About Community Ideologies, Skepticism, and Love

By Mack Moore

Ideas are creative, but ideologies (systems of ideas) are dangerous. Even if some of the ideas under an ideological umbrella are valuable, no human ideology is 100% correct.

Authoritarianism/fundamentalism arises from taking ideologies too seriously, and totalitarianism/cultism (the ultimate affront to freedom) arises from taking ideologies with such deadly seriousness that doctrines are held as more important than souls, and dissent is not tolerated.

That already occurs in totalitarian systems, and the whole world is being manipulated toward becoming a totalitarian system. We are all affected. We have to be aware of the dynamic in order to opt out, recover, and resist.

I have a past wound there, and I own it. That is about me. But our past wounds are not just rubbish to be forgotten. Wounds have a purpose. They can support us to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I am stronger than my past wounds. And my past wounds help inform my current sensitivities and insights, which can be valuable. I spent 14 years actively working on my recovery from cult mind, and can now use what I learned to help others.The whole world is in a “cult” now. I understand, and can help.

What are some common examples of questionable ideologies?

  • Inherited culture is absolute filth, for it was not inherited from our loving ancestors, as is commonly assumed, and is not based upon truth or common sense. It was manipulated by mass media, the academic establishment, big tech, and the psychology profession, and artificially engineered by these manipulators in accord with a hidden agenda. Do we know what that agenda is?
  • New Age ideology is suspect in a number of ways. For example, it often carries solipsism (the foolish doctrine that we are individual, but that I am the only one here, and you are a figment of my imagination, so relationship and service to others become meaningless), absolutism regarding manifestation (even if manifestation is an emergent capacity, claiming that everything is and always was original manifestation is surely taking it too far), appropriating native traditions without respect (which some native peoples resent), positivism (abandoning your friends in their time of need because they’re “being negative”), absolutism regarding the quantum physics observer effect (misinterpreting it to mean that we chose our own reality at the level of ego consciousness), abandoning duality (an ideology which asserts hierarchy and demonstrates questionable intellectual discipline), light chasing (being unaware of the shadow side of this behavior), etc.
  • Even parts of the bible may be incorrect, or may be transmitted incorrectly. Since the bible was not written in English, all English versions are interpretations. There is no such thing as a direct translation, because the same word in Hebrew/Greek vs. English will have a different set of alternate meanings and connotations, and these are lost in translation, yet can profoundly change the meaning of a given passage. We would have to study a given passage in its original language in order to know the writer’s intended meaning (and even that assumes that the writer and passage are infallible, which are assumptions, possibly unshared ones).

It is very easy for people to slip into upholding ideologies as orthodoxies, which would mean declaring that a given ideology is 100% correct (and “you must defer”). That would beckon another Spanish Inquisition, which is incompatible with love. That is the error of Cancel Culture, and we do not choose that.

No human system of thought is 100% correct, including beautiful uplifting religions. Wonder, inspiration, grace, gratitude, meaning, and purpose should be primary in uplifting spiritual traditions, not dogma. Usually, even in the best ideologies, there are a few good ideas surrounded by a few questionable ones. So we are all wise to be freely discerning (trying to sort fact from fiction), and see/hear through a filter of love.

Even if a given ideology were 100% correct (which is highly suspect), would it be compatible with free will to pressure others to accept every facet of it?

Our higher self, guides, angels, and the One Infinite Creator do not do so; so perhaps we should follow their example. People have to be free to come to their own conclusions, even if those conclusions may be mistaken, discovering any truths in their own time. This is what it means to respect another’s life journey.

The truth (freedom from deception) is important. But the truth is not an ideology. It is exposing deception. Upholding truth is a valuable activity (and especially discovering it for ourselves), but speaking the truth is never unloving (though it may be misperceived that way), and offering love is never dishonest, for love is the ultimate truth.

I’m not certain, but I think love and truth are two sides of the same coin (for deception is unloving). Can we uphold the truth without pressuring others to accept an ideology? I think, if we are powered by love, it is possible. If we lose sight of love, and focus mainly on ideology, we miss this mark.

I was guilty of that mistake in the past. It is understandable to seize onto seemingly-trustworthy ideologies as a life raft when we are made desperate by having had to swim in an ocean of lies, as we all have had to do. But the raft may be going the wrong direction, and we can float.

The essential and vital opportunities of our time (as I understand it) are (a) the journey to love, (b) service to others, and (c) asserting our personal sovereignty, which means to stop allowing “authorities” to represent us, and to think for ourselves, and discover the truth for ourselves. Otherwise, we unwittingly support evil, and remain permanently lost in the dark. None of this requires us to uphold an ideology.

So I reserve the right to be skeptical about every single article, writer, video, video personality, astrologer, astrological reading, channeled message, and channeled entity posted here or anywhere, and that is OK. I agree with more content posted on the Prepare for Change website than anywhere else, but I cannot be bound by it.

For every gifted blogger or astrologer, there are five more telling you what you want to hear for fame or other personal gain. For every helpful and sincere channeled entity, there may be ten more trickster entities pretending to be helpful. Trusting those who make you feel good is asking to have your ears tickled. It is not a reliable way to discern truth from deception in my experience. Selecting a source and then trusting 100% of what they say is giving that source too much power over you. Except for my higher self, I don’t trust anyone 100%—even my favorite sources—and I would advise others to do similarly.

Please don’t be offended if I disagree with a given idea, or don’t trust the sources you do. Skepticism is healthy and right. It is the fuel that keeps discernment burning brightly, and that is what lights up our minds. In the absence of skepticism, we would become like ghosts lost in the outer darkness.

Even if I disagree with some idea you present, I love you anyway. We have all been swimming in an ocean of lies, and are doing our best. It’s amazing when we get anything right. I can love you without agreeing with you in every detail. Can you? (I’m sure you don’t believe everything I say, either, and I wouldn’t expect you to.)

Skepticism is not cynicism. It can lead to clarity. Without skepticism, our minds are mud. I’ve been there and can’t go back.

We have all been impacted by mass media mind control, so understandably, critical thinking has become a lost art. Resisting requires us to take back our critical thinking faculty and intellectual sovereignty.

Even those of us who have a habit of thinking critically, when surrounded by like minds in community, may suspend our critical thinking so as not to ruffle feathers. We want others to be comfortable. We want to get along for the sake of smooth social relations. We like to fit in.

I can speak diplomatically, but I cannot suspend my critical thinking. It is too important. I suspended it before, and look where that got me: I became a mental slave for 28 years! And I don’t want to pretend. That would be inauthentic.

Instead, I hope others can accept critical thinking as correct, particularly where we are coming out of a world of deception. Critical thinking and intellectual sovereignty are properly the norm, to be expected.

But we may be coming from a culture where it was not the norm, and not expected. Since we are usually surrounded by people who don’t practice critical thinking, it may be unfamiliar to encounter someone who does.

Are critical thinkers anti-social? No. Are they abrasive? It might seem that way, but only if we’re unaccustomed to it. Are they out of alignment with the rest of the community? It might seem that way, but only if the community is upholding an orthodoxy. This community doesn’t do that:

The media team has often stated that writers should  “do your own research and decide for yourself.”

This statement supports the idea that we are all sovereigns, which I hold to be true. Critical thinking by others may be uncomfortable when we are accustomed to being in an echo chamber, surrounded only by people who agree with our ideas in very narrowly-defined social media chat rooms. That is not connection—it is isolation!

We are coming out of a very dark time. But we have love to help us past the discomfort. I believe love is the best tool to enable that.

We have an opportunity to take up our personal sovereignty. We must consider the evidence and decide for ourselves. This is a form of personal responsibility and self-ownership. How can we step into our divine power otherwise? We don’t need each other to show us how to align with ideologies, for ideologies are not the standard, love is. After all, God is not ideas. God is love. (1 John 4:8)

Our inherited culture is certainly not the standard, so I suggest being especially aware of not pressuring others to conform to inherited social norms. Culture is not your friend. The standards have to be love, truth, justice, freedom, balance, and all the other beautiful things that we already agree are primary. Culture is corrupt and passing away.

Love is what we all share in common, and a desire to be of service to others. I love my brothers and sisters here, whether or not I agree with all their ideas. I suspect some of you are members of my soul family, but I don’t yet know which ones. I hope to find out.

As we all are, I am learning to walk in unconditional divine radiant love. I don’t always succeed, but I’m trying. Thank you for your support, and for pointing it out to me when my love becomes thin, perhaps because I am feeling tired or besieged.

Be love with me. Do uphold truths that you’ve taken time to verify, but let go of pressuring others to accept ideologies. That’s my suggestion. ♥ (And here I am promoting the ideology of anti-ideology. ☺)

We all have different areas of focus in this lifetime. That is OK. Please don’t assume that if our areas of focus are different, one is inferior. I am often framed as inferior by persons who don’t appreciate my message. It may not apply to you, and that is for you to decide. But hierarchy is unhelpful. I do have a unique gift to offer at this unique point in time that some find helpful.

This is what burns in my heart and mind today. I gratefully accept your support toward more fully practicing love, critical thinking, and intellectual sovereignty, and offer my support to any who invite it.

Love and blessings,
Mack Moore

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