info, fractured and “blended together” in indigestible goo that does not make sense. Old beliefs are preventing from the openness to look at something new. But these beliefs will be shattered soon enough when we will move through Scorpio and Jupiter enters Aquarius in December and later in January Uranus goes direct in Aries.

Expect turmoils on all levels and get ready… and not to annoy you because of my repetition: but please in cold countries make sure you have food reserve ready…maybe also gasoline and a few other things you need to survive. We are close to the end of the tunnel, but not there yet!

Many blessings.


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