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The attacks last night were some of the most extreme attacks I’ve ever had. Usually, when attacked like this, I go into victim mode, but this time, I decided to keep pressing forward no matter what. Each time I was attacked in the dreamstate with pure evil (for lack of better words), many stinging sensations, ‘prickly feet,’ and loud noises going through my head, I called for help.

One can call upon (aloud it possible) many different positive forces all at once, such as, in no particular order:

Jesus Christ, Violet ray from the Cosmic Central Sun to the Galactic Central Sun through all beings of light in our solar system through one’s body to the center of the Earth, then repeating over and over “Violet Flame” while resonating with the Violet Flame, Archangels and Angels, the Communion of Saints, Ascended Masters, positive beings from various religions such as Jesus Christ, Krishna, etc, the Light Forces, the 12 21 and 771 commands, the Holy Cross, the Buddhic Column of Light, Goddess Presence, and anything/anyone else that one can think of to call upon.

I called upon assistance from many positive forces with purifying myself internally and externally. I had finally had enough and decided to become more proactive than I’ve ever been, and in the end, this paid off.

I will no longer allow attacks upon me to subdue me. It’s time to finally and forever clear out all dark forces! To all who are being attacked, keep pushing through! So much is available to you! Call upon their help!

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  1. Starlight432

    Isso que você conta aqui, também acontece comigo e outras pessoas amigas.
    são ataques dos escuros conhecidos ou desconhecidos.
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