Powerful energies infuse the planet as the shadowstate attempts to draw a new veil across society. Mars moves into Scorpio and my strong sense is that if we embody and ground these powerfully transformative energies, then the new mandate machinations could well be a sting too far for the Scorpion. But these are difficult energies to integrate. It will need courage, commitment and focus. Rest assured the work will be deeply beneficial for humanity and the planet. What’s likely triggering and how best can we work with it?

The Shadow becomes Blatantly Grandiose

The new mandate machinations were timed (supposedly) to perfection – just as we approach Christmas there’s a clear attempt to further break down the will of the population and render people more susceptible to the control narrative. The new “Amacon” variant is clearly pretty mild (assuming there even is one!) yet the fear propaganda has gone into overdrive. Only the proverbial turkeys with heads in the sand could still be harbouring the notion that it’s about the pandemic. The system has become blatantly grandiose in its latest round of imposed mandates. But will they succeed?

I’ve been seeing Scorpion medicine a lot in the weeks building up to December and the entry of the red planet Mars – a very powerful energy – into Scorpio. It began back in mid-November, with storms in Egypt, that unleashed a plague of Scorpions from their underground burrows. It felt Biblical, an omen to pay attention to, so I took myself off to Cornwall and the cliffs overlooking Camelot to gain some insight and guidance – a good deal came through. The infusing energies were indeed very strong, speaking through the weather patterns, clouds and nature. In the dreamtime I was reminded of the story of the Scorpion and the Frog – I’d been wondering what the “sting in the tail might represent?”

The story tells of the Scorpion happening across a river and needing to get across, whereupon, he encounters a frog and so asks for a ride across to the other bank. “Are you crazy?” replies the Frog – “you’ll sting me”. “Think about it for a moment”, says the Scorpion, “why would I sting you, we’ll both drown!” The frog thinks about it for a moment and being the benevolent being that he is, offers to take the Scorpion on his back. Half way across the unthinkable obvious happens – the Scorpion does indeed sting the frog who then begins to sink. “Why did you do it?” asks the frog as he starts to perish. To which the Scorpion replies, “Oh well, it’s just in my nature!”

Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

It’s a simple story that tells us a lot about the nature of the subconscious, but also the soul buried within it. I strongly maintain that there is no such thing as absolute good or evil – even with the machinations happening on the planet right now. Actually, there are varying degrees of alignment and misalignment – people behave according to the landscape they hold in their consciousness. And the soul is always working to break through. The shadow sometimes gets so misaligned, and gross, that subconsciously it will do something to derail itself to make it look really obvious. I believe that’s the place we’ve reached in society right now with these extreme (and outright ridiculous) enforced jab mandates – especially since they’ve been announced first in Austria and Germany, from whence global dictatorial fascism reared its ugly head immediately prior to the Second World War.

It’s as if the Universe is asking us all…
How far will you let this continue?
Where’s your line in the sand?

Appeasement bit the dust when Hitler marched into Poland. The Scorpion couldn’t help but sting the frog. And so here we are again, at a very fascinating juncture, because Mars, traditionally known as the God of War, is entering Scorpio. It’s a very powerful energy that I have definitely felt coming into the earth and wanting to ground through the lower chakras – to help humanity. The ideal is that energy and lightworkers can integrate it in a strong but peaceful way, and thereby help it mediate wider afield through society – it will bolster sovereignty and peaceful, but determined and willful, pushback. A hefty storm of non-compliance – that’s my sense of what’s been called for right now.

What are you likely to experience and how can you work with it?

Integration in the Lower Chakras

In the Openhand community we’re gaining a deep understanding of how to embody and work with the Universal Torus – this is essential to deep spiritual transformation, because it is the engine that drives it all. When you’re sitting in the Torus and able to amplify it, powerful metamorphosis in the field with waves of awakening become possible. The more you can embody it, the more you can channel it.

Right now I’m feeling the infusion of this strong Mars energy activating the lower densities in the Torus, which is impacting mostly in the lower three chakras. Here’s what I’m experiencing coming into the field. Bear in mind that for a field energy worker, the chakras become the transmission, so where the going is tough, then it reverberates through your own field…

1) Solar Plexus: there’s a lot of fear coming up in the field right now, which is totally understandable due to the dark turn of society. But it also happens where confrontational action is called upon – it stirs up any reticence. It’s crucial to work into any fears and break them down by illuminating internal resistance to the soul’s invitation. Stong push-back and non-compliance is necessary. Express and illuminate any fears, work into them, breakthrough, and let them go…
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2) Sacrum: plenty of energy will be coming through the sacrum and into the emotional body. If there’s any toxicity still from old relationships especially, then this energy will get stirred up. If this is the case, it’s essential to regress into the relationship situations, work to let go of any attachments that still might be lingering, and flush the energy through with strong expression – including plenty of tears if necessary.
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3) Base: as the energy grounds in the base it’s likely to stir up any existential fears including poverty consciousness. Remember, there will always be enough to express the soul. We chose these exact circumstances not to be put off – to recognise true abundance comes from our connection with the source. There’s also the invitation to stand strong in your boundaries, your line in the sand. Work to process out anxiety about this. It’s a great opportunity to bring the willful warrior aspect of the soul active
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Change of Guidance Mechanism

You may also find how you’re internally guided will change. If you work with the influx of Mars energy, it will likely lower your vibration. That’s necessary, but the consequence is you may feel guidance through the higher chakras less. Be prepared for this to happen. Rather than looking so much for external guidance, work to pick up more on the subtle intuitions and let the outer landscape pick up these – changes in totem creatures that appear in your landscape for example or colours and numerology. This will help you with the new alignments and to stay connected.

Out on the cliffs of Cornwall for example I was witnessing a tremendous amount of Black Dragon energy, especially in the clouds, which I know that although might appear forboding, is actually a strong feminine energy, working from the 5th density, and bridging between lower and higher realms. You may feel the throat chakra wanting to expand further. Know that you are not alone!

Have Courage. Dig Deep. Connect with Kindreds.

Earlier there was a time when we could focus more on the lighter vibrations of joy and love. These are still important, but right now something else is called for: the embodiment of willful consciousness – strong but peaceful pushback through the field. As energy workers, recognise the impact this may already be having on you. It’s essential not to fight the energies nor to block them out. Let them express through, with strong dance, drumming and chanting for example – let the energy come through you and ripple further afield. Have courage. Be bold and strong in your boundaries.

I believe we have a 2-3 month window with this, to work with it, which I believe has the strong possibility to expose the Scorpion and sink this round of the energy. Let’s connect as kindreds, encourage and support one another. Be brave. Dig deep. Know that you are loved and cherished by benevolence beyond measure. A great cosmic hug out to you all.

I shared the essence of this message in LiveStream recently, which is recorded here below…

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