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For several years, and even decades for some, this is what truthers are told:

“There are all these bad guys (negative elites/cabal) doing all these bad things, but mass arrests are coming!”

Then there is ‘information’ claiming that justice is being served, but with no proof. Then there’s Jim Stone, who states:

“A reader sent:

“I am amazed at the number of morons who embrace the obvious disinformation about hangings at Gitmo, etc. It’s actually horrifying to see people encourage and even cheer the notion of secret trials and executions.

My response: That is not bad at all. What is bad is when Hillary has been hung 5 times and Obama 3, while Hillary is fresh off an adrenochrome surge and complete baby blood transfusions, so fresh she’s not sh*tting diapers anymore and is instead talking about running for president!!!”

This is why it’s so important to move on and focus on liberating oneself. There always has been, and probably will be for the duration of one’s life, nothing to see regarding planetary liberation. Even the bread crumbs that are provided are often not even real bread crumbs at all.

Oh look! The election was rigged in Macron’s favor. Oh look! Trudeau is still in power and being a tyrant. Oh look! The war between NATO and Russia keeps dragging on. Oh look! Digital medical ID cards are being rolled out in nearly half the United States for a future plandemic! Oh look! Fauci is still alive and being moronic as usual. But maybe he’s really dead and it’s just CGI, but of course, if the negative elites are still able to make him appear alive, there is still no planetary liberation – nothing even remotely in the ball park of planetary liberation.

And of course, there’s little to no consistency between all these alternative media outlets making all these claims about what’s happening ‘behind the scenes.’ The bottom line is there are no tangible results for humanity. No flying cars. No free energy. No replicators like on Star Trek. No Event. Nope. Just endless nonsense and the 9-5 routine.

When realizing that this is all just a circus that’s been going on for eons with no end in sight, the first reaction is anger, which is very understandable. But, one can’t stay in anger forever. One needs to have a clear plan of action. There needs to be a plan B just in case, you know, that uh, ‘planetary liberation thingy’ just doesn’t… work out…

I mean, seriously! Remember that Age of Aquarius music video? From 1969? That was 53 years ago!!! 🤣

Focus on personal liberation, and divine intervention for personal liberation! What else is there to do at this point?

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  1. While reading the comments here, I'm reminded of the words of Sun Tzu, the man who wrote the book "The Art of War". They're like koans, written with a delicate sense of humour, and what seems also delightful contradictions, great exercises for cajoling a mind in need of control, off key:
    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
    “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

  2. Yes, Starry Light, isn't it amusing and amazing, how disinformation, delusional reports, and wishful thinking are all in the mix and even present on both sides of the battlefield we're finding ourselves?
    To me, it's been a steep learning curve to begin to understand how manipulation and misinterpretation are like the mushroom-network present below our feet. Both the dreamers riding on their unicorns, chewing marshmallows, and the malevolent informers, trollers, and infiltrators within discussion fora, social media, such as Facebook, and Twitter, are posting disinformation.

    The former group dwells in a fairyland of denial, and the latter makes sure that these dreamers direct their unicorns to a virtual sunset. Either by turning away from the harsh reality of attacks on humanity or by following as many sources of information as possible, comparing, tasting, and sharing until exhaustion and depression show up while being deceived as much as the dreamers, only, in a different manner. How to make chocolate of this all? We've got to choose how to navigate by our compass of discernment, and train our flexibility, moving with the change of the tide.
    Panta Rhei is the new name for my home. I'm trying to not get stuck in what I tell myself, especially by tackling the "miss-know-it-all" side within me, and make her laugh.

    • Yeah, matters are quite a mess in the world!

      Discernment is key, I agree. Lately I've felt guided to start demanding proof instead of just taking unproveable intel at someone's word. There's a manipulation that says that people should not demand proof, but instead 'have faith.' This isn't some religion. There needs to be proof through direct experience.

  3. Thank you for expressing your point of view. I hear what you are saying but I don't think you know what you're talkin about. Fighting back against the cabal is the single most important War mankind will ever face, and prevailing cannot happen in a month or a year. Their power and influence comes from the root evil that permeates this planet, and true Liberation will not come until Jesus returns. In the meantime, we must stop it through every possible means and that includes supporting those who are fighting on our behalf. Faith can move mountains.

    • I do know what I'm talking about because I've been in your shoes a million times over. I've 'been there, done that' so many times I've lost count. It hasn't been a month or a year for myself. It's been several years.

      If you are referring to the white hats when saying "supporting those who are fighting on our behalf," I'm not so sure I really know who's fighting on our behalf, and who isn't. It's not that simple.

      Good luck.

  4. I LOVE THIS ! I think you can see alot of us are coming to the same conclusion. There was another article posted here about a week ago talking about maybe accepting the conclusion that some of this planetary liberation stuff is not occuring as anticipated by some of us or at least not how we've been thinking it would. Or when it would. Who knows. U get what I mean ? Personal liberation I like the idea of focusing on and just keeping some of the same values and personal character traits as we always planned and strived for. May come a time we have to fight for our rights also. May not be enough to just meditate on "planetary liberation"


    • When food becomes too expensive to be able to afford to eat, that may be the final breaking point that causes people to finally take charge. Or, it could just turn into a dystopian anarchy. I was hoping that something very positive would happen so that people would not be pushed to the point of going on hunger strikes. Maybe it still can.

      Self-empowerment is usually not discussed much in the alternative media. Definitely, there's a combination of things people need to do. Thank you for the kind words!


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