Is someone trying to overthrow the EU, the US and communist China at the same time? There is certainly evidence the rulers of all three regions all work for the same people. This was proven by the coordinated vaccine and lock-down response to a fake pandemic. The moves made by the Chinese communist government to create social credit scores and constantly monitor the population in great detail also, for sure, fits in with the World Economic Forum plans. The EU and the fake US administration of Joe Biden tried to do the same but ran into stronger resistance.

Now, the EU, China and the US are facing simultaneous economic crises being aggravated by simultaneous and historically unprecedented droughts.

In addition to the economic crises, the leaders of the old regime are facing social unrest triggered by the totalitarian pandemic response.

Let us look at the situation in China first to understand why the upcoming battle for that country is so important to the planet. The visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan was intended to provoke some sort of regime change in China. This news item about the involvement of her son helps explain why:

Paul Pelosi Jr is not only a major investor in Borqs, a player in the Chinese internet-of-things and 5G sector, but has also worked as a consultant for the firm, rewarded for his services with 700,000 shares in the firm, at which time his holdings were exceeded only by CEO Pat Sek Yuen Chan…53-year-old did not publicly disclose his stake before accompanying his mother on the taxpayer-funded trip to Taiwan.

The important part about this is that it is a 5G company. Readers of this newsletter will recall that the original outbreak of the so-called COVID 19 (Certificate Of Vaccine ID 2019) in Wuhan, China came immediately after that city activated 10,000 5G transmission towers. The simultaneous arrival of “Covid” in many other countries defied the speed of light and was thus not possibly spread by a “germ.” Actual germs need to be transmitted by people getting on airplanes etc, and cannot travel faster than the speed of light. However, however, the original start of the “pandemic” did fit exactly with the rollout of 5G in the other centers where “Covid” broke out. There is a lot more evidence showing this, including the fact there was no outbreak in the suburbs of Wuhan where no 5G towers had been set up. If it was a germ then people going home to the suburbs of Wuhan should have spread it there.

The fact the Chinese communist party failed to mention 5G as the cause of the initial outbreak means high-level involvement of the CCP. Furthermore, the widespread use of bribery to promote fraudulent PCR tests around the country is further proof of the corruption of the CCP. This PCR testing of fish in China shows how ridiculous the scam has become. The officials are just using an excuse to make huge profits on PCR by testing whatever.

Asian Secret Societies have been informed about all this and are responding with a major purge across China. That is why so many people dropped out of buildings in Shanghai during their recent lockdown, the sources say.

The intensive parallel crackdowns in Europe and North America using “Covid” as an excuse show the three regions now being hit by drought were all working according to the same playbook.

P3 Freemason sources say the real plan behind the fake pandemic and subsequent crack-downs was to

provoke enough popular anger in all three regions to overthrow their existing governments. This process is now well underway.

Here is what a CIA Asian expert had to about China:

There is an interesting detail in a recent statement about China by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He says Russia makes it very clear they only recognize the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government representative of China. This seems to be the similar narrative being pushed by former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Senator Chuck Grassley and other US power brokers say, Many governments are now realizing that the issue is the CCP, not the PRC. The Alliance is making it clear there is a distinction between the two.

Trump, Xi and Putin are working together to rid the world of the KM deep state and their CCP

This article from the US State Department propaganda paper the Epoch Times shows the policy of trying to isolate the CCP:

400 Million Cut Their Ties With the CCP in Defiance of Communist Control.

NEW YORK—Chinese entrepreneur Chen Quanhong had one message he wanted to tell the world: “Tuidang.”

It’s a Chinese phrase that means “quit the Party.”

The words were emblazoned on a yellow flag Chen held up at a parade in Washington on July 21 to draw attention to the Chinese communist regime’s myriad human rights abuses.

Chen is now one of 400 million Chinese people who have renounced their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliate organizations.

In a sign of just how corrupt the CCP is, only about 40 percent of the country’s research funding was actually spent on science and technology research and development, and 60 percent was spent on meetings and business trips, according to Chinese state media Sina Finance.

This sort of massive corruption has few political consequences as long as the overall economy is doing well. However, the collapse of the real estate market, where Chinese people keep over 70% of their savings, has made the Chinese people intolerant of such waste. The fact the CCP was also carrying out the Khazarian mafia agenda of turning the country into a totalitarian slave camp did not help. History shows the Chinese people will put up with a lot but when things reach a boiling point they simultaneously revolt and remove entire regimes.

What people need to realize though is that the Taiwan, China situation affects the whole world. The Kuomintang Chinese government in China was one of the victors of World War II. As such it was given control over Japan. That means Japan is still secretly ruled by Taiwan. So, any deal to reunify China involves Japan and the Korean peninsula.

This means reunifying the Korean Peninsula and ending the post-war occupation of Japan are part of the agenda to reunify China. Changes of this sort in the region would doom the “rules-led world order” by cutting off their most important money supply.

That is why the crackdown on the Unification Church (moonies) in Japan is so significant. The moonies were set up by Japanese imperial military intelligence to carry on their international activities after the defeat of Japan during WWII. They worked with the Khazarian mafia branch of the CIA to control Japan. This means the ongoing purge of moonies from the Japanese political world is really aimed at Japanese independence.

Another country set up by Japanese intelligence after the end of WWII is North Korea. The Chinese always viewed North Korea as a secret US military colony. That is no longer the case as the North Korean government has officially joined the planetary liberation alliance. This has been reflected in recent news events such as Russian President Vladimir Putin telling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un the two countries will “expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts,” according to Pyongyang’s state media. Also, both China and Russia are now vetoing US demands for sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council.

The recent stories about North Korean missiles and North Korean nuclear weapons are all fake propaganda because North Korea is no longer helping US arms dealers sell weapons to Japan and South Korea by creating missile “incidents.” Donald Rumsfeld, the former US defense secretary, told this writer once that the US supplied North Korea with both nuclear and missile technology. The idea was to use a North Korean “boogeyman” to sell arms to Japan etc. he said.

There is also a possibility that some sort of Ukraine-style war may be needed to usher in the new age in the region, according to Asian secret society sources.

For example, although not much was said in the media about Jokowi visiting Xi Jinping in Beijing in July, it was very importaning. MI6 sources say the real reason for the meeting was as follows:

A private agreement was made between Jokowi and Xi Jinping that if any hostilities occurred between China and Taiwan or ANY OTHER South East Asian countries, Indonesia would remain neutral and not interfere. This includes any disputes in the South China Sea over which country owns/controls what islands or sea area. In the meantime, off the record, Xi promised to invest $80-100 Billion for new projects in Indonesia over the next 3 years. (off the record)

In the media, the visit reported that Indonesian leader Jokowi was one of only a few leaders allowed to visit Xi Jinping recently. They discussed a “five-year action plan.” They also announced Indonesia and China will also cooperate with the financing of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Global Maritime Fulcrum (GMF).”

This means the most powerful member of ASEAN has bolted from the G7 agenda.
It is not the only loss of a major ally in the region for the “rules-based world order” group supporting the fake Biden regime. An even bigger shock was the announcement that India, China and Russia would all be carrying out joint military exercises inside Russia along with a slew of other countries. India was long touted as a counter-balance to China but now it has sided with the Shanghai Cooperation group against the “rules based world order” people.

Russian presidential avatar Vladimir Putin summarized the views of most countries in the world with the following recent statement:

Western globalist elites, who provoke chaos, fanning long-standing and new conflicts and pursuing the so-called containment policy, which in fact amounts to the subversion of any alternative, sovereign development options.

Their hegemony means stagnation for the rest of the world and for the entire civilization; it means obscurantism, cancellation of culture, and neoliberal totalitarianism. to divert the attention of their own citizens from pressing socioeconomic problems, such as plummeting living standards, unemployment, poverty, and deindustrialization.

The fact that a Chinese government spokesperson is publicly blaming the US for 911 and a host of other crimes is a sign they are preparing for some sort of military move, multiple sources agree.

The people who control the UN, the EU, the fake Biden administration and the CCP are clearly getting nervous. That is why the UN has declared war on “Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories” and warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel must not be linked to any alleged conspiracies.

The UN is under attack because of the criminal activities it has been involved in, especially via the Swiss-based WHO (World Harm Organization).

The US secret space force and many inside Western intelligence agencies say the UN, the EU, the CCP and the fake Biden administration will all be taken down soon with their leadership being guilty of fomenting fake pandemic used as the pretext.

Certainly, a flood of news is now appearing on corporate propaganda as well as citizen-based media about the damage caused by the vaccines and the fake pandemic. See the two videos below as examples.

We are also getting information from CIA, MI6 and other sources about action that will be taken soon against the Khazarian mafia but, we have been asked not to write about it yet for “strategic reasons.” In other words, we do not want to give the bad guys any chance to respond or react before it is too late.

However, what is clear for sure is that the economic crisis in the EU is going to reach the point where governments will be overthrown amid gas shortages as the cold weather comes in the autumn.

In the US, meanwhile, we are hearing that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be in charge when a replacement for both the US and Canadian regimes is announced, MI6 sources say.

Finally this week, here are the latest appearances of mysterious flying craft that are linked to the secret space program and their ongoing operation blue beam campaign to usher in a new age.


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  1. Benjamin, I was viewing your Q&A dated August 19th and was concerned about your suggestion regards to unleashing the Christians to finish off the people who control the U.S. & Canada.
    Seems like a wild tactic that makes no sense to chase a group of people for a murder that cannot be proven that allegedly took place over 2,000 years ago.
    We should be more focused on bringing to justice who was behind the Russian Bolsheviks & the German genocide during these 2 unnecessary World Wars. Bring this to justice & we than would be removing the real power structure that is ruining the earth.

  2. 26 August 2022 United Network News Breaking News Update with Kim

    4 fake horseman of apocalypse vaporised , Juan 107 Missing in action

    Fake dead trump and biden chipped

    Kimberly Goguen Highest Security clearance in the World 74 ,above Cosmic Clearance ," Trustee" "Guardian "Alpha Quantum Financial System & "Ground Command" .


  3. Rachel, Prepare for Change just published: Secrets of The Third Eye
    This article and videos are more helpful into the True Nature of Christianity that even Jesus spoke of.

  4. You are entitled to your opinion but attacking; denigrating and making negative personal remarks is not helpful or intelligent. You do not know me. This is my perspective after a great deal of research from many sources . I am more than able to both assert myself; decern for myself ; and think for myself thank you . You just do not like what I am saying and are resorting to bullying tactics because that is all you have.
    Have you even watched United Network News? I notice that you have zero to say to explain why that is a lot of baloney or even a comment regards anything said in this post which is what we are here for . You are no crystal you are just a small minded nasty little troll who has no thoughts at all of his own. I research from many sources and I work things out from the facts. Do you even know any! No evidence of it here. Frankly; I have been watching United Network News for a very long time free of charge and I considered the material on it to be so informative that I am very happy to pay that small subscription to keep the network going. It is hard to find independent truthful informative journalism in this world today.

    • I know you are not speaking to me in this comment, but wanted to say Yes I have looked at & listened to United Network several times at different publishing months, to give Kimberly the benefit of doubt…

  5. Rachel, The Black Sun is the Magnetic North Pole that aligns with the Big Dipper in the Heavens/Sky. In all its seasons it forms the (Holy) Swastika.
    Donald Trump is Royalty.
    Save your 5.99 a month

    • The order of the black sun is a satanic order. What I said about Donald Trump is the truth; sadly you have been lied to about Donald Trump he was brought in by the deep state to play the saviour role and you swallowed it whole like so many have. Do more research to get the real truth the world is run in a completely different way than you have been told. I do not want to save my $5.99 a month thank you.

    • President Trump's ancestry dates back to the Celts & Bavarian groups, Swabia. Traceable to a village in South/Western Germany, Bohemian Amberg.

    • I am talking about The Satanic Order Of The Black Sun which is entirely different. This is Trumps church by the way he is not a Christian. Sadly Donald Trump worked for the deep state is on the side of the Globalist NWO WEF reset for hell on earth. He died some months back and has been replaced with a double. United Network News is and excellent source of information I will continue to subscribe thank you. Sometimes the truth hurts but you are better to deal in truth because knowledge is gold and it empowers you.

  6. Donald Trump cannot take over because he is dead and that is a double playing his role. Not that it matters because they all work for the globalist satanic NWO and are promoting that agenda and brining in that reset. You would not want Donald Trump; Eric Trump; or Gerard Kushner; to take over in any case as they are all members of the satanic order of the black sun. Trump was working for the NWO he was not a saviour he gave the tax payers money to his pal Bill Gates as planned to bring in the bioweapon to kill and maim the people at warp speed for profit and to cull the population and also he was bringing in the ID score system to bring in the new world order hell on earth reset and credit score system . He played the saviour role he was never a saviour and Biden played the bad man role. But Trump and his handlers were doing all the evil stuff because Biden was already dead it was all theatre to manipulate you. They play both sides because they are both sides understand. From months back we have had a fake Biden and a Fake Trump. Gerard Kushner and Jaune O'savin have been plotting to take over America and sell it to the Chinese for pennies. They have lied to the American people and tried to stir up the patriots into a civil war. Kim Goguen did a breaking report on United Network News to try to warn the patriots and appeal for help because she did not think she could turn this thing around. They have also collected money from the patriots to bring Donald Trump back into power knowing that he is dead and before that knowing that although Trump won the election he did not want to go back into office – he was offered advancement from the order of the black sun if he agreed to throw the election and he agreed to that but was later told by the order that he was not worthy of advancement – so all this rubbish about fraud it is a lie he agreed to throw the election and the fraud was arranged by them. He knew about Covid 19 scam years before the fake pandemic was created he is part of the deep state playing a part wake to hell up. He never saved any children just the opposite he was involved in rituals like the rest of them and if you look hard enough you can see he was friends with all these dreadful people Epstein Maxwell Hillary Clinton and so forth. Get real and stop worshiping other humans and false idols! Kim also talked about the Pelosi visit on a breaking report she went to do a deal with a little Chinese woman called May Wah to
    sell the American people out she was offered to be queen of the chips but it was intercepted May Wah (however you spell it) was killed and Pelosi who should have been arrested was stripped of her power and told to just be the speaker from now on. So you had the Chinese deep state Mafia running the speaker of the USA. You can watch these reports on United network News for $5.99 dollar a month subscription. her breaking reports are free on a Friday evening and until she does her next breaking report but that is where you will get the truth behind the news and what is truly going on. She is ground control and is involved in the restoration of the planet and refusing to allow money to go to anyone who wished to use it for world domination enslavement or harming life on the planet – check it out

    • You are like a reader of the Bible and this story you just told is only someone else's perspective you pay to adopt.
      You cant even think for yourself
      "United network News for $5.99 dollar a month subscription."
      Give us a Freaking Break with this baloney

      • Thank you for your reply showing telling me all about me. I have been watching it for years and only just took out a subscription this week to allow me to re-watch all the very informative videos which are giving the true information behind the main stream headlines; lots of educational information about how the world truly works and also I love all the UNN field messenger videos where everyday people give the news in their own area and show you all the things they are doing like farmers markets growing gardens and in a village in Africa where a woman has adopted many children who were literally thrown away in the bush. As you do not know me; it was very unkind of you to make your unkind off the cuff remark. I can assure you that I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself asserting myself; and ascertaining what I see as truth after extensive research from many sources.


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