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  1. Seriously? don't shoot yourself in both feet with these fear porn videos by numbskulls.
    When I studied chemistry and its sister al-chemy, the etymology of alcohol was said to be from Arabic al Kohl. Perhaps this fellow might consult the Oxford English Dictionary, instead of some writer on grimoires.
    "[a. med.L. alcohol, ad. Arab. al-koḥ'l ‘collyrium,’ the fine powder used to stain the eyelids, f. kaḥala, Heb. kākhal to stain, paint: see Ezekiel xxiii. 40. It appeared in Eng., as in most of the mod. langs. in 16th c. Cf. Fr. alcohol, now alcool.] "
    This fine powder was antimony which gives a lovely dark smear as eyeliner.
    The idea of "powder" or something ultra fine was transferred to the clear liquid that came over in the early experiments with distillation, which we call ethanol.
    Mankind has always loved fermented spirits which are used celebratory meals, May dances, to chill out our wounds and uptightness, and to encourage men and women to get together so the race will continue.
    Furthermore, animals and even insects are drawn to fermented beverages. Everyone likes to get pleasantly high. WE ourselves are plasmate spirits who co-habit these animal evolutionary bodies. Spiritual paths generally involve some form of practice that lets us elevate our native self-soul to separate from the animal vessel and Re-Member Who we are in spirit.
    Uptight prohibitionists (likely the type who overuse alcohol and thus come to fear the "devil" within) will hopefully find the middle ground and learn that rules and too much stability become cages to spirit which wants to fly.
    Live safely and boringly within the fences of security, always fearful of the Unknown and "devils" just outside; or go within and discover YOU are both devil and saint, a Spirit of Fire that lives beyond the confines of human CAFOs, and past the death of these meat bodies.
    Go ahead…..I DARE you to break out of this prison in your mind about how small you are, little mouse.


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