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Imagine a government openly telling its citizens that officials are refusing to study the effects of a dangerous therapeutic because if the results show it’s indeed harmful, it might cause people to lose confidence in the product. Sound genocidal? Well, that’s exactly what Public Health Scotland is doing.

Back in the good old days, when science and public health abided by the Nuremberg Code, the public health establishment would embrace the opportunity to scrutinize the safety of a medical product in order to discover any potential harms to the public so that the public would be forewarned against consuming that product. This was doubly true after sudden deaths and complications correlated directly during the time of the inception of that product. Now, they are openly admitting they are avoiding all studies of negative consequences, including neonatal deaths, because such discoveries might make people not want to take the product. Welcome to the new religion of “biomedical Baal,” where lives must be sacrificed for the religious sacrament.

Last year, we reported that Public Health Scotland identified a disturbing trend of neonatal deaths more than doubling in the fall of 2021, which triggered an investigation by the health authorities. Bizarrely, they never studied the vaccines as a potential culprit, never affirmed what was the cause, but did rule out COVID itself. Fast-forward to this year, when the safety signals began blaring red again in March, and they launched another preliminary investigation. This time they quickly ruled out the vaccines, but bizarrely never studied the vaccination status of the women who suffered infant deaths! Now, emails released via public information requests by the Scotland Herald reveal that Public Health Scotland refused to study vaccination status because officials openly admitted they didn’t want the public to find out potential harms about the shots.

On October 9, the Scotland Herald published an article titled, “Covid Scotland: Vaccines ruled out in neonatal deaths spike.” Naturally, I was intrigued to find out how the health authorities studied this and how they ruled out the vaccines as a cause. Well, it turns out they studied it by not studying it! They refused to study the vaccination status of the mothers and just opted to conclude on their own that there was no “plausible” link between the shots and the shocking rise in neonatal deaths that cannot be attributed to chance. Why would they do this? According to the Herald:

Public Health Scotland (PHS) said its consultants had given “careful consideration” to the “potential benefits and harms” of carrying out such an analysis as part of its probe into the tragic deaths of 39 infants, but concluded against doing so because “it was not possible to identify a scenario that would have resulted in a change to public health policy or practice” given that vaccination policy was already “appropriately informed by good-quality population-level evidence and safety data.”

I had to read this several times to make sure there weren’t typos or my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. They are essentially saying that no matter what is discovered about the safety of the shots, they will never, ever terminate this vaccination program. That is a given – a fixed variable. As such, they feel there is no benefit to finding out the harm if there are no plans to change policy.

It gets even worse:

In a statement, PHS added that there was also a risk that “identifying the vaccination status of the mothers, even at aggregate level, would result in harm to those individuals and others close to them, through actual or perceived judgement of the effects of their personal vaccination decision.”

So, they won’t even identify the aggregate rate of neonatal deaths by vaccination status without naming the specific mothers because they don’t want them having regrets! Here we savaged, stigmatized, segregated, and nearly criminalized the lives of people who didn’t get the shots under the false pretense that they made the wrong health care choices, yet when there is a very sudden, disturbing reversal in generation-long positive trends of infant mortality that require investigation, they are too scared to discover potential reproductive dangers of the shots so that no anguish is caused to the parents!

The last sentence is the real money quote, though.

Furthermore “the outcomes of such analysis, whilst being uninformative for public health decision making, had the potential to be used to harm vaccine confidence at this critical time.”

So, we can’t study and discover the extent of the harm caused by a shot because it might harm the public confidence in taking the harmful shot! Taken to its logical conclusion, this would mean that if a therapeutic would potentially kill every person who takes it, we should refrain from studying it so that people don’t stop taking it.

This is Fourth Reich-level human experimentation. But it’s worse than experimentation. Even after they see the endless harms, they dig even deeper rather than calling off the experiment.

The Herald obtained this information from emails through a public information request. An email dated November 24, 2021, stated: “We do not have any plans to examine maternal vaccination status, as there is no public health reason to do so.”

Even PHS admitted in an email to the Herald that it is “concerning to have another month with strikingly high figures so soon after last September,” especially after noting in its report that variation due to mere chance is considered unlikely “given the magnitude and consistency” of the changes. In most Western countries, infant mortality has gone down every year for decades. After a rough pre-2021 baseline of two infant deaths per thousand, Scotland hit 4.9 per 1,000 live births last September, on a par with levels that were last seen in the late 1980s, and then 4.6 per 1,000 births in March 2022.

There is quite literally nothing the needle cultists will not sacrifice for their religion, including babies. Then again, we just learned that the hard way on this side of the Atlantic, as the CDC’s advisory committee on immunizations just voted to add these dangerous shots to the childhood immunization schedule. It’s quite clear for those who wanted to move on from the politics of COVID that this will not end until we as a people end it with Nuremberg 2.0.

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  1. The Scottish Government are 100% Globalist and their stance on the Covid vaccine is an abomination as well as a very serious dereliction of duty of care to the people they are supposed to represent. This report should make very loud alarm bells ring out to all, but if the Scottish people in the main are anything like my family they will be tone deaf to the death-nell. This madness is very frustrating and upsetting. I have strong faith that God will pull us through this if we ask for his help.

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