The Khazarian mafia-led “rules-based world order” is descending into anarchy and civil war. By contrast, China has just announced a new 100-year plan to enrich their nation in harmony with nature. Unless the West overthrows its Satanic KM leadership, China is going to rule the world, whether it wants to or not.

Before talking about China, let us start by looking at the civil war raging in the West. What happened there is that after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II (head of the committee of 300), the KM installed either a blackmail-compromised King Charles III or else a puppet look alike. MI6 sources say the murder of Elizabeth was German DVD revenge for the execution of George Bush Sr. and his family. The murder was likely ordered by Heinz Kissinger, according to Asian royal family sources.

Here is a message I sent to MI6 about Kissinger:

Heinz Kissinger tried to have me killed around the time I first started exposing his boss David Rockefeller. He is also the guy who set up the so-called trading platforms that spoof the financial system to create money out of nothing for the Nazi group he works with. He, therefore, has the strongest motive to prevent any attempts to wrest control of the financial system away from his group, hence the murder of Her Majesty as well as so many other leaders over the years. He needs to be taken in, interrogated and then put on trial.

Kissinger and his deputy Richard Haas, head of the Council on Foreign Relations, ordered the murder of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, according to Japanese military intelligence. For that reason, an international arrest warrant has been issued for Kissinger, who is a well-known serial killer of world leaders. Haas has already announced he is quitting the CFR, presumably because he has already been arrested or executed.

Needless to say, their Rockefeller family bosses are also in trouble. According to a senior CIA source: “The Rockefeller foundation and the family are going to be thrown under the bus. The rest of the Elites have decided that the Rockefellers will be

blamed for the vaccine creation and subsequent negative results, as they own the pharmaceutical companies. They have a combined net worth of around $15 trillion. It will be confiscated. The Satanic Elite are going to keep turning on each other one by one.” The CIA is working with the Russian FSB to make sure this happens, he adds.

In any case, the KM-ordered murder of Queen Elizabeth is having major repercussions. History shows that when any monarch rules for over 50 years, their death is usually followed by a period of power struggle and civil unrest. This is now happening in England. A three-way battle for power there is raging between the anti-monarchist gnostic Illuminati (who control Charles), monarchists who want to enthrone King William V and native British who want to have the first King Harold since 1066. All that can be predicted for sure is turbulence as this power struggle proceeds.

However, it is looking like Rishi Sunak -who was selected by the KM-controlled World Economic Forum- is set to become Prime Minister. If Sunak is to survive, he must denounce his WEF links. To understand why, take a look at WEF members openly stating they want to eliminate most of humanity.

Sunak will also have to take advice from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi will instruct him on how to convert the British Commonwealth from a “white man’s burden,” into a cosmopolitan family of nations. Sunak will also have to preside over the de-Satanization of the UK. If he does something pro-KM like trying to bring the UK back into the EU, he will be removed, MI6 sources promise. Of course, de-Satanization will have to continue inside the US first. Here white hats in the US military will have to try General Mark Milley for treason for allowing blatant election theft in 2020.

Here you can watch Milley say the US is fighting in Ukraine to preserve the “rules-based world order.”

This is the same Milley who, according to members of US Vice President Al Gores’ staff, made death threats against Gore’s wife and daughter to force him to let George Bush Jr., illegally become president.

In any case, Milley and his “rules-based world order” are doomed already. “The Ukraine war is at an end. The EU and NATO are not going to survive. Germany has already made a side deal with Putin. When Germany leaves the dominoes will fall,” CIA sources promise.

As evidence the Ukraine is falling here you can see the French Ambassador to the Ukraine saying he is leaving Kiev because Zelensky has already fled so there is no reason to be there.
Germany is also falling. In just one 24-hour period last week:

80 years after foundation: German furniture manufacturer Hülsta insolvent.

85 years after foundation: Large bakery chain Thilmann insolvent.

125 years after foundation: German construction company Wolff Hoch- und Ingenieurbau insolvent.

130 years after foundation: German confectionery manufacturer Bodeta insolvent.

156 years after foundation: German automotive supplier Borgers insolvent.

170 years after foundation: German soap maker Kappus insolvent.

No wonder there are rumors that Germany wants to join BRICS along with so many other countries.

In a visible sign something has changed the  CIA sources note “Germany may take down the bitch [EU head] Ursula von der Leyden.” That is why she is being investigated for embezzlement and conflict of interest by German authorities, they say.

Last week in over 500 cities & towns, people took to the streets in Germany. Protests are happening every day.

In France too, mass demonstrations warn Ursula von der Leyen:

“’Ursula shut up!’ Europeans don’t want to starve and freeze for Zelensky. The EU must be dissolved.”

“Sooner rather than later there will be a revolution in France. They know how to do it. They have a lot of experience,” a Mossad source says.

The corruption of the ruling elite, as well as the thoroughly documented vaccine crimes, are why the Russian foreign ministry says “The European Union, which declared itself the main guardian of the rules-based order is transforming into ‘a space of lawlessness’ where the rights of citizens and investors are violated.”.

Also, “distorting the position of the Russian Orthodox Church, by the collective West is suicidal because it is ruining ‘soft power,’” Vladimir Legoida spokesperson for the church warns. Legoida was referring to the anti-Christian stance now being taken by the fake Pope Francis of the KM-controlled Catholic church,

The KM is also still trying their old tactics of carrying out terror attacks and blaming them on someone else as this news shows:

Russian forces in Kherson Oblast have rigged the dam of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) with explosives, poised to blow it up in an apparent act of terror, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a Telegram post on Oct. 20.

This prompted Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to call his American, British, French and Turkish counterparts to convey Russia’s concerns over possible provocations with the use of a dirty bomb in Ukraine etc. In other words, he told them to back off or else.

Russia is also warning it will end its ties with the UN if it continues with “fake investigations,” about so-called Russian crimes etc.

Even Israel is distancing itself from the entire Ukraine show with a Mossad source commenting: “Oops, the Hologram Zelensky has lost an important comrade,” while pointing to this news item:

“Israel will not send weapons to Ukraine, Defence Minister Benny Gantz said Wednesday.”

The same source also says “Remember that Israel was the most vaccinated country in the world? Now, according to the official Ministry of Health dashboard, only 1% of Israelis are considered vaccinated, and the rest are unvaccinated or expired. It was all smoke and mirrors from the KM puppet masters.”

The photo below is more evidence the KM is trying to pretend the whole vaccination thing never happened.

7/9/2021 – A woman holds in her hands a 2011 newspaper which says in black and white that Bill Gates is going to start “Depopulation through compulsory vaccination”, as it will be the “zero carbon solution.” It seems this article has been scrubbed and can no longer be found.

These constant lies and rewriting of history mean that even in the brainwashed West people are waking up. A new poll, for example, shows that 83% of Americans think the mainstream media poses a threat to democracy.

The groundswell of public opinion against the KM is leading to a mass offensive against them on multiple fronts inside the US.

There are now 365,000 sealed cases on the Federal Court docket, meaning this is so big it will require military intervention.

And, in a sign the white hat military is mobilizing in Texas, GPS interference is being reported all over that state, especially near military bases. Our sources in Texas and Arizona confirm war preparations are underway because all legal moves to declare the 2020 election stolen have been stymied.

In another move, the Hunter Biden laptop containing a total of 459 documented violations of state and federal laws has been sent to all members of Congress. “Let’s see how much longer the Biden circus show can keep the lid on this. Remember that the real Hunter Biden is long gone from this reality. He overdosed,” a CIA source comments.

Meanwhile, attorney generals for 19 US states served Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo with a subpoena, asking for documents relating to the companies’ involvement with the United Nations (UN) Net-Zero Banking Alliance.

“You know that Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are in bankruptcy proceedings NOW. It is not being allowed to be published in the media. It is all Sealed,” the CIA sources say.

Dragon family sources for their part say the battle to remove the fake regime of Joe Biden is about to take a dramatic turn in November, where US mid-term elections will lead to regime change.

Of course, the KM faction using the rubber-masked “Biden” is asking to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in November to beg for support.

However, the Chinese responded by saying: “You guys whack us every other day — if that is the environment, how can we expect a positive outcome from a Xi-Biden meeting?’”

On that note, let us look at what came of the once-in-5-year Chinese government gathering that just ended. They issued a communique outlining their plans for the next 100 as well as the next 5 years. To be honest they could have used a good copy editor because the text could have been a third of its length without losing any meaning. However, here are a few key phrases selected to give you the general gist: committed to the noble cause of peace and development for humanity…united…to advance our…great dream…focused on promoting high-quality development…to create a new pattern of development…developing whole-process people’s democracy, and…law-based governance …improve public wellbeing…to enhance ecological conservation…devoted great energy to modernizing our…armed forces. We have eradicated absolute poverty as scheduled and finished building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, embarking on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects and reach the Second Centenary Goal…deepened its understanding of the laws that underlie…the evolution of human society…enriching the people’s cultural lives…promoting harmony between humanity and nature, building a human community with a shared future, and creating a new form of human advancement. Achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology…enable China to play a greater role in global governance…invigorate China through science and education…ensure that the people run the country…improve the system of income distribution…upholding world peace and…make global governance fairer and more equitable…hold dear humanity’s shared values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom.

China is run by technocrats who really do seem to be trying to make the country a better place. It is true Xi Jinping has made himself a dictator for life but, it is also true he is really just a symbol of unity and has no real power since that is held by a Chinese collective group mind.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, here is a video of former Chinese President Hu Jintao being escorted out of the big CCP meeting.

My own sources tell me Hu was a member of the Soka Gakkai Buddhist cult. In Japan, members of this group were asked to write countless ballots to help steal elections on behalf of the KM, according to the Japan independence party. Our Chinese sources say Hu was working for the Rothschilds and that was why he was purged.

In any case, if the West does not radically improve its own systems of governance by restoring the primacy of science, democracy, freedom of the press and meritocracy then it is only a matter of time before we become absorbed by the Chinese group mind.

Maybe the long-awaited secret space force will come to the rescue with their flying saucers and futuristic technology. While I am personally not counting on it we will, as is our recent habit, conclude this week’s report with the latest evidence of their existence:

1. Off-world craft stopped over mountains

2. Rainbow-colored lights on an SSP craft

3. Special advanced Northrop-Grumman TR-3 B

4. A project Blue Beam ship

5. A plasma off-world craft seen over Texas a few days ago


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  2. Also, members of the Soka Gakkai would not perform ballot harvesting and cheating. The Soka Gakkai is a Buddhist organization based on the law of karma. Whatever a person does, will create effects in the future. Soka Gakkai members would not do this, period. Much of the information here seems to make sense and be possible, but not the part about the Soka Gakkai.

    • I agree with you in principle. It doesn't sound like a Buddhist mantra. Just maybe BF got the group HU was associated with wrong. I do know China is also desperately trying to get rid of it's KM players within the CCP. But because it's such a closed society, it's hard for the rest of us to see what's going on. The tone coming from China over the last six months has definitely changed direction, so something positive is happening. I think Taiwan will willingly rejoin ML China with some incentives. I don't believe force will be needed. A restructuring is going on within the party, so let's see what actually happens.

  3. I seriously doubt that Hu is a member of the Soka Gakkai, which is not a cult. The Soka Gakkai is a Japanese Buddhist organization and international in scope. From what I remember reading in the Epoch Times, China, as a communist country, strongly discourages religion. Xi's predecessor started the practice of organ harvesting of the Falun Gong members. This is not something anyone who is a member of the Soka Gakkai would do, as in Buddhism, human life is the highest value.
    The source of this disinformation is not to be trusted.


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