Congratulations to all. Happy 9th of May. This is our day…. We must remember how the soldiers of the USSR saved us from annihilation. Thank you to our great warriors who fought on the land, in the skies, on the sea, on the frontlines and who worked far away in the rear…. We will always remember you. С праздником великой победы! С праздником 9о Мая! Это наш день… мы должны помнить как солдаты СССР спасли нас от полного уничтожения… спасибо нашим великим воинам которые сражались на земле, в небе, на море, на фронтах и которые работали в тылу… мы всегда будем вас помнить. УРА

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  1. The ancient symbol, the Swastika was on Russian Currency till 1917, then the Communist Bolshevik's came to town and slaughtered Tsar Nicholas and his family and millions of Russians in decades to come.

  2. Este site Russo, manipulando mentes inocentes que acreditam numa mudança….O tal Evento! Cobra você e sua turma de supostos jornalistas farsantes Americanos ( Russos ), pra mim desmascarados! Ligados diretamente com os Draconianos disfarçados! Manipulando com a Irmandades da Rosa, com meditações com Deusas e Dragões. Nada se esconde daqueles que estão realmente despertos! Daqueles que habitam outras dimensões! Se há alguém responsável por manipular mentes aqui, este aqui são vocês! Misturando espiritualidade com politicas e manipulando indiretamente conceitos políticos absurdos e militarizados.

  3. From one of our most decorated marines: War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935
    War Is A Racket WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. The controllers keep fomenting wars based on their agenda of the day; none of it for the good of humanity. They always have a "rationale" to start wars to make the sheep agree with them, which run the gamut of "Stopping terrorism", "Destroying weapons of mass destruction", etc. And along with it are all the sappy stories of "heroism"by our "victimized" loved ones (our husbands, children in the military) they run through the CIA-run MSM. Those of us who are not really into thinking completely support the controllers' endeavor. Before anyone of you start accusing me of taking lightly the "sacrifices" of your loved ones, know that my husband, my son, my brother, etc. all served. They all served the controllers' wars. When are we going to wake up to all these lies?

  4. History is written re-written by the Victors! War was forced upon Hitler, like what is being done to Putin! WHY? That is the Question for the Ages!

  5. 6th May 2022
    Kimberly Goguen Highest Security clearance in the World 74, above Cosmic Clearance " Trustee" The Real Alpha Quantum Financial System & "Ground Command" .Join Sunny as she finds out from Kim why people are feeling sick, the new connections in the multiverse and how little access the Deep State really has.

    and Trump Has Passed away , January 2022

  6. 24 April , 2022

    Kimberly Goguen Highest Security clearance in the World 74 ,above Cosmic Clearance , " Trustee" The Real Alpha Quantum Financial System & "Ground Command" . Please Join Telegram Channel , Official Lifeforce Channel , the Home Of Kimberly Goguen ,where she posts In Real Time ,

    The Highest level of intel in the world ,like Important facts like when Trump, Putin , Biden Passed away and what you are currently seeing are clones/ doubles or people wearing masks like Hollywood & the Current transition of Earth to Peace !

  7. Here we go again, starts off with truth and ends with lies against the Germans. Clearly you do Not understand your own history. This is why the European Race is at its demise, we keep fighting each other & do Not recognize the enemy when they're banging on the door.
    Russia recently replaced the word Azov Battalion for "Nazi" why is that? Tass Russian article rightfully wrote back in March that Russian goal was to DE- Communism Ukraine & then change the wording to De-Nazification project, Shame on you Russia, the Germans were Never the enemy banging on the door, they tried to save your butts from the Gulags in June 1941 with 8 other Nations, Wake Up.

  8. Consider reading the forum post "Victory Frenzy" by Wolf Stoner, if you haven't read it yet.

    • Here is at least a mirror:

      And a shorter version of the forum link:


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