David published this short but sweet article yesterday (    about Voting, and right out the gate the first comment stated that we needed to continue to vote. I just don’t understand anyone still preaching that we have to vote. Telling me that we need to keep using avenues available to us to fight TPTB even though it is futile is maddening. Listen to yourselves for a moment. Why would you continue to participate and give legitimacy to a corrupt system? All you are a doing by voting is making yourself feel good by saying “hey at least I tried.” It keeps you complacent. It keeps you saying “we’ll get them next time.”

I’m tired of being told that I must continue to vote for evil. If voting mattered do you really think these evil people who stole our Republic from us would allow us to vote? It still amazes me to see written and spoken word to the effects of voting, needing a third party and so forth. I for one have been done voting for lesser of two evils. I have no intentions of voting ever again. The only vote that matters now comes out the barrel of a gun.


I’ve tried working within the system. I’ve tried all your suggestions. You have no idea how corrupt this government is, right down to the local level. Sure there may be bright spots here and there, but they are few and far between. Evil is winning, and we are doing nothing but voting at it and hoping for the best.

So what if Republicans take back the House? So what if the Republicans take back the Senate? What difference will it make? It’s sad that the vast majority on our side are still putting faith in just one more “most important election of our lifetime.” Voting is being used to justify inaction plain and simple. Those who advocate for voting in a rigged system are delusional and afraid of the real action that is needed to restore Liberty!

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  1. The best article I've read in a long time, and I read almost all my waking hours. Many years ago, George Green was interviewed by Project Camelot. He recalled being invited to an elite soiree. He was then offered the job of being the campaign manager of the then presidential candidate, Jimmy Carter. His immediate response was to refuse, "I am a life-long Republican". The elite stooges surrounding him (Ted Kennedy was among them) replied, "Don't worry, George, WE CONTROL THEM BOTH". (Caps for emphasis). The rest of the video is even more interesting, and it is among the reality perception changing 1000 plus interviews at Project Camelot. The people who still believe in voting are the very same ones elbowing their way to get any vaccine offered by the controllers. No consideration for research or thinking. Sponges for propaganda.

    • Cecille, Just because you read a lot does not make you wise, discernment is needed, which you clearly have not applied due to the fact you support the Communist/Bolshevik ideas of WW2. They were indeed the opposite of the Third Reich's ideas of Nation & your People of your Nation/Country.

  2. We are dealing with another Psychological warfare, and by not voting your giving them what they expected. They want us to be beaten down so they get a particular group to be the main ones coming out, the migrants!

  3. I stopped voting more than 35years ago when I could see it MUST be rigged. The most corrupt candidate always got in. Nothing has changed in all that time.


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