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The real meaning of the Solstice celebration

In this post I would like to explain something about solstice that most people don’t know.
It also is a very special Date: 21 12 21 = (3×3) = 9 = completion/ending of something.

Today the sun is seemingly standing still for three days and then we can perceive movement again and depending if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, the days become longer/shorter again and then this repeats at the next solstice. Well this is known!

But when we look at the religious traditions, it does not make much sense how they celebrate their important events.

At winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the sun has reached the “cross of the south” or “southern cross” and there it looks like there is no movement until Dec 25th. On the 22/23/24 is the time when the sun is in the same position. In the morning of the 25th the sun has moved ~1° in the opposite direction.

If we have a closer look. Then we see that the “sun/son” has died on the cross of the south on Dec 21st and the resurrection/birth is visible on the 25th. The sun/son is born in the night of December 24th and the day of the 25th signifies the return of the light.

This should be celebrated in the southern hemisphere when there is winter time and the days are short. Just imagine, if there would be a different celebration in the two different hemispheres? It would balance every thing! Every thing is about balance!!

This also shows that the events at Easter are misplaced. They have nothing to do with death and resurrection. In fact they were put there because the natural celebration of spring equinox is a celebration of fertility and the name Easter is coming from the Goddess Ostara, who is a fertility Goddess. This celebration is connected with the preparing of the soil for the seeding of the next crops.

The church has take over and falsified the celebrations. Once you are n contact with the natural rhythms and nature in general it is very obvious.

The Church today has not much to do with the true spirit of The Christ as is also very obvious if you look at the Vatican and other “religious” places. A lot of people know now what really is going on, about the blood sacrifice and the children.

Now we are moving back into a true religion (re-ligio = reconnection with the source) and I encourage you to go out in nature today, no matter in what hemisphere you live, and connect with the energy of nature, the cycle and rhythm of natural life on this beautiful planet.

Bring your blessings and gifts to nature and Mother Earth/Gaia, Paja Mama or how ever you call her. Remember that she is a living being and in the process of ascending. It is up to each individual if you want to ascend with her and leave the darkness behind.

Stop celebrating the false celebration that are not in harmony with life because they are not aligned with the heart beat of Mother Gaia. The spending of a lot of money is what they want… and the dark and bloody sacrifice that the Cabal was celebrating to keep humanity in slavery!

Blessings to Paja Mama and all of her life forms.

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  1. The sun looks to move north to south; then south to north. I measure shade on north side of my yard. The solstice last year occurred ten days early. But this year, the solstice came Dec. 22,. Not to see any real shade movement until the 25th. ……what all self learning students should do, at some point, …measure. .. earn how the sun tells you the time. Etc. Statistics are gold.


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