Ascension means the opportunity to experience the glorious bliss and beauty of the higher levels of consciousness. It is a beautiful but challenging journey.

You are going to have to learn how to prepare for this process. You will have to learn how to step back from daily life and live in the moment.

For those who are new to the ascension process, it is a spiritual transition from being a third-dimensional being to becoming a fifth-dimensional being. It is a complete transformation of reality as you know it. Everything will fall into place perfectly for us when we transform ourselves into our full potential.

Ascension is a process that varies from person to person. Some people have been preparing for the ascension since they were children, while others have just recently initiated the process of preparing themselves for this event. Whatever stage you’re at right now in your preparation process, there are certain things you should be aware of.

The ascension process involves a lot of work, so it’s best to start now by clearing out the clutter in your life so that you can focus on getting ready for ascension. Clearing out the clutter will allow you to focus on becoming more intuitively aware so that you can connect with the power within yourself and with universal energy.

The most important thing to do before the ascension process starts is to let go of the old and embrace the new. Learn to let go of fear, worry, and anxiety. Forgive yourself and others. Release your anger through forgiveness. Let go of patterns of control in your life.

There are no mistakes in life. When we say that we have made a mistake, what we really mean is that we have learned something from it. We can’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again because it will eventually lead us down a path where there is no turning back, no matter how hard we try! So instead of focusing on what went wrong or what went right, why not focus on looking at things from another perspective? From today, try to find the lessons and the blessings in situations you used to call ‘mistakes” before.

Prepare yourself for this shift by learning how to cleanse your aura, clear out negative energies and emotions around you, release old karmic patterns and learn how to reconnect with love and light.

When you are ready to make the leap from this world to the next, you may go through a period of time in which you’ll feel a lot of emotions. You may feel scared, excited, nervous, or even unsure of what is happening to you.

The good news is that these feelings are normal and expected as you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life!

Replace fear with courage and worries with curiosity.

We are in a time of great change. The ascension process is not scary; it is an opportunity for transformation, growth, and healing. It is an opportunity to integrate all aspects of our lives into one harmonious whole.

Be open to the new and expect miracles to happen in your life, even if it seems unlikely at first. Expect miracles to manifest on their own without trying too hard or thinking too much about it when you focus on good vibrations.

This is a time for celebration! Enjoy your friends, family, pets, and other animals who are with you during this period. Remember that we are all connected as one consciousness on Earth at this special time in history when more people than ever before are shifting their consciousness from duality into unity consciousness!

You can’t ascend into heaven on earth if you’re still attached to lower vibrations. You have to be ready for a shift in consciousness by taking action on your own behalf and making changes that allow you to move forward into a higher frequency where you are aligned with your divine purpose and mission in life.

Be conscious of your thoughts, words, and actions. Next, you should try to learn more about yourself and get to know yourself better. Discover your true nature and who you are.

It is important for us to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth. We have a choice in terms of what we do with our time here on Earth, so we must make wise choices regarding how much time we spend online versus offline or in front of a screen versus in nature.

Develop a connection between your body and mind by practicing meditation or practicing some other form of self-improvement practice (like breathwork or yoga). Connect to Mother Gaia daily! It’s important for us to develop this connection between ourselves so that we can feel balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as connected with each other as well as with nature.

Once this connection has been made, then you will begin to see changes within yourself, such as positive feelings coming into your life, which will lead you toward the way of ascension.

You have the right to choose how you want to spend your time on Earth. Do not let anyone else dictate what your reality is going to be like in the future. We all deserve happiness and fulfillment in our lives! Let us prepare for the ascension so that we may live a life filled with bliss and magnificence!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
We are the Galactic Federation.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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