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A person could be talking to a group of people, trying to convince them that the mainstream media is full of lies and deception, and even make progress by using peer-reviewed studies, but then mention the letter Q, and then it’s all over.  The group of people would immediately laugh at, mock, and ostracize the person who originally had a convincing argument.  Here’s why:

The mainstream media didn’t just ruin Q’s reputation.  The mainstream media absolutely destroyed Q in the most extreme way I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never seen the mainstream media (and ‘affiliated associates’) do such a profoundly amazing job at ripping Q and its followers into pieces, and then ripping those pieces into pieces, etc, ad nauseam.

There are countless instances of the mainstream media destroying Q.  From the capitol riots, to a “QAnon” man killing his kids because he believed they were reptilians, to people meeting in large groups to welcome Trump being inaugurated because “Q said so” (Q has actually been quiet for over a year now but the damage was still done by claiming it was Q), to (fill in the blank here with endless other examples)… Q has not just been killed and buried.  No.  Q’s dead corpse has been dug back up, and maybe… thrown into a volcano or something?  Yeah, something like that.

There are those who defend Q who say that the mainstream media does nothing but lie about Q, and that the mainstream media is desperate to make Q look bad, because Q poses such a threat to the ‘powers that be.’  I do agree that the mainstream media has lied about Q extensively.  It was also Q that exposed Cuomo months before the mainstream media mentioned Cuomo.  However, it doesn’t matter.  Ultimately, Q was a Trojan Horse to do the maximum amount of damage possible to those who were trying to expose the negative elites and their minions.

It doesn’t matter if some of what Q was saying was legit.  When the mainstream media ‘gutted Q like a fish and then some,’ and when a very substantial portion of the public still listens to the mainstream media, Q has become an Ace Card to ostracize and persecute anyone trying to expose the negative elites and their minions.

This is what most people think about when they think about Q:


No, the above photo does not represent Q, but again, it doesn’t matter.  The damage has already been done.

From the very beginning, Q was nothing more than a psyop designed to fish out and exploit those who would be a threat to the negative elites and their minions.  I could be wrong, but from looking at what’s been done to Q and Q followers, that is my conclusion.  At best, no one takes them seriously and laughs at them, and at worst, they are a “terrorist threat.”

The December 21st planetary liberation mass meditation and associated petition, however, goes beyond the control of the negative elites and their minions.  The negative elites and their minions have finally met a foe they cannot defeat.  The petition speaks to any and all positive Et life in the galaxy, and even universe.  The petition is a declaration of Earth’s sovereignty.  May the planetary liberation meditation and petition spread across the planet!

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  1. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. You obviously have done no research of your own on the Q phenomenon. If you had there would be no way you could doubt their impact. Q was never for the sheeple, they were always for the lions, for those already awake. They are a beacon in the storm. How could you have missed that? Maybe you should stop seeing what the main stream masses(the woke, the sleepers) have to say about it and instead take a deep dive into what the message for the lions, the awake, the anons actually was. Q was right on target.

  2. It doesn't matter to me whether this writer thinks Q was a Trojan horse. I don't care either what the media regurgitates, nor about the class of people who believe the media. We don't need them on our side. Let them Jab and jabber away, the jabberwocky jockies and jackasses. Farewell to these covidiots and their rubber rooms of pet beliefs.

    Yet he buys into another one of these mass meditation gathering of noobs and the faithful, believing without any forensic method to gauge the effectiveness of same; nothing other than the Hopium he smokes. He is impatient and demands war planners satisfy him.

    Has he looked at the correlations between Q utterances and the military Law of War Manual? I doubt it. Perhaps this is a Long Game past his bedtime. For the curious, see MAJIC EYES QNLY channel on Bitchute.

  3. I totally disagree. The fact that the MSM went so far to ostracizse Q really lent credence to Q as a viable Intel source. The only pe9ple who believed the MSM BS were the sleepers. They were always to lazy or self involved to wake up early regardless of Q.

  4. “ Q was nothing more than a psyop designed to fish out and exploit those who would be a threat”, they are a “terrorist threat” to be Retrieved.

    Mysterious Alien Race Warned Is Returning To Norway To Retrieve Their Nazi “Children Of Shame”

    Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America

    • Americans & Britts will do anything to not be convicted of the War Crimes against Germany! Remember this Harrison, 20 Million Germans Perished in that War, while only 1 million Americans combined with Britts died, how do you explain that??

      • I think there is a whole mess of things needing to be explained about our World Wars! Tremendous LIES have been told to us about both of them. I think the actual truth will blow our minds.(Like perhaps that Hitler was not at all the monster that he was portrayed to be) But I better only whisper that. 🤫😠


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