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  1. Telescopes can be used for discovery, but also deceit. There are two types of telescope lens used, Refractor uses convex lens, while Reflector uses concave lens. Convex is curved/rounded outward. Concave curves inward.
    The Refractor telescope convex curves an outward circle/sphere.
    The Reflector telescope concave mirrors reflect light to form an image that curves inward like the interior of a circle/sphere.
    There are No planets, they are Wondering Stars. They take raw unedited images and process them to look like planets. The Stars importance here on Plane Earth is more than we realize and our ancient ancestors knew that.

  2. Everything being said here is covered in the Book of Enoch; from the constant turnover of leadership fighting amongst themselves as they clean up the planet under threat of disintegration to the reboot of reality with no systems of government, no systems of banking, no systems of religion, no systems of education, no systems of healthcare, no more materialism creating garbage that chokes the world's land and seas, no more pollution, no more privilege for one group and subservience for others. EVERYTHING held near and dear by the Gentiles as the glory of their achievements will be wiped out. The experiment of Gentile domination of this planet is over and that realization is the BIGGEST issue that modern man must accept into their psyche.

    • So, are you agreeing with that? Plain old extremism and mass murder (war is a state of mind), what else is new

      From the idea that bloodlines dominate their insanity I agree this must be boiling in someone's tiny super-dogmatic mind, and brainwash the masses to think this is about moral dogmatic ideology and adherence rather than genetics making you shit out of luck.

  3. Pierre the Viking: LOL. You are probably a newbie now just learning about tyranny on Earth going back thousands of years. You don't see the big picture at all, the players behind the scenes. We applaud your testosterone bravado but you lack the weapons, skills, and knowledge of the System arrayed against you. You're good for street brawling. that's it.

    If you saw some more primitive tribe in the Amazon being abused by corporate greed, note they cannot defend themselves. Help from outside is warranted. Earthlings are barely civilized and we need any help we can get from older civs who might have moved past our current football-TV culture. Do we even deserve to be helped? too many little guys would happily be just like billionaires if only they could. We stink with navel-gazing desire for more bling.
    Jon– what a trenchant critique "you cannot live on a star." No Jon, they live on the planets in that solar system.
    And what do you mean about an updated map? Sounds like you believe you are in possession of some hidden data kept from the rest of us. YOU must be a special "initiate," right? Explain your mystery hint…or STFU. You are no help at all.

    The human evolved form is very sophisticated and well-designed for having an experience on this beautiful planet. But frankly I should not be surprised if Elder races are here to evict the current batch of dumb souls so that some smarter ones might get a shot at vacationing here. If live on Earth is supposed to be some sort of school, then we are full of illiterate superstitious backward adolescent video-game playing monkeys.

    James Gilliland likely only "channels" the info or disinfo an advanced race wants him to put out. Same for the crowd of "galactic ambassadors" showing up looking for subscriptions to their channel. Humans are so smitten with their love for attention…we may need a mini-nova to reformat the hard drive, because the kind of "freedom" that means beer drinking tailgate culture Yahoo chest-bumping booty shaking worship of pop stars, …or God Save the Queen BS… do we deserve to be saved by anyone?

    • Dear Frank,
      If our space-brothers truly exist, they probably dont mind my opinions and they sure have not appointed you as their defender.
      Did you notice that I don't need to insult you to prove my point. Everything you said about me is a projection of your shadow. I am more ancient that you think. The proof is I don't need to brag about my level of wisdom.

      • Hey thanks for the slap back Pierre! Come on dude…I gotcha! You DID have to let me know you are so "ancient" you don't have to brag about it…which is…ahem…bragging about it!
        Let's start a skuffle! Who's more "ancient?" Prove it!
        I'll give you my bottom line…best as these weary eyes can see it: We are ALL fragments of a Unified Mind Consciousness, a STAR body the ancients called Saturn, when it was a brown dwarf star over our north pole.
        Follow that thread if you like.
        When this Star flared and shed planets and moons, that Unity entered multi-polarity, and like a jigsaw puzzle exploded, the Mind gradually and increasingly spread out into shards…as IT "fell" calling ITSELF "Lucifer" IT like the Author of the Globe Plays, became All characters in the Play, and our Video Game world in Kali Yuga is just a Movie, probably a Kung Fu movie, where we all bunch up in various gangs and identities, in order to have a Good Game. Unity consciousness gets boring after a while…dare i say "trust me?"
        So Opposition helps us wee ones to find our defined corners, which advances us in the Game, level to level.
        Thus if I kindly say "F YOU" Viking…let it surge your flaring SELF so you increase in auric size, line your forces and "troops" up, and in concentering your SELF, IMPLODE into Gnosis.
        May the PHIre and the PHorce be with you…dumb shit! Hah hah. Forgive me Meister, I have sinned. All shall know your greatness!
        Catch you next life!

  4. What kind of coward new-age hippy needs to be rescued by blonde nazi looking so-called space brothers. This worldwide dictatorship is the perfect classroom for me to gain knowledge about evil and psychopaths, and sheeps and obedience and how to empower myself to defeat tyranny. I don't want handouts, I dont' want spiritual welfare. Lead, follow or get out of the way. This is spiritual warfare, this is no place for New-Agers and their cult of positivity and acquiescence.

  5. Pleiades as described in the footnote in the book of Amos 5:8. Pleiades: A group of 7 Stars (part of the constellation of Taurus) always mentioned in connection with Orion.
    You cannot land on or live on a Star.
    Job 38:31-33 Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you lose the cords of Orion? Can you bring forth the Constellations in their seasons? Do you know the Laws of the Heavens? Can you set up Gods dominion over the Earth?

    • Unless this guy is speaking in code and is announcing the 'New Age of Aquarius' Northern Tropic. We would like an updated map with the Northern Tropic of Taurus & Southern Tropic of Scorpio.
      We haven't had an updated map in over 2,000 years.


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