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From a re-incarnation perspective, when someone’s current physical body is the opposite gender of their primary gender from previous incarnations, transgenderism is the result.  For example, a soul can have female physical incarnations in the majority of past lives, but then have a male physical body in the current incarnation.  This person feels female because of being female in the majority of previous incarnations, which conflicts with their current male body.  (This description is not my own – it came from another esoteric source.)

I feel for those who really are transgendered.  However, transgenderism is being used to promote a dystopian world, which is not a surprise.  Whatever can be used to harm humanity, will be used to harm humanity.  Movements that originally have good intentions will sooner or later be used to subjugate humanity.  Historically, it almost always goes this way.  The Civil Rights Movement, which was definitely positive, later turned into Black Lives Matter, which is dystopian.  Women’s Rights, which was definitely positive, later turned into a sociopathic form of feminism that harmed both sexes.  The list goes on and on.

Transgenderism itself is not a mental illness.  However, it is mentally ill to dogmatically believe that everyone should be forced to give up basic human rights to hyper-accommodate transgenderism.

Why do transgender people require others to give them ‘proper pronouns?’  Why do transgender people need such validation?  If someone knows who they are, validation from others doesn’t matter.  For example, someone could call me a loser, but if I am secure in who I am, I won’t let it get to me.  It’s mentally ill to need to be seen by everyone as a certain way, and it’s mentally ill to believe that it’s morally superior to force this.  It’s not just transgendered people who subscribe to this mental illness.  This mental illness has taken over people from all walks of life.  On the flip side, there are probably transgendered people who don’t really care about pronouns.

As I stated before, an obsession with identity leads to destruction.  Beyond gender, beyond sexuality, beyond “I am this” and “I am that,” is “I Am.”  It’s totally fine to explore “I am this” and “I am that,” but to get lost in “I am this” and “I am that,” while no longer recognizing “I Am” – this is a de-evolutionary path.  Forcing everyone to ‘respect’ a hyper-obsession with gender identity is forcing a de-evolutionary path upon civilization.

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  1. TransgenderISM is nothing more than demon possession.
    Never let a minor near a trans person
    Trans people should NOT be parents because they are beyond sick


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