November 15th, 2022

Utsava – ACCURATE MAGA Psychic Medium/Prophet/Trump Supporter

Utsava is world-wide well known for accurate predictions and prophecies. Will Real President Trump go to jail?


Many say that Utsava was the first real MAGA psychic, who has predicted MAGA events when they have started.

Utsava is world-wide known for accurate predictions and prophecies.

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UTSAVA: Midterms, IRS, Medbeds,Nesara, will Trump go to jail?

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  2. SHILLS often throw in a few real facts and then distract with BS. Show me where Trump passed in 2021 and NOT 1989 like most sites say.
    Pointing to one uninhabited site proves less, not more.
    That eu site looks like it's the who's of the cabal ! That link didn't point to the page that refers to gang members…and even if it did. I can create a website in an hour to rival it that PROVES Marduk is still alive and the planet that he inhabited is circling Saturn as part of it's rings.
    I call BS on everything you have stated. You'd be the ONLY one the planet that believes that BS. Lot's of luck flogging that narrative. Desperado !

  3. I would really like to hear this lady out and to understand what she is saying, but I can only with great difficulty and by hearing some passages over and over. She needs to enunciate clearly and to speak much more slowly. Very frustrating.

    • I will enunciate.
      The Banks have already changed over to the "New System"
      All Medical Science will be exposed. Immunization will be eliminated (Creation made no mistakes).
      Fraudulent Cancer remedies will be exposed as poisons & eliminated.
      All harmful chemicals to the earth & to humans will be eliminated.
      The Earth already entered into its "New Age of Aquarius" in its natural climate change of the Magnetic North Pole movement, that the earth will be in for the next 2,160 years. Globe Science teachings will be eliminated.
      Most history is fake & is already being exposed.
      We are about to enter "Paradise Earth"

      • I'm onboard with everything… except.. Globe Science.. Puulleeese don't tell me the flat Earth theory. I'm going to need a LOT of convincing.

        • I hate the word "Flat" Admiral Byrde said there is much unexplored world beyond the Antartica Wall.
          We have Mountain Ranges, so there goes flat. We have unexplored Caverns.
          & We have the Vast Sea's and unexplored caverns in them as well.
          We know we do not live on a "Ball" flying around "Space." They have never proved it. Everything is an illusion.
          Watch the Sun, the Source tells all. The 3 kings, Orion Belt, followed Sirius, the brightest star in the East, December 22nd, 23rd, 24th, the Sun stands still on the horizon & shows where the Sun/Son will "Rise" on Christmas December 25th. This happens every year, which is impossible on a globe flying around space. The Stars tell all, perhaps that's why they are spraying us, keep us from Source & from witnessing the Patterns of the Constellations, they are consistent, each on their own cycles.


    Mass arrests , Solar Flash Event are Psyop's and the Tomorrow Game . med beds a trap and are sleeping pods e.g David Wilcock was promoting The Rv, Nesara, Gesara, Mass arrests , Solar Flash Event in 2012 and never happened .i,e Tomorrow Never comes.

    More Truth… Real Trump Passed away December 2021, from Prostate Cancer and Currently Fake Trump is being played by a Langley operative and Most Donations to Trump are going to Snake Jared Kushner .Real Biden Passed away In 2021 and Real Putin Passed away 2016.

    We are currently living in a fake & Larp Political Theater and World ! everything is Fake and dissolving in Truth !!!

  5. To We the People For the People and By the People.

    It is a Time of Truth, Peace & Harmony for Our Multiverse Now & In Our New Timeline!
    Source wants Truth, Peace & Harmony ! So Truth, Peace & Harmony it Is !!!

    Attention : Trump , Biden , Qanon, Putin, Xi Jinping supporters you are Being Played !!!

    Fake Trump who Real Trump passed away December 2021, Elon musk, Fake Biden , Fake Putin, Xi Jinping , Fed Reserve Jerome Powell , Blackrock Ceo Larry Fink are members of the Order of the Black Sun, They are All 2 sides of the same Coin !!! below web site shows many of the Order of Black Sun Members !

    Repeat "Fake Biden and Fake Trump are on the Same Team " !!!


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